AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake Review

AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake

One of the easiest and least expensive modifications you can make to your Dodge RAM 1500 truck is to replace the factory air intake assembly with an aftermarket product designed to increase horsepower and fuel economy. Cold air intake systems work by streamlining the flow of cool air into the engine to increase the velocity of air inside the intake manifold. Moving larger volumes of cool air into the combustion chamber is the best way to increase the output of your 5.7L V8 engine. This AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake review will examine the ways this particular product can improve your truck’s performance. (>>> Check on Amazon)

AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake Review of Main Specs:

 AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake
OEM Part Number‎0915-DR-HS
Torque IncreaseFromn 6% to 8%
Horsepower increaseFromn 5% to 10%
Airflow increaseNo data
Filter TypeWashable and reusable
Vehicle applications year2009-2018
PriceFind on Amazon

This kit replaces the factory air box, air filter, and air inlet pipe running to the MAF sensor. It does not require any modifications to install and does not affect the computer sensors or air sensors like some products can.

The kit includes two main parts. The front assembly includes two plates to ensure proper fitment of the air inlet regardless of options your truck may have. The second part is the inlet pipe that attaches to the MAF sensor inlet. This pipe is made from lightweight aluminum for durability. The kit also includes an oversized conical air filter similar in design to those used by K&N, but this product does not use an oil bath. The filter is designed to run dry, so you don’t have any upkeep. You’ll also find the appropriate clamps included with this kit, however several installers have noted that the included instructions aren’t very useful.


The first step is to remove the factory air box. You should check your factory service manual for the proper step-by-step process for properly removing the box without damaging other components.

With the factory air box removed, you’ll fit the aluminum intake pipe and the stainless steel hose clamp band to the MAF sensor. Rotate the inlet pipe so that it sits in the correct location for the front plate.

Last, determine which front plate is the proper design for your engine bay and fit the clamp to the plate. Install the plate, then attach the conical air filter to the front plate. Make sure that you did not inadvertently knock loose any wires and ensure that the mounting bolts are tightened securely.


  • An excellent quality cold air intake system at a reasonable price
  • One of the best fitting options on the market at any price point
  • Improves the sound and performance of your truck


  • Not C.A.R.B. compliant, so you should keep your factory air box for smog checks
  • Vent tube angle isn’t correct, but works

Air Intake Specifications

All components of this kit are 100% brand-new parts. There are no used parts included in this kit. Couplers are made from high-grade silicon, not cheap rubber that deteriorates when exposed to heat. Not only does this make the air intake last longer, it also makes installation easy because the silicone couplers are less likely to tear than rubber. The hose band clamps are made from stainless steel and all attaching bolts are stainless steel button head designs that are more durable and easier to install than other designs.

The air filter is a paper element and is intended for use without an oil bath. The oversized design provides a larger surface area to ensure more air flow at all engine speeds.

Performance Gains You Can Expect

AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake

Once you install this air intake, the first thing you’ll notice is the difference in sound your V8 engine makes. The air intake encourages a deeper, more powerful sound throughout the RPM range without making the truck obnoxiously loud at idle.

AF Dynamic claims horsepower gains up to about 5 horsepower. This might not sound like much and you may not even notice a difference in the feel of your truck, but those few extra ponies will make a difference when accelerating to pass someone on the freeway.

The cold air intake system will also improve torque which gives your truck a more responsive feel and improves towing capabilities. AF Dynamic claims about a 5% increase in torque when using the cold air intake system.


Installing a cold air intake on your Dodge RAM 1500 5.7l truck is an easy way to improve the sound and performance without spending a lot or making modifications. This kit from AF Dynamic is an excellent quality product that is backed by great customer service and an 18-month warranty. (>>> Check the current on Amazon)