Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra

There are lots of reasons you might want to upgrade the exhaust system on a Toyota Tundra. A more efficient exhaust system can increase your horsepower, improve your gas mileage, and make your truck sound better and more powerful.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or replacing a damaged exhaust system, we’ve picked out 6 of the best replacement exhaust systems for a Toyota Tundra. Before we get into the full reviews, let’s look at the most important factors to consider before you buy.

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra Top Options:

Flowmaster 817692Toyota PTR03-34101Borla 140332Flowmaster 817664Flowmaster FlowFX 717786 Walker 50459
OEM Part Number817692PTR03-3410114033281766471778650459
Model Years2009-20182009-20192009-20192009-20182009-20202005-2006
Engine TypeV8(4.6L) / V8(4.7L)
V8(4.6L) / V8(5.7L)V6( 4L) / V8(4.6L)
V8(4.7L) / V8(5.7L)
V8(4.6L) / V8(5.7L)4.6L, 4.7L & 5.7LV8(4.7L)
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Model Year

Not every year of the Toyota Tundra uses the same exhaust style. Pay close attention to your vehicle’s model year before you start shopping, and use that as your guide for whether the system will fit or not. An ill-fitting exhaust can cause leaks, reduced power, and other issues, so it’s not something you want to guess at.

Exhaust Tube Construction

Most standard factory exhaust systems uses a construction style that results in crush bends. While this process is quick and easy, it narrows the pipe at the bend, imposing restrictions in the air flow and lessening your efficiency.

High-end exhaust systems use a different process called mandrel bending. In a mandrel bend, there is no loss of diameter. Systems with mandrel bends will give you improved horsepower, and also tend to have a bigger, better sound.


The exhaust system of your truck is exposed regularly to moisture, road grit, and other hazards. For long-lasting performance, you’re looking for a metal that resists rust and corrosion, and won’t be damaged by everyday driving hazards. Stainless steel is the most durable choice when it comes to aftermarket exhausts.

Best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra: Full Reviews

Flowmaster 817692

Flowmaster 817692

Flowmaster designs exhaust systems for everything from trucks to muscle cars and their Outlaw Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System is a perfect fit for Toyota Tundras made from 2009-2018. The system you’ll get here isn’t just easy to install, but will also be an improvement over the factory exhaust.

If you’re looking for an aggressive exhaust system, the Flowmaster Outlaw is your perfect match. The combination of dyno tuning and the proprietary Flowmaster muffler system give you a really powerful sound. Once you open up the throttle it absolutely roars—a bit too much for some drivers, so keep that in mind if you’d rather have a quieter exhaust system.

This Flowmaster exhaust isn’t just about sound, either. It’s well-built for maximum drive power, with mandrel bends for efficient airflow. Since it’s stainless steel, it holds up well even in extreme conditions, with no worries of it rusting over time.

Most drivers can install this exhaust on their Toyota Tundra in just 2-3 hours. The Flowmaster Outlaw assembles easily—the only tricky part for us was getting the tips on. The included clamps are a bit weak, too, and you may want to do some spot welding if you don’t want the pipes to hang. These minor quibbles aside, it’s a fantastic exhaust for drivers who want power.


  • Material: 409S Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust style: Cat-Back with mandrel bends
  • For vehicles: 2009-2018 Tundra Pickup 4.6L/5.7L


  • Most aggressive sound on the list
  • Black ceramic tips
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • Efficient airflow for more engine power
  • Easy to install onto a Toyota Tundra


  • Some drivers find it too loud
  • Piping clamps aren’t great and may require spot welding

Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101

Toyota PTR03-34101

Conventional wisdom says there’s no better replacement part than the one made by your vehicle manufacturer. There’s something to be said for that, and this Genuine Toyota Cat-Back Exhaust is the proof of it. For a replacement exhaust that’s guaranteed not to void your warranty, the Genuine Toyota exhaust is a winner.

Another advantage of a Toyota exhaust is that you know what to expect. The performance and sound will be identical to what the truck could do fresh from the factory. If you’re looking more for an exact replacement than an upgrade or change, this is the best way to go.

Construction quality and durability are also strong points of the Toyota Cat-Back exhaust. The stainless steel won’t rust or degrade, and the fit of the components is on point. The only problem is you don’t get everything you need in this kit. You’ll have to buy the tailpipe separately, as well as any gaskets and bolts you need to put it on. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your budget or it’ll be a much costlier install than you were expecting.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Exhaust style: Cat-Back
  • For vehicles: 2010-2019 Toyota Tundra


  • Guaranteed to fit in the most recent Toyota Tundras
  • Genuine Toyota part won’t affect your warranty
  • Dual exhaust with side by side mufflers
  • More subtle rumble and tone with no drone
  • Reduced back pressure adds torque and improves horsepower


  • Have to purchase tailpipe kit separately (PTR03-34106)
  • Doesn’t come with bolts and gaskets

Borla 140332 Cat-Back

Borla 140332

If you want an aftermarket exhaust system that will unlock horsepower you didn’t know your Toyota Tundra had, you should install the Borla Cat-Back exhaust. While it’s the most expensive exhaust system we’ll look at, the superior construction and quality simply can’t be found in a lower price point.

The technology used in crafting this exhaust system is responsible for these horsepower gains. It uses mandrel bends for more open airflow, and all the components are machined with precise, multi-core technology for the straightest, best-fitting exhaust for your Tundra.

You’ll love how your truck feels and sounds once you install this Borla exhaust system. The engine is noticeably more responsive, and you’ll likely also see savings in your fuel costs thanks to the added efficiency. Sonically, the most noticeable improvement is the acceleration tone.

