Best Cold Air Intake for 2.7 Tacoma

Replacing the factory-installed air box with a free-flowing cold air intake system will improve the horsepower and torque of your Toyota Tacoma 2.7l truck. The factory air filter does a good job of preventing debris from getting into your engine, but it also stops a significant amount of air, restricting the maximum performance you can get from the engine. We found the best cold air intake for 2.7 Tacoma trucks and it’s no surprise that K&N came out on top. In this article, we will describe the features and functions of various air intake systems and let you know what you can expect in terms of longevity, performance, and installation.

Best Cold Air Intake for 2.7 Tacoma – Top Picks:

K&N 63-9026Air Raid AIR-511-355K&N 77-9016KPK&N 57-9012Short RamPerformance Air Intake
OEM Part Number‎63-9026‎511-35577-9016KP‎57-9012‎SI-TY-11RDSR-9599TT27L
Torque Increase8.42 ft. lbs. of torque9.9 ft. lbs. of torque6.51 ft. lbs. of torque6.31 ft. lbs. of torqueNo dataNo data
Horsepower increase7.41 hp8.6 hp5.41 hp5.67 hpNo dataNo data
Airflow increaseup to 50%No dataup to 50%up to 50%No dataNo data
Filter TypeWashable and reusableWashable and reusableWashable and reusableWashable and reusableWashable and reusableWashable and reusable
Vehicle applications year2005-20192005-20202000-20041995-19991995-19991995-1999
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

One of the first things you’ll want to consider before making the decision to invest money in a cold air intake system is where you live. Altering the air intake on your truck may be restricted or illegal in the area you live as these modifications can change the way emissions equipment functions. In particular, air intake systems are illegal in California without a California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) certification. If a product doesn’t say that it carries a C.A.R.B. certification, you should assume that it does not.

K&N 63-9026 Cold Air Intake 2005-19 Tacoma 2.7l

K&N 63-9026

K&N consistently comes out on top regardless of the air intake system we are looking at. That’s because of the high-quality construction and outstanding design work that ensures a proper fit each time. These kits are on the higher end of the price point.

The piping kit included with the air intake is made from high-quality polyethylene for durability. The attachment sleeves are of durable rubber and K&N uses stainless steel worm-drive clamps to hold everything together. The package fits perfectly in the factory location without any modification.

Of course, the most important part is the air filter itself. In this kit, the K&N filter is a conical, oil-bath design. This is a legendary design for increasing air flow and preventing debris from being sucked into the engine. You’ll never need to change air filters again because you can simply clean this one and reapply the oil whenever needed.


  • Ultimate way to improve air flow and add performance sound to the 2.7l Toyota engine
  • Simple to install and guaranteed to fit


  • More expensive than some options that look similar
  • Not C.A.R.B. certified

Air Raid AIR-511-355 2005-20 2.7l

Air Raid AIR-511-355

The Air Raid kit is a strong competitor to K&N and offers similar improvements in power, fuel mileage, and torque. This kit pulls air from the wheel well through a molded plastic air box that includes a large capacity air filter assembly.

The air filter is a cotton and synthetic blend that uses an oil bath to trap contaminants. It will allow for significant increases in available air flow that are the best way to improve power and performance. The filter is even available in one of three colors to suit your particular style.

This is an easy-to-install kit that you can bolt on in very little time. Not only does it improve the performance of your engine, it also eliminates the ugly, bulky air filter and box that your truck originally included.


  • One of the better options for getting excellent performance results
  • Straight-forward installation and perfectly shaped design fits well


  • More expensive than other options
  • Large box with lid looks awkward

K&N 77-9016KP 2000-2004 Tacoma/ 4Runner 2.4l/2.7l

K&N 77-9016KP

K&N builds the best cold air intake design for the 00-04 Tacoma and 4Runner. This intake will fit on early vehicles using the 2.4l inline four or the later 2.7l inline engine to maximize horsepower and torque. This air intake will give you better acceleration, more power when towing, and creates a distinct performance sound.

The main piping assembly is polished aluminum for light weight and long-lasting reliability. The tubing connects to an aluminum MAF sensor housing so your computer will function correctly without ‘check engine’ warnings. The rubber sleeves attach with stainless steel band clamps.

A conical multilayer cotton air filter helps draw more air and creates a more streamlined path for the air to travel. This results in big power gains throughout the RPM range and particularly improves low-end response. The filter is washable and can be re-oiled.


  • Perfect choice for Toyota trucks and SUVs that can benefit from a boost in power
  • Polished aluminum piping kit adds a look of performance to the engine bay


  • Some buyers had to purchase different sleeves to attach the piping kit to the intake
  • Not C.A.R.B. certified

K&N 57-9012 1995-99 Tacoma 2.7l

K&N 57-9012

Everything that we said about the K&N air filter assembly that is our top pick rings true for this model also. The main difference is this one is designed specifically for the 1995-1999 Toyota Tacoma 2.7l rather than the newer model.

This is going to be the go-to choice for any owners who live in California or other highly-restrictive places since this one is actually legal in the state. Make sure you affix the decal in the correct place to ensure that your truck can pass an emissions test.

The kit includes a high-quality polyethylene piping kit and has an aluminum MAF sensor housing included. The conical air filter is identical to the design above and uses a four-layer cotton construction and an oil-bath to provide exceptional air filtering capabilities.


  • Easily installs in minutes and provides immediate and noticeable performance increases
  • Perfect product for California owners who can’t buy high-performance products legally


  • Rubber coupler from tube to intake is the incorrect size

Budget Pick: Rtunes Short Ram 1996-1999 Tacoma 2.7l

Rtunes Short Ram

If you want to seriously maximize the amount of air being pulled into your engine without sacrificing a bunch of money, this kit from Rtunes might fit the bill. The intake pipe is polished aluminum and is significantly shorter and straighter than other designs. This maximizes the air pathway for more performance.

A high-flow filter helps improve air velocity while trapping dust, dirt, and debris that can quickly foul the intake and combustion chambers. The filter is a washable and oiled design. Rubber sleeves and plastic guide plates provide the needed ports to connect emissions equipment.

The kit installs easily with basic tools. This is a fairly basic design that is intended for maximum power at a very low cost.


  • Very affordable way to add power to your Toyota
  • Looks like a more expensive performance part


  • Plastic parts aren’t high quality and are likely to fail
  • Red sleeves aren’t for everyone

Performance Air Intake 1995-99 Tacoma 2.7L

Performance Air Intake

This kit provides a nice-looking set of polished intake tubing pipes for the early Tacoma trucks. The kit installs easily and provides the proper locations for the sensors, though some buyers did note that the sensor holes may be missing for certain models.

A conical high-flow air filter ensures that your engine will get unrestricted air for better breathing. This will increase power and torque because the filter allows a more dense and streamlined flow of air which increases output. The filter looks high-quality and features metal accents on the oiled cloth surface.

Unlike many budget kits on the market, this kit includes proper mounting plates made of metal, Some buyers noted that the metal is thin and somewhat flimsy, but seems adequate for the intended purpose.


  • Nice looking setup for the older trucks
  • Use of metal brackets over plastic is a better solution


  • No longer available


Adding a cold air intake system to your Toyota Tacoma will give you an instant boost in performance and fuel mileage. This is a simple modification that is easily undone when you need to have the original equipment in place. In our experience, you’ll save time and money buying one of the better quality kits like those from K&N that offer an excellent warranty and stand behind their products.