Best Exhaust for Camaro V6

Camaro V6

Upgrading the factory exhaust for your Chevrolet Camaro V6 can give you an unmistakable power boost and a distinct performance tone. Not all exhaust systems are the same and trying to find the right product can be overwhelming. We dug through all the information out there to find the cat-back kits that are the best exhaust for Camaro V6. Each of these products has unique features, construction, or uses that make for the perfect Camaro exhaust upgrade.

MagnaFlow Dual Performance Muffler Exhaust 11386
Flowmaster 817483
Gibson Performance Exhaust 320001
Borla 11776
Flowmaster 817609
MagnaFlow 19331

Best Exhaust for Camaro V6 – Top Picks:

 MagnaFlow Dual Performance MufflerFlowmaster Cat-BackGibson Performance ExhaustBorla Muffler KitFlowmaster 817609MagnaFlow Race Exhaust
OEM Part Number113868174833200011177681760919331
Inlet Size (in.)
Material409 Stainless SteelStainless steelStainless steel Stainless steelStainless steelPolished stainless steel
Item Weight (pounds)10‎2.7535328018
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MagnaFlow 11386 Dual Performance Muffler

MagnaFlow 11386

This universal-fit muffler is an excellent budget upgrade option for your Camaro V6. It features dual inlet and outlet construction to easily replace the factory muffler. The 11386 is a straight-through design that uses stainless mesh and acoustic fibers to dampen harsh frequencies and give you smooth and even tones.

This is an ideal budget upgrade for anyone who wants a little more sound from their car. Many buyers report that they are happy to be able to hear their car when at idle. The muffler provides a sound that is more reminiscent of Italian performance cars rather than big and beefy V8 sound. The low cost and ease of installation make this one a great choice for DIYers and owners with mostly stock cars that want a modest performance boost.


  • Easy to fit in stock location
  • Sounds better than factory exhaust


  • Can produce buzzy, tinny sound at cruising speeds
  • May require minor modifications to hangers for installation

Flowmaster 817483 Cat-Back

Flowmaster 817483

When you are ready to get serious about sound and power, Flowmaster has got your cat-back. This dual conversion replaces the factory muffler with dual performance mufflers. Mandrel-bent 2.5” steel tubing is mated with classic Flowmaster Super 44 Series mufflers. The cat-back exhaust kit finishes with large five inch chrome exhaust tips featuring the Flowmaster logo.

This is the kit you want for your street Camaro that has upgrades like a cold air intake. The tone of the mufflers gives your car an aggressive sound. The mufflers use race-proven Delta Flow technology to baffle undesirable sounds and generate more power. This kit will give your car a unique sound like that of a classic sports car.


  • Big power increase
  • Loud and distinct tone
  • Looks high-performance


  • Not ideal for unmodified cars
  • Somewhat loud interior noise level

Gibson Performance 320001

Gibson 320001

When you want more than just a factory muffler swap but the price of a cat-back system is shocking, you should check out this system from Gibson Performance. Aluminized 2.5 inch piping feeds the fumes to dual chambered mufflers. The tips have a slant-cut that harkens back to the glory days of muscle cars.

This is the perfect option for budget-conscious buyers who want excellent performance gains. This system produces a throaty and aggressive sound similar to Flowmaster mufflers but at a huge savings. Installation requires cutting the factory exhaust and using muffler clamps to secure the intermediary pipes.


  • One of the better sounding muffler options on the market
  • Affordable performance upgrade
  • Installs in factory location using included hardware


  • Included muffler clamps are cheap and should be replaced with heavy-duty designs
  • Some fitment required to use factory mounts

Borla 1776 Muffler Kit

Borla 11776

Serious enthusiasts know that Borla is a great exhaust company. Your Camaro V6 can get big power gains and a seductive performance sound with this simple to install system. The 2.25 inch piping is ideal for factory stock cars and cars with other performance add-ons like cold air intakes. You might be surprised that you’ll get better bottom end power with this kit than with the kit by Flowmaster.

Anyone who is looking for big performance and the best quality parts should consider this kit from Borla. The compact mufflers and appropriately sized exhaust tip give this exhaust a performance sound that is unique rather than trying to copy the sound of V8 engines or classic muscle cars.