As far as fit and install, it’s a perfect match everywhere it counts. You may need to make some aesthetic adjustments to the positioning of the pipes, but that’s a minor complaint against an overall excellent exhaust system.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust Style: Cat-Back with mandrel bends
  • For vehicles: 2009-2013 Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD 4.6L/5.7L


  • Increases your vehicle’s fuel economy and drive power
  • Smooth machining for maximum power and air flow
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Uses mandrel bends for distinctive Borla sound
  • No drone at highway speeds
  • Fast installation


  • Most expensive option
  • May need to be bent into position

Flowmaster 817664

Flowmaster 817664

Here’s another excellent exhaust system from Flowmaster, their American Thunder Dual Exit Cat-Back system. The sound from this system is just a smidge less aggressive than the Flowmaster Outlaw. You’ll still hear and feel the power—without setting off the neighbor’s car alarm when you drive by. The rumble has a nice low tone that only improves the longer it’s on the vehicle.

Even though it’s not as loud as other Flowmaster exhausts, you’ll still enjoy the same performance boosts. You’ll definitely notice more horsepower, thanks to the dual 2.5-inch tailpipes. It can also improve your fuel efficiency, especially if you’re currently driving with a damaged or old exhaust.

Installation ease is really where the Flowmaster American Thunder impressed us. It’s even faster and easier to install than an original Toyota exhaust system. You can also install it on any style of Toyota Tundra, even models with extended cabs or different bed lengths. All-told, this is the best balance of convenience and quality in a Toyota Tundra exhaust system.


  • Material: 409S Stainless steel
  • Exhaust style: Dual Rear/Side Exit Cat-Back
  • For vehicles: 2011-2014 Toyota Tundra Pickups 5.7L/4.6L


  • Aggressive sound that’s not overly loud
  • Full kit provides everything you need to install it
  • Designed to fit regular cab, double cab, long bed, and short bed trucks
  • Dual-out system improves horsepower and performance
  • Can be installed in just 1-2 hours


  • Some drone when driving at highway speeds
  • Some users report tubes arriving split

Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back ‎FLM-717786

Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back ‎exhaust for toyota tundraThe Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back ‎FLM-717786 exhaust system is a testament to sophisticated design and performance. Constructed from high-grade 409S stainless steel, this system promises durability while offering an auditory experience that’s both moderate and distinctly aggressive. Its compatibility with multiple Tundra models (2009-2020) makes it a versatile choice for enthusiasts.

However, the system truly stands out with its effortless installation process. Equipped with all necessary parts and clear instructions, even at-home setups become a breeze. Beyond its functional features, the exhaust system is aesthetically striking with its dual side exit design, accentuated by black ceramic-coated tips, sure to enhance any Tundra’s visual appeal.

Yet, potential buyers should be aware of its compatibility limits, especially concerning specific Tundra cab and bed configurations. Additionally, for those conscious of environmental regulations, the inclusion of chemicals like Chromium and Nickel, as highlighted by the California Proposition 65, might require consideration. But, weighing its pros and cons, the Flowmaster FlowFX system emerges as a worthy addition to any compatible vehicle, delivering both in performance and design.


  • Material: 409s Stainless Steel
  • Exhaust style: CAT-BACK, Dual Same Side Exit
  • For vehicles: 2009-2020 Tundra 4.6L, 4.7L & 5.7L


  • High-quality 409S stainless steel ensures durability and longevity.
  • Moderate yet distinct sound profile enhances driving experience.
  • Easy at-home installation with included detailed instructions.
  • Compatible with multiple Tundra models (2009-2020).
  • Aesthetic dual side exit design with black ceramic-coated tips.


  • Not suitable for certain Tundra cab and bed configurations.
  • Contains California Proposition 65 chemicals: Chromium and Nickel.

Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly

Walker 50459

Finally, let’s take a look at this Walker Resonator Assembly. Now it does have the most limited compatibility for a Toyota Tundra, only sized to fit on trucks made in 2005 and 2006. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those model years, though, it’s also the most affordable exhaust system replacement—a steal at less than $200.

The Walker Resonator Assembly is designed more as a replacement than an upgrade. It’s built to match original Toyota exhaust performance specifications, not to exceed them. This means you’ll only notice a boost in your performance if your current exhaust is damaged or worn, and it’s not going to give you a massive roar. In fact, it’s built to reduce the noise level, making it better for drivers who want a quieter truck.

Now full disclosure—this doesn’t come with the hardware you need to install it. Still, that’s a minor expense to make considering how much you’ll save compared to other exhausts. It’s also built to resist moisture damage and road wear and will last several years in most Tundras. The Walker Resonator Assembly isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done and keeps you under budget.


  • Material: Aluminized steel
  • Exhaust style: OE-style louvered tube
  • For vehicles: 2005-2006 Toyota Tundra


  • Most affordable option
  • Great choice if you want a quieter exhaust
  • Can be installed in 1-2 hours
  • Performs just like original Toyota exhaust
  • Resists rusts and corrosion


  • Not known for boosting exhaust tone or volume
  • Aluminized steel not as durable as stainless steel

So what’s the best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra?

As you can see, there’s no one answer for every Toyota Tundra. Once you’ve picked out which exhaust systems will fit your model year, think about whether you want an aggressive sound or a more subdued growl. In most cases, the louder the system, the more of a horsepower boost it will give you.

A new exhaust system isn’t cheap, but it’s a worthwhile investment, especially if your current exhaust is restricted or leaking. We hope the tips and reviews in this article have helped you find the best exhaust system for your Toyota Tundra!