Best Cold Air Intake For 2016 Camaro SS

The Chevy Camaro went on sale in September of 1966. Designed to rival the Ford Mustang, the Camaro SS is recognized as a true American muscle car. In 2016 the Camaro was once again redesigned, more evolutionary than revolutionary. Although on the outside it wasn’t much different than earlier models, underneath is where the changes took place. It sat on a whole new platform that mimicked the Cadillac CTS. If you are after better street performance for your 2016 Camaro SS, an after market cold air intake may be the simplest and easiest way to achieve it.

A cold air intakes purpose is to deliver cooled air (oxygen) into your car’s combustion chamber. Cooler air, delivered at a higher rate, equates to better responsiveness and more horsepower. Removing the box around the air filter and using straighter, larger diameter tubing, will help achieve this.

An after-market cold air intake system is a common and easy add-on to any make or model of car. It will provide added efficiency and added performance to your 2016 Camaro SS. We believe you will get the best performance from the Cold Air Inductions 501-1100-B (>>>Check its pricing on Amazon)

Best Cold Air Intake Options for 2016 Camaro SS:

501-1100-BAIRAID 250-333CBlackwing SLP 620081Flowmaster 615102Cold Air Inductions 501-1100Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16BK
OEM Part Number501-1100-B250-333C620081615102501-1100MMAI-CAM8-16BK
Horsepower increaseup to 13 HPUp to 20 HP11 HP5 HP11HPup to 14HP
Torque IncreaseUp to 15 lbs./ft.No dataNo dataUp to 5 lbs./ft.Up to 15 lbs./ft.Up to14 lbs./ft.
Airflow increaseUp to 65%No dataNo dataNo dataUp to 65%up to 95%
Filter TypeWashablewashable and reusableWashableOiledDry, WashableHigh-Flow Oiled
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

Important Intake Features

Engine Sound – heads will turn when you announce your presence with a throaty engine roar. Stock intakes are designed to work as quietly as possible. Because airflow into the combustion chamber is increased, increased engine sound will result. Driving can be more enjoyable when the engine

Best Intake for Increased Engine Sound: Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16BK

Acceleration – allowing cooler air to enter the combustion chamber will enable your Camaro to leap off the line quicker that it did before. Larger volumes of colder air will deliver a surge in responsiveness. You will go from 0 to 60 much quicker.

Best Intake for Added Acceleration: Cold Air Inductions 501-1100-B

Increased Miles Per Gallon – the less oxygen brought into the combustion chamber, the faster fuel is consumed fuel, lowering MPG. Delivering more cold air allows your engine to work more efficiently. Traveling farther on a gallon of gas will offset the money you spent on the intake.

Best Intake for MPG Increase: Blackwing SLP 620081 Intake

Horsepower Increase – one factor that determines horsepower output is the volume of cold temperature air that is delivered to the engine. Gas burns better when cooler air is mixed with it. An after market cold air intake should provide a horsepower increase of anywhere from 5-12 additional horsepower.

Best Intake for Horsepower: AIRAID 250-333C

Lower Maintenance – stock paper filters get dirty and clogged and they have to be replaced. Most manufacturers suggest replacement at 15k-30k miles. The filters in most cold intakes don’t have to be replaced, just cleaned every so often with soap and water.

Best Intake for Lower Maintenance Cost: AIRAID 250-333C

Cold Air Intake Reviews

Cold Air Inductions 501-1100-B

The goal is simple: maximize performance by bringing colder air into the vehicle’s engine. The CAI’s intake has a thermal insulated air box that surrounds the filter to keep warmer engine compartment air away from the filter. The air box is made of aluminum, not plastics, and is then powder coated for a great looking finish.

Installation is simple, taking 30 minutes or less, with no other modifications to the car’s system required. Because the intake tubes have an internal ceramic thermal resistance coating, the air passing through them remains cooler and is unaffected by engine compartment temperatures. The red, cotton gauze filter is washable and doesn’t require replacement.


  • Specifically designed for the 2016 Chevy Camaro
  • Easy to install
  • Improved throttle response and horsepower
  • Better fuel economy


  • MAF tube difficult to align
  • No bracket included to secure the sound tube

AIRAID 250-333C

AIRAID 250-333C best cold intake for 2016 camaro ssSince 2002, AIRAID has been a leader in air management systems for gasoline engines and the 250-333C is proof of their quality products. The 250-333C has an above average sized filter and intake tube enclosed in a roto-molded air box.

