Best Mud Flaps For F-150: Top Picks

Adding mud flaps to your Ford F150 helps protect your paint and adds a touch of performance to your truck. The best mud flaps will be easy to install without making modifications and will be durable, so they last season after season. We’ve found that many products today don’t hold up well, don’t fit right, and aren’t worth the money.

We put in the work to find the very best mud flaps for F150 trucks. Our top pick is from Husky Liners, (Find the latest price on Amazon) but we’ve also found several other products that we think will improve your truck’s appearance and provide protection from rocks, mud, dirt, and snow.

FORD F150 wih mud flaps

Best Mud Flaps For F150: Top Choices:

Husky Liners Front & RearWeatherTech No-DrillRed Hound Auto ‎RED949764Tecoom with Wheel Lip Molding >Plasticolor 000539R01KCOOL ‎KC1001020Husky Kick BackCat Ultra Tough
What's includedFront and rear mud flaps
Shield Film for extra protection
Front and rear mud flapsFront and rear mud flaps;
Instalation Hardware
Front and rear mud flaps;
Instalation Hardware
Front mud flaps onlyFront and rear mud flaps;
Instalation Hardware
Rear mud flaps onlyFront and rear mud flaps
MaterialTPOThermoplastic resinPolymerABS materialSoft rubberPP materialHeavy-duty rubber construction with wire hangerExtra-thick rubber construction
Fitment2015 - 2020from 20212001- 20142015 - 2019Universal2015 - 2020UniversalUniversal
InstalationInstalls using factory locationsInstalls easily using factory mounting locations or locking fastenersInstalls in factory locations and includes hardwareUses factory mounting locationsScrew InScrew InScrew InScrew In
Country of originUSAUSANo dataNo dataUSAUSAUSAUSA
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

Husky Liners Front and Rear Mud Flaps

Husky Liners Front and Rear Mud Flaps
Husky Liners Front and Rear Mud Flaps

The Husky liners for Ford F150 trucks with OEM fender flares fit great and look better than factory designs. They offer better protection, too, because of the wide size that covers maximum-width tires. Husky even includes the company’s proprietary Shield Film that prevents dirt and dust from causing damage between the flap and the fender flare.

The F150 mud flaps from Husky Liners use the factory mounting locations and double-sided tape strips that provide a durable and reliable attachment, so you don’t have to worry about the flaps coming off while driving. We’ve looked at lots of different types of flaps, and we think that the thermoplastic construction of these ones offers the best long-lasting performance available while being simple to install.


  • Easy to install without making modifications to the fenders
  • Provides the best protection from mud, snow, salt, and rocks


  • Factory clips leave a lot to be desired and should be replaced with heavy-duty hardware
  • Front flaps may not install without modification to the fenders

WeatherTech Custom No Drill ‎110134-120134

WeatherTech Custom No Drill mud flaps
WeatherTech Custom No Drill

WeatherTech is one of our most popular brands for all kinds of accessories for Ford F150 trucks, and these mud flaps are some of the best we have seen. These have a unique shape that will give your truck a performance look while offering nearly unsurpassed levels of protection from debris on the road. Some versions of the WeatherTech mud flaps use unique QuickTurn fasteners for easy installation, while others simply bolt in place in the factory location.

These Ford F150 mud flaps are made from thermoplastic for durability that won’t fade or crack easily. WeatherTech uses a unique laser measuring system to ensure a proper, factory-like fit that prevents the need to use fillers or foam to close unsightly gaps when properly installed. They are even made in the U.S. unlike cheap competitor designs.


  • Some of the best-looking mud flaps on the market
  • Installs in the factory location without drilling or modification


  • Some F150 models will need to modify the mounting holes to match the fenders
  • Not guaranteed to fit and can result in restocking fees to return

Red Hound Auto ‎RED949764

Red Hound Auto ‎RED949764 mud flaps
Red Hound Auto ‎RED949764

Proving that premium F150 mud guards don’t have to cost a fortune, the Red Hound Auto mud flaps offer excellent protection from the elements and durable construction. They are made from a unique polymer material that won’t fade in the sun and is durable enough to handle the rigors of off-road driving. This set includes front and rear mud flaps for 2004-2014 Ford F150 models. We like the way these look when installed on these trucks because they offer better tire coverage than factory flaps without being too big.

The Red Hound Auto flaps are intended to mount using the factory locations. We found out from many owners that installing these on your truck will likely require extra mounting hardware. The reason is because the Ford F150 uses a two-piece plastic clip that tends to break when removed. Replacing the plastic clip with a metal bolt and nut is simple and provides a secure fit. Many people told us the front fit great, while the rear flaps often need to be trimmed slightly with a razor knife.


  • One of the more affordable options that are still high-quality
  •  Offers excellent coverage for wider tires and still fits with running boards


  • Rear mud flaps will need to be trimmed to fit
  • Typically requires additional mounting hardware

Tecoom Mud Flaps with Wheel Lip Molding

Tecoom Mud Flaps with Wheel Lip Molding
Tecoom Mud Flaps

The Tecoom mud flaps for Ford F150 trucks are designed to look like the factory flaps at a lower price point. These mud flaps are made of ABS for durability and are designed to mount in the factory location on trucks that have wheel-well trim flares. These will fit most F150 models from 2015 to 2019 without requiring modification to the fender.

