Best Nerf Bars for Silverado

Nerf bars are an awesome addition to any year Chevrolet Silverado truck. Nerf bars provide a convenient step to get in and out of the truck, protect the door sill from damage when driving off road, and give your truck a tough, purposeful appearance. The wrong nerf bars don’t fit well, have flimsy brackets, and rust quickly. If you want the best nerf bars for Silverado trucks, we’ve got the products for you whether you are shopping for a second, third, or fourth-generation Chevy pickup truck.

Silverado Nerf Bars

Best Nerf Bars for Silverado – Top Picks:

Tyger Auto 2019-22YITAMOTOR 6-inchMaxMate Step BarsADS Running BoardsTyger Auto 2006-13TAC Nerf Bars
OEM Part Number‎TG-SS2C35068-FBM‎CEETSS3005‎WB2C35007‎AD-STEPB-ZTL-8018-1‎TG-RS2C40038CN2120
MaterialNo dataAluminumStainless SteelStainless SteelCarbon SteelAlloy Steel
Vehicle applications year2019-20222019-20222014-20192014-20192006-20132006-2013
Item Weight‎46.9 pounds‎40.3 pounds‎41 pounds‎36 pounds‎48.1 pounds45 pounds
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Fourth-Generation (2019-2022)

The 4th-generation of the Chevy Silverado truck is arguably the toughest, most reliable, and most efficient truck the company has produced. The revised bodywork gives it a buff, muscular look that is right at home in a suburban driveway or on a construction site. The best nerf bar for Silverado 4th-gen owners is from Tyger Auto. We will show you why next.

Top Pick: Tyger Auto Nerf Bars for 2019-22 Silverado (4dr Crew Cab Only)

Tyger Auto Nerf Bars

Appearances count, and nothing makes a product look like a good buy more than your initial impression. Right off the bat, this set of nerf bars looks tough. The oval-tube design provides an oversized footpad for both front and rear doors that uses an aggressive tread profile to ensure a slip-free experience.

The tubes are made from forged carbon steel so that there are no seams. This process also greatly reduces the risk of corrosion since the step bars are not open to the elements. Tyger uses an electrostatic coating process to give these nerf bars a durable and slip-resistant wrinkled texture that is also easy to keep clean.

The brackets align with the factory holes in the frame so installation is both fast and simple. Just pop the factory plugs out of the holes and thread the bar brackets into place. They fit perfectly and align about two inches below the body for a close, attractive appearance.


  • Looks as tough as it is, these take a beating and won’t let you down
  • Easily the best fitting nerf bar on the market


  • Not a budget product and comes with a price to match
  • Some buyers received dented and incomplete products missing bolts or with incorrect brackets

Runner-up: YITAMOTOR 6-inch Nerf Bar/ Running Board


This is a close runner up to our top pick, mainly because it offers a different type of appearance. If you are more into a running board look, this may be a better choice. This is a 6-inch wide bar made from aluminum. The end caps are welded in place, so there won’t be any risk of water, dirt, or mice living in your step bar.

The bars have a black powder coat finish that gives them a nice, quality appearance. The step pads are generous and reach over the edges of the bar to provide even better traction in slippery conditions. The bars are bulky and seem to be heavy duty.

Mounting is simple and uses the original factory locations. Simply remove the factory plugs and bolt the brackets up. There are only three brackets per side despite the truck having mounting locations for four brackets per side.


  • Provides a running board look but more durable
  • Extra long step is great for awkward tasks like tying down a load in the bed


  • Powder Coat finish tends to be thin and may come off easily
  • Some buyers found misaligned mounting holes for the brackets
  • Doesn’t take advantage of all bracket mounting strength with no way to add an additional bracket

Third-Generation (2014-19)

The most recent full-generation of the Silverado offered a big-truck feel in a nimble package. These were durable trucks that will handle plenty of hard work while still looking good. Adding nerf bars to a 3rd-generation Chevy truck adds value and protects your investment.

Top Pick: MaxMate Step Bars

MaxMate Step Bars

When you are looking for a step up that stands out, this is the way to go. The polished stainless steel construction gives your Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra a fresh, clean, and sporty appearance that is easy to keep clean. Just a little polish once in a while and you’ll never have rust on these nerf bars.