The filter is made of crosslink nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty; most of the competition has only a 10-year limited warranty. The coverless air box seals against the inside of the hood to keep intake air cooler. Installation can be a little tricky.


  • Washable lifetime air filter available in three colors; red, blue, and black
  • Light weight, carbon fiber intake tube and air box
  • Improved horsepower and acceleration


  • Not CARB certified for California, New York, or Maine
  • Much higher priced than the competition

Blackwing SLP 620081

Blackwing SLP-620081 best cold intake for 2016 camaro ssThe Blackwing is a complete intake system designed to maximize airflow and reduce intake air temperature.  It will not void your Camaro’s factory warranty. The manufacture claims that this system will increase horsepower by 11 and torque by 10 foot-pounds.

It installs easily, with no modifications needed and no PCM re-calibration. It comes complete with a washable, reusable filter that requires re-oiling after washing. It does a great job of providing increased engine roar and reduces intake air restriction by 24%.


  • 1-2 hour installation
  • No vehicle modifications needed
  • Improved horsepower and MPG performance


  • Not approved for California

Flowmaster 615102

Flowmaster-615102 best cold intake for 2016 camaro ssThe Flowmaster 615102 installs easily with no drilling or modifications of any kind. It can increase horsepower by up to 6%.

It has a red, 8-panel cotton gauze filter (most of the competition offer only 6 panel filters) with a cross-linked polyethylene intake tube and black anodized aluminum fittings. It also has soft bumpers on its brackets to eliminate any metal on metal sounds.


  • Powder coated heat shield keeps air cooler
  • No vehicle modifications needed
  • Up to 6% increase in horsepower


  • Vehicle specific – only works with Camaro SS with 6.2L engine
  • Not legal in the state of California

 Cold Air Inductions 501-1100

501-1100 best cold intake for 2016 camaro ssThe CAI 501-1100 has a removable lid that also has an inspection window for viewing the filter without having to disassemble the intake filter box. It is constructed of powder-coated aluminum, TIG welded by hand, and made in the USA. The system requires no tuning and is 100% bolt on ready right out of the box.

Once installed under the hood it is great looking and all of the fasteners are spring-loaded for easy access to the oversized, red filter.

CAI uses flow bench and computer simulations to check their intake’s performance, so you can believe the results that they claim their system delivers.


  • Easy to install – 30 minutes or less
  • No vehicle modifications needed
  • Improves horsepower and throttle response


  • Not legal in the state of California

Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16BK

Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16BK best cold intake for 2016 camaro ssThe Mishimoto intake, designed with racing in mind, installs in less than 30 minutes, features a 3-inch short-ram intake tube with a 5-inch diameter, and provides a highly aggressive engine sound that is intoxicating when the vehicle is under acceleration. Because of the size of the intake tube, you may need to re-calibrate your vehicle’s ECU (a computer, the electronic control unit) that controls internal combustion. The intake tube can come polished or in a wrinkled black finish. It’s a large intake perfectly designed to fit into a tight space.

The intake will work with stock or aftermarket induction hoses and with many front-mount intercooler kits. It comes with a lifetime Mishimoto warranty. The company claims the intake will boost horsepower by 14 whp (measured at the wheel, or wheel horsepower). The welds and bends in the tube are perfect and the black finish is stylish.

If you install this system on your 2016 Camaro SS, make sure your seats are well padded. You’re going to need that extra padding when you punch the accelerator.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extremely aggressive engine noise during acceleration
  • High-flow oiled (your choice of black, red, or blue) air filter


  • Not legal to sell or ship to California

 In Conclusion

Expert mechanics agree that all cars could benefit from the installation of a cold air intake. Every car’s engine output depends upon the amount and temperature of the air used during combustion. Cooler air is more oxygen dense and makes fuel burn more efficiently, thus improving gas mileage. A cold air intake adds to the engine’s horsepower and improves acceleration.

You will spend less on fuel and save money on replacement air filters. Instead of throwing the old filter away and buying a new one, all you have to do with a cold air intake filter is wash it and possibly re-oil it. And if you like an engine sound that will turn heads, a cold air intake is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve it.

All six of these intakes do a wonderful job with assisting with engine combustion and they all deliver on engine sound, but I believe you will get the best performance from the Cold Air Inductions 501-1100-B (>>> Find on Amazon) Its combination of sound, acceleration, and increased horsepower make the Mishimoto my choice of the best cold air intake for your 2016 Camaro SS.