Best Exhaust For Mustang EcoBoost

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic of all American vehicles ever built. But, the days of massive big-block V8 engines are in the past, and today, the Mustang is a rip-snorting modern muscle car powered by a fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine.

Don’t despair if you think you are missing out on the power and performance potential of this great machine, an exhaust kit can free up extra power and give your EcoBoost-powered Mustang the snarl and snort you want. The best exhaust for the Mustang EcoBoost that we found comes from MBRP. Both their ‘Race(>>> Check on Amazon) version and ‘street(>>> Find on Amazon) version exhaust systems are top picks for quality, performance, and sound.

Best Exhaust For Mustang EcoBoost – Top Picks:

 MBRP Race ExhaustMBRP Street ExhaustBORLA 140585 ATAKMagnaFlow CompetitionFlowmaster OutlawRoush Racing
OEM Part Number‎S7275BLK‎S7274409‎140585‎19191‎817713‎421837
Inlet Size (in.)332.52.532.25
MaterialStainless SteelT409 Stainless steelT-304 Stainless steel Stainless steel409S Stainless steelStainless steel
Item Weight (pounds)555552.547No data27
Latest PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

When we set out to find the best exhaust kit, we knew that we wanted to find products that were well-made and had excellent fitment as the most important elements. Then, we wanted to unleash as much power as possible while getting the perfect performance sound.

MBRP Race Exhaust Kit S7275BLK

MBRP Race Exhaust

When it comes to a performance exhaust, the best way to get the ultimate in power is to go bigger. This kit from MBRP takes advantage of oversized exhaust tubing measuring a three-inch diameter. That’s a full three quarters-inch over the stock exhaust, allowing the EcoBoost engine to breathe even better.

The tubing features sealed seams to prevent leaks and enhance long-term reliability. MBRP uses a mandrel to get precise bends in the tubing while minimizing distortion in the bend and providing the straightest possible pathway for gasses to exit. The exhaust kit has undergone dyno-testing and actual on-road use to ensure a perfect fit, true performance gains, and the correct sound for the vehicle.

The included mufflers are specifically tuned to provide the most optimal performance sound. The vehicle will be civilized when idling or cruising around, but aggressive romps on the go-pedal will give you the growl you want. The kit includes 4.5” exhaust tips and the back section is coated in a black finish.


  • Excellent way to improve high-end power and responsiveness
  • Excellent performance sound without buzzing, droning, or that import tuner sound


  • May be too loud for casual drivers
  • Can be somewhat difficult to install while ensuring the tips are properly aligned in the bumper cut-out

Runner-up: MBRP Street Exhaust Kit S7274409

MBRP Street Exhaust

This kit from MBRP is nearly identical to the race version that is our top pick, but provides a more subdued, subtle sound, particularly at idle. Above 3k RPM, the exhaust has a smooth rumble that gives the EcoBoost engine a performance sound.

The three-inch tubing is mandrel-bent and crafted from T409 stainless steel. This is an ideal exhaust option for long-term owners who want performance and durability. The 4.5” exhaust tips show off the added performance of your Mustang and feature embossed MBRP logos. The tips fit well in the bumper cutouts.

This exhaust kit has been extensively tuned using both a dynamometer and road-testing to get the best sound and ensure that each kit fits perfectly. The mufflers are specially-tuned to provide the ideal sound from your Mustang without sounding like you are using a coffee can.


  • Exhaust fits both coupes and convertibles without welding or cutting
  • Perfect sound for street car performance
  • Improves fuel economy


  • Exhaust clamps included with the kit are difficult to align properly
  • Doesn’t improve overall performance by much

Editor’s Pick: BORLA 140585 ATAK


When you are looking for an exhaust kit for your legendary muscle car, why not turn to a legendary manufacturer? Borla has been building some of the very best exhaust systems for a very long time, and this kit for the EcoBoost-powered Mustang is a fine example of their dedication to quality and performance.

The exhaust pipes in this kit measure at 2.25-inches and have four-inch exhaust tips. The slightly smaller diameter of tubing can improve air velocity, thereby increasing power. Specially-tuned mufflers ensure that the exhaust doesn’t buzz or drone at freeway speeds while ensuring a performance note at idle.

