Best Car Lockout Kit 2022

Best Car Lockout Kit

At some point, every driver will experience that sinking, sickening feeling as you hear the door of your car close, knowing the keys are sitting on the console or hanging from the ignition. Locking your keys in the car is one of those embarrassing, frustrating situations that often requires calling a tow truck or using a bent coat hanger in the hope you don’t damage the paint or break a window by accident. If you have the best car lockout kit handy, you’ll never have to call for help or stand outside in the rain waiting for an extra set of keys.


Best Car Lockout Kit – Top Picks for 2022:

Includes● 8 trim tools
● 1 wedge
● 1 four-piece rod
● 2 TPU Nylon air bags
● Comes in a carry case
● Five wedges and trim tools
● Two airbags
● Three grabbing tools
● Headlamp
● Carry bag
● Four-piece probe rod
● Curved wedge
● Two airbags
● Screwdriver
● Non-marring wedge
● 12-piece trim tool set
● Carry bag included
● Three-piece probe rod
● Two air bags
● One wedge and one pry tool
● Lasso and claw-type grabber
● Carry bag included
● Six-piece rod and probe set
● Two airbags
● Four-piece trim and pry tool set
● One curved wedge
● Includes carry bag and gloves
● Three probe tools
● Two lock rod tools
● Four nylon wedges
● Two plastic prying tools
● Airbag
● Key fiddler
● Nylon cord
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Car lockout kits come in all shapes and sizes and use a wide number of different types of tools. That is because each car or truck you encounter is going to have differences in the layout of the locks, the manner in which locks operate, and the steps you’ll need to take to safely open the door without damaging the vehicle. We are going to look at a few sets of lockout kits that might help you out of a jam.



The lockout kit includes the most valuable and important tools you’ll need to open locked car doors without damaging the vehicle. The kit includes trim removal tools that are also excellent to have when replacing weatherstripping or detailing the car. A large curved wedge allows you to safely create a gap in the door.

Once the wedge is used to create an opening between the door and the body, you’ll use one of the two included TPU Nylon air bags to inflate and hold open the space. These are durable and heavy-duty bags that are also useful for lifting heavy objects around the home or garage.

The probe consists of four threaded sections that can be assembled in different order to allow for unique shapes and angles. The rods are relatively heavy duty and the threaded portions don’t require as much force to tighten and loosen as some products. The tool kit comes in an included nylon storage bag for convenience.


  • The rod is heavier duty than most other options
  • The trim tools are wonderful to have for other projects, like removing door panels when installing new speakers


  • Simple design and shape limits usefulness
  • May require a wrench to loosen or tighten the rod connections to get stability

Jachom 15pc Kit

Jachom 15pc Kit

This kit includes five uniquely shaped pry tools that you can use to pull the door away from the body of the car when you are trying to get your keys out after locking the car. These non-marring plastic wedges have a special shape that helps prevent accidentally damaging the weatherstripping and keeps the paint from getting scratched.

Two commercial-grade air bags are also included. These are used to increase the gap in the door after using the wedges and pry tools. By using the air bags, you’ll have less struggle opening the car or retrieving the keys.

The kit includes three super-handy tools for unlocking and grabbing keys or lock rods. First, you’ll get a lasso-type grabber that uses a nylon loop inside a small rod. You’ll also find a grabber that gives you a claw-like appendage that you can use to pick things up. Finally, the kit also provides a four-piece rod that has a specially-designed hook making it perfect for opening door handles or catching latches.

As a bonus, the kit includes a battery-powered headlamp perfect for working on your car during a breakdown at night. The entire kit comes in a carry bag that is easy to store until you need it.


  • Comprehensive set of tools for getting into your car and out of trouble
  • Grabber tool is ideal for lots of uses


  • Airbags aren’t professional quality
  • Threaded rod is difficult to tighten without tools

Mtanlo Kit

Mtanlo Kit

This kit includes a lot of different tools that have many different uses. The largest part of this 21-piece set is the 15-piece trim removal tools, which are extremely handy when working on the car, but aren’t very important for getting into a locked car.

The kit provides four plastic prying tools for opening a gap between the car’s body and the frame of the door and a curved wedge for holding the gap open. The pry tools have special edges for creating a gap without damaging the weatherstripping.

Two airbags can be deployed into the gap and inflated to hold the gap open or enlarge the space to allow access for a tool. A four-piece rod assembly threads together with a rubberized hook end and a sturdy handle useful for popping door handles and pressing automatic locks.