  • Amazing sound and power gains
  • Easy installation
  • T-304 construction means unparalleled durability


  • The only con is the price

Flowmaster 817609

Flowmaster 817609

While this is a sweet quad-tip option that gives the new Camaro a cool, retro look, it won’t fit on a V6. This exhaust only fits Camaros with the 6.2L V8 and the factory quad-tip bumper.

It may be possible to modify your factory bumper using original replacement or aftermarket parts in order to make a kit like this fit. The way to do it is to purchase Flowmaster Super 40 or 44 Series mufflers and have your local exhaust shop bend the piping to make the connections. You can use aftermarket quad-tips with a modified bumper in a configuration that fits your V6 Camaro.


  • Huge performance gains
  • Massive sized pipe


  • Doesn’t fit V6 cars

MagnaFlow 19331 Race Exhaust

MagnaFlow 19331

This kit is a muffler delete option from MagnaFlow. Featuring polished stainless steel tips and pipes, this kit reduces vehicle weight while giving your V6 Camaro the sound of a race car. Installation is simple and requires cutting the factory exhaust. The kit installs with muffler clamps.

This is a perfect product for drivers that take their car to the track. Due to the removal of the muffler, this product is not legal on many roadways because of excessive noise pollution. The straight-pipe kit is very loud and causes a lot of cabin noise. The polished exhaust tips finish the kit with style.


  • Pure race car noise
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ultimate power and noise gain


  • Not legal in most places
  • Tiresome to listen to for more than a few minutes

Chevrolet Camaro V6 Exhaust Kit Buyers Guide

Choosing the right exhaust kit for your Camaro is a big decision. You want a kit that provides a boost in horsepower and fuel economy and adds a performance sound the factory exhaust lacks. There are lots of inferior products out there, so how do you make the right choice?

Size Matters

Your factory exhaust changes from 2.5 inches in diameter to 2.25” in diameter after the resonators. Increasing the exhaust from the resonators to the tips to 2.5” may improve high-end performance at the expense of some low end power. A 2.25” rear exhaust builds torque for harder-hitting acceleration.

Choosing the right size pipe is important to get the results you want. Too large of a pipe will make your car feel sluggish at stoplights while too small restricts your top-end speed.

Materials Matter

There are several common metals used in the construction of exhaust systems. Mild steel is common in factory exhaust components. It works well but corrodes quickly and doesn’t withstand exhaust fumes. Aluminized systems are more resistant to corrosion than mild steel while being easy to weld.

There are many high-end stainless steel varieties in use for exhaust components. The most common is 400-series. This material is easy to weld, resists average corrosion, and has a good reputation for durability. T304 stainless steel is a more expensive, more corrosion resistant variety that also takes a polish well. It provides much better long-term strength at the expense of more weight.

Choosing the Right Sound

Getting the ideal sound from your Camaro is just as important as the performance you gain. If the exhaust is annoying and too loud inside the car, you’ll quickly get frustrated with driving your car. If the tone is too mild, you’ll feel like you wasted money.

The right sound will depend on your preferences. MagnaFlow has a decidedly low growl. Gibson has a deep rumble. Flowmaster is aggressive while Borla is more throaty. Straight-through mufflers will have a lower, more natural sound than chambered mufflers that use resonance chambers to filter out undesirable tones.

Why Buy a Kit?

Buying a kit is often a better deal than purchasing the components separately and having a shop weld up the system with new pipe. A kit gives you mufflers that are matched to the appropriate piping and includes the exhaust tips. Tips are one of the more expensive parts of any exhaust system.

Buying a kit makes the installation a simple, DIY task. All you need is a reciprocating saw with a fine-tooth blade to cut the factory exhaust. Then, simply slip-fit the new exhaust into place. Muffler clamps are like hose clamps but heavier duty. They hold the pipes in place. A good kit uses the factory muffler hangers and lines up properly in the exhaust cutouts.


An exhaust kit for your Camaro V6 is one of the easiest ways to unlock power and performance without making major changes to the car. The resale value may even increase, but most modifications of the exhaust will void the factory warranty. It’s also important to check local laws to make sure the exhaust you choose is legal to install.

Once you get the perfect exhaust on your car, you’ll love the way it sounds as you drive around town or take a blast down the freeway. Choosing any of the products on this list will give you great results. These are the best exhaust kits on the market and you’ll love the way your Chevrolet Camaro sounds and feels.