The nerf bars feature integrated step pads for both front and rear doors. These bars are designed for the Extended Cab and Double Cab models only, they will not fit Crew Cab models. The bars have plastic press-fit end caps to prevent water, dirt, and debris from getting inside the tube.

The included brackets bolt into the factory location and make installation simple, even if you are doing it by yourself. The bars sit close to the body, providing an easy step without overhanging and causing problems.


  • Stainless steel is easy to care for and looks great
  • Step pads are generous and stable


  • Scratches and scrapes can lead to rusty spots
  • Thinner than factory bars
  • May require bracket modifications to prevent squeaking and banging sounds

Runner-up: ADS Running Boards

ADS Running Boards

Running boards on your Chevy or GMC truck can make a big difference when you are getting in and out all the time, handling awkward tasks like tying down a load in the bed, or trying to get heavy objects into the back seat area. THis is an affordable set of running boards that will give you the ease of entry you need.

The step bars are made from stainless steel and have a highly polished finish. That makes them easy to keep clean and ensures they won’t quickly rust. Plastic step pads provide anti-slip safety so that you don’t worry about falling down when getting out of the truck.

The running boards include the mounting hardware and the brackets, but don’t include directions. You’ll need to take your time to make sure you have the brackets in the correct position before installing. Several buyers commented that the metal on these bars seems excessively thin and is flexible, while others also mentioned these bars are frequently missing parts and shipped with damage.


  • Affordable option over factory running boards that are prone to rust
  • Provides superior security and safety when loading and unloading the truck


  • Frequent reports of missing bolts, mispackaged products, and products shipped with damage
  • Significantly thinner construction that original step boards

Fourth-Generation (2006-2013)

The 4th-generation Silverado and Sierra are among the most popular trucks around. Adding nerf bars to these trucks improves the appearance and gives you extra safety when getting in and out of the truck.

Top Pick: Tyger Auto Nerf Bars

Tyger Auto Nerf Bars

When your truck deserves the toughest looking bars around, this is the way to go. The Tyger Auto nerf bars have a rectangular construction and are made from one-piece carbon steel to prevent corrosion and improve the strength. Tyger gives these bars an electrostatic finish that ensures they won’t rust and are easy to clean.

The four-inch wide steps make getting up and down comfortable, while the durable construction also feels secure under foot. No more worrying about whether your foot bar will break off when you get in and out.

The included brackets and hardware are heavy-duty and mount in the factory locations. Simply remove the factory plugs or the factory step bars and bolt these up. Minor trimming is required for 2017-up trucks that have the plastic DEF cover.


  • Ultra-tough nerf bar will stand up to lots of abuse
  • Excellent looking accessory to improve the appearance of your truck
  • Great fitment means that installation is easy


  • Confusing instructions relating to the front brackets
  • Some buyers had problems with finish issues that were remedied by customer service

Runner-up: TAC Nerf Bars

TAC Nerf Bars

Black step bars give your truck a sinister and purposeful appearance while enhancing safety and helping to avoid damage. These bars from TAC fit the bill for those of you looking to add a low-profile step to your truck at an affordable price. These are a round-tube design with dedicated step pads.

The tubes are constructed from mild steel and are powder coated in a UV resistant black finish that helps to prevent rust and corrosion while also making it easy to clean the bars. The non-slip pads are securely anchored to the top of the step bars so you don’t have to worry about losing your balance.

The nerf bars include the correct mounting brackets and new hardware so that you can install these bars quickly and easily at home with basic hand tools. This company even backs up their product with a robust warranty that is uncommon at this price point.


  • Slick looking step bars at a fraction of the factory cost
  • Easy to care-for finish means you won’t be spending hours polishing stainless steel
  • Excellent warranty


  • Has considerable flex when mounted
  • Instructions are not well thought out


Adding nerf bars or running boards to your Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra truck with an extended cab or double cab makes your truck look cooler and can make it safer, too. With a good-quality nerf bar or running board, you’ll be able to get in and out of the truck with ease and you won’t have to worry about hurting your knees or ankles when stepping down. These bars can also help to prevent damage to the bottom of your truck when you drive on construction sites or off-road.

The best nerf bars for the Silverado are easy to install and will hold up to years of abuse without getting rusty or falling apart. The bars that we showed you today all have a proven reputation for being durable and offer you the look and feel you desire to improve the way you use your truck.