  • Lots of great tools included for removing trim
  • Sturdy rod won’t bend easily


  • Most of the included parts aren’t for unlocking a car



This kit is designed to give you the essential tools you need to unlock a car door without a bunch of extra and unnecessary pieces. It includes a pry tool and a plastic wedge to create gaps in the door. A pair of dual-layer TPU nylon airbags inflate to prop open the door while you use the probe to unlock the door.

The probe is a three-piece design that offers good stability and a curved end for grabbing and pushing. The kit also includes a claw-type grabbing tool that makes picking small items up easy. A lasso-type grabber is perfect for old-style lift button locks.

The kit comes in a nice carrying bag that is also a great place to store other useful tools for emergencies. This kit has just the essentials for unlocking a car door.


  • Just the basics for unlocking a door
  • Lasso and grabber are useful tools


  • Threaded rods aren’t great quality and tend to unscrew
  • Better quality available for a lower price



This kit offers a couple things that you won’t find in a lot of other kits. In particular, the threaded rod sections have three different ends to give you lots of options for pulling, pushing, pressing, or lifting action you need.

A pair of nylon airbags with cardboard inserts are useful for inflating the gap that you’ll make using the included wedge tool and prying tool set. The tool set also works for releasing clips and removing many automotive trim pieces.

The kit includes rubberized gloves that help you protect the surfaces of the car when you are opening the door. A handy carry case makes it simple to store everything when it isn’t in use.


  • Excellent versatility in the probe tips offers lots of options
  • High-quality air bags are sturdy and dependable


  • Multi-piece rods can be difficult to fit together tightly enough to work

Editor’s Pick: IMIKEYA Kit


This is a special and different type of kit marketed toward owners of older cars with manual door locks. The kit gives you two old-school Slim Jim-type tools. These tools slide between the window and the door and with care, you can find the rod that connects the door lock to the latch, lifting the rod to unlock the door.

The kit also includes two curved wedges and two rectangular prying tools that allow you to create an opening between the door and the car. The probe rods included with this kit are solid, one-piece designs. Three different shapes are included to assist you in getting the door open.

A six-inch bag with a hand pump helps to hold the door open while you use the rods to open the doors. The kit even has a key fiddler that might be useful in helping to unlock older door locks.


  • Ideal for unlocking classic car doors with manual lock rod doors
  • Handy for projects around the home that require a little help, like hanging doors and cabinets


  • Does not include a carry bag
  • Shape and design of the probe rods takes practice to use well

How to Use a Door Lockout Kit

Using these kits to unlock a car door is quite simple, but there are some tips you should know about so that you can safely open the door without damaging the car. If you use these kits correctly, you’ll be able to open almost any car door in practically no time.

Identifying the Solution

Every car is different, and even similar makes and models may have differences in the way the door locks function. Most modern cars and trucks use electric door locks which receive power even when the vehicle is not turned on. Older cars and trucks used lock rods in the door that connect to a button. In some vehicles, the button must be lifted to unlock the door, while other vehicles will unlock when you pull the door handle.

Figuring out what the best way to unlock the door will be helps you to identify the tool you need to use. For example, if the keys are sitting on the front seat and you can reach them with a probe, but can’t get them through the window, you’ll need a different solution.

Safely Creating a Gap

The first time you use a wedge to pry open a door, it can be an intimidating experience. Doors are not meant to be opened this way, so there is some effort required. That’s where the pry tools come in handy. The trick is to work the tool through the gap between the door and body. You’ll apply just a little force, but try to feel for the gap between the body and the door weatherstripping.

Once the pry tool is through, use it to gently lever the door away from the car. The best place to do this is near the top of the door at the rear edge. This location is the farthest from the hinges and the door latch, giving you the most flexibility.

Fit the wedge into the gap created by the pry tool. In some cases, you’ll use two or more pry tools to gently open up the gap large enough to fit the wedge. Once the wedge is in place, push it far enough in to open up just enough room for the probe tool, grabber, or other tool you plan to use.

It is a good idea to have a clean cotton rag handy while working so that you can prevent the tools from hitting the painted surfaces of the car. Wrap the handle of the probe in the towel as you use it because sometimes they can slip or turn unexpectedly and cause damage.


One of the great things about having the right tools to get into a locked car door is that they make the process simple and fast. The old coat-hanger method worked, but there was also a lot of stress and frustration. These tool kits for unlocking car doors make it easier to retrieve your keys or unlock your door when you accidentally lock the keys inside the car.

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