This is the most aggressive-sounding exhaust kit for the EcoBoost Mustang from Borla, and it will provide a distinct sound unlike anything you’ll hear on other Mustangs. The T-304 stainless steel construction provides a lifetime of durability and performance.


  • Pure performance sound that is unmistakably Borla
  • Incredibly durable construction will likely outlive the car


  • Won’t fit convertible models
  • May exceed noise pollution laws in some areas

Runner-up: MagnaFlow Competition Series 19191

MagnaFlow Competition

This is another excellent option that completely replaces the factory-installed exhaust system with aftermarket components. MagnaFlow developed this exhaust kit to enhance the performance sound of the EcoBoost engine while ensuring easy installation and durability.

The main pipes measure at 2.5-inches in diameter, the same as the factory exhaust. The main difference is that the tubing is mandrel-bent and uses the straightest route possible to provide enhanced performance. The system is designed using state-of-the-art 3d computer modeling to ensure perfect fitment.

Short, straight-through mufflers give the Mustang an undeniable performance sound. This exhaust kit provides more noise at idle than factory and has a unique ‘competition’ sound that is engineered to optimize the effects of the EcoBoost motor.


  • Great looking exhaust kit with the performance and sound to back up the looks
  • Slip-fit construction makes installation easier


  • Too aggressive sounding for some drivers
  • Higher cost than some competitors

Best Muffler-only Kit: Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-Back Kit

Flowmaster Outlaw

You can improve the sound of your EcoBoost Mustang without having to go through the hassle of replacing the entire exhaust system. Instead, you can use an axle-back kit that simply replaces the restrictive factory mufflers with high-flowing aftermarket assemblies.

Flowmaster has been one of the most popular brands for decades, and this kit is an example of why. It features a pair of race-oriented Outlaw mufflers that mate to the factory 2.25” exhaust. The oversized 4-inch polished exhaust tips give your car the perfect combination o f looks and sound.

The Flowmaster kit is easy to install and requires less fitment than the full exhaust kits above. This means you can quickly swap out your factory mufflers for performance options that give your car the powerful sound of a race car in a matter of minutes without modifying the vehicle.


  • Simple and affordable way to quickly enhance the sound of your car
  • High-quality construction and materials ensures years of use


  • Won’t improve performance or fuel mileage
  • May exceed local noise pollution laws

Runner-up: Roush Racing 421837

Roush Racing

Roush is best known for creating factory-tuned muscle cars including the Roush Mustang, but the company is one of the world’s leaders in aftermarket performance components also. This axle-back kit from Roush Racing will get your Mustang sounding like the performance car that it is without the drone and buzz of inferior products.

The exhaust tubing is sized to allow for easy installation on the factory exhaust pipe, but requires cutting and modifying the original equipment. The mufflers offer a performance sound that is unique to Roush Racing. Oversized, polished chrome-plated tips show off the modifications with a sporty look.

When getting the sound just right for your Mustang is the most important thing to you, it is hard to find a better product than the exhaust kit from Roush. The sound is mildly aggressive at idle and sounds fantastic above 3,000 RPM. Deleting the factory resonator is recommended to get the best sound from this kit.


  • Factory-backed design means you’ll get the best in fitment and performance
  • Durable stainless steel construction will hold up to salt, dirt, and corrosive exhaust gasses


  • Plated exhaust tips may flake, chip, or become damaged easily
  • Requires that the factory exhaust be cut to fit


The Mustang with the EcoBoost engine is likely to be an example of the future of performance. The days of massive V8 gas-guzzling engines are likely gone for good, and the efficient V6 engines like the EcoBoost are taking over. Even though the EcoBoost doesn’t make the rumbling sound of those big V8 engines, the exhaust kits available today will help you get the perfect balance of power and sound from your engine without the annoying buzzing and rattling you’ll find when installing inferior products.

We found that for people who are looking to get the ultimate in sound and performance, the MBRP Race kit is excellent, but if you are more of a casual driver that spends most of your time off of the race track, the street version is going to offer a more mild and liveable sound with similar performance gains and increased fuel mileage.

Just because your Mustang was built with economy in mind doesn’t mean it has to be boring to drive. Wake up the performance with an exhaust kit, then increase the power even more by adding aftermarket equipment like a cold air intake to help take advantage of the enhanced exhaust capabilities.

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