We learned that these Ford F-150 mud flaps offer decent protection from dirt and rocks for casual driving and trucks that are used primarily on the street. We talked to some owners who used these on off-road vehicles and found the ABS material to be too fragile to withstand the abuse. ABS also tends to fade in the sun over time, so these might need to be replaced every few years.


  • Looks like factory mud flaps
  • Works with wider-than-stock tires


  • ABS is not as durable as some materials
  • Intended for use with factory hardware, but typically requires longer bolts

Plasticolor 000539R01

Plasticolor 000539R01 mud flaps
Plasticolor Mud Flaps

Are you looking for something that adds a little old-school appearance with a touch of flair? We think these flexible mud flaps for Ford F150 models are perfect. The soft rubber flaps keep rocks and mud off your bed sides. We also think these are the perfect solution for trucks that get driven in slush and snow because the flexible design prevents build-up while you drive. Of course, the classic Ford Blue Oval logo also sets these apart and lets everyone know that you love your truck.

Mud flaps shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and these fit the bill. Even better, they are made in the U.S. along with dozens of other cool accessories. The flaps are molded in one piece with the logo so you won’t worry about fading or the emblem falling off while you drive. A fiberglass backing prevents the flaps from cracking and splitting like some hard plastic designs.


  • Durable and flexible construction prevents cracking, splitting, and damage to the wheel well
  • Ideal for lifted trucks with oversize tires


  • Requires custom installation to fit properly due to universal design
  • Might contact oversize tires on non-lifted trucks causing damage to the flap

KCOOL ‎KC1001020

KCOOL ‎KC1001020 mud flaps for F150
KCOOL ‎KC1001020 mud flaps

The KCOOL mud flaps for Ford F150 offer something a little different. They are made from injection-molded polypropylene plastic that combines impact resistance with durability and fade-resistance and feature a unique “V” logo on the rear side. The flaps are rigid and designed to fit seamlessly on F150 models that have factory fender moldings. They have pre-drilled holes that line up with the factory mounting holes to make installation easy and fast.

We think these are a good option for buyers that want a matte finish mud flap that doesn’t look like every other product on the market. The logo isn’t for everyone, but it does offer a little flair over plain flaps. The manufacturer includes printed front left and right, and rear left and right indicators to simplify the process of installation.


  • Adjustable rear flaps make installation easier
  • Matte finish prevents glare and gives the truck a performance look


  • Instructions that are included are inaccurate
  • Often requires aftermarket hardware to install

Husky Kick Back Mud Flaps 14″

Husky Kick Back Mud Flaps 14" for f150
Husky Kick Back Mud Flaps 14″

Lifted trucks with oversize tires need mud flaps that offer better coverage than the standard size guards we have listed above. These heavy-duty flaps from Husky are a universal fit, so the installer will need to drill holes in the wheel wells in order to install them. They are made from a heavy-duty rubber material and feature a polished stainless steel weighted bottom that gives them a truck driver appearance and offers incredible protection from the elements.

The flaps have a wire bracket that installs to the fender and allows for the adjustment needed to protect oversized tires up to 13.5” wide. These are the widest mud guards you can buy. We love them and so will you. Just be prepared to take your time with the custom installation because these are not a universal fit.


  • Gives your truck a professional trucker appearance
  •  Great choice for trucks that are driven in the snow


  • Not ideal for off road driving because the flap can catch on rocks and tear from fender
  • Included hardware is not high quality

Cat® Ultra Tough Mud Flaps

Cat® Ultra Tough Mud Flaps for F150
Cat Ultra Tough Mud Flaps

When drivers need the most durable front and rear mud flaps around, look no further than these from Cat. The same company that builds awesome heavy equipment offers these flaps to keep rocks, snow, and mud from damaging the sides of your truck. The universal fit means you can adjust the installation to fit any car or truck. Since they are a universal design, you will need to drill the fenders to install them.

On top of offering protection with a 12.5” width that ensures all but the largest tires are covered, a high-quality polished and reflective metal insert gives your truck added safety while driving. We think that these are a perfect pick for the truck driver that demands the most durable and heavy-duty design around.


  • What is cooler than the Cat logo to dress up your truck?
  • Universal design makes it easy to install these flaps on any Ford truck, car, or van


  • Protective adhesive on reflective metal is difficult to remove
  • No bracket or mounting method besides drilling into fenders


We looked at lots of different designs of mud flaps for Ford F150 trucks in order to come up with this comprehensive list. The products we found all offer significant benefit and are good buys when you know what specific features you are looking to find. Not only do the mud flaps on this list protect your truck, but they also protect the windshields of people driving behind you. In many states, mud flaps are required on trucks with oversize tires and buyers are sure to find a product on this list that meets their unique needs. Check the price of our top pick from Husky Liners.