Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4

The GMC Sierra 4×4 pickup is a popular truck that is designed to give you years of service, but it also has a fairly rough ride compared to passenger cars and many SUVs. Replacing the shocks with the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 can improve the ride quality, handling, and even improve the truck’s off-road performance. We found that there are lots of companies making parts for these trucks, but not all of the parts are equal. We found the best options for each generation of the GMC Sierra 4×4.

Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 – Top picks:

 ‎Bilstein 24-186643_186742Bilstein 4600 Series1A Auto MNSSP00773Detroit Axle ‎139105 579105 4345074AutoShack KS1011535CST100138Complete StrutsBilstein B8 6112Detroit Axle 4AQ2500814-DASENSEN 108310-SH
Manufacturer Part Number‎24-186643_186742‎24-065009 / 24-029056‎MNSSP00773‎10187-4A‎KS1011535CST100138‎4-AAC80-BCAC00-002‎47-2446414AQ2500814-DA‎108310-SH
Model Years1999-20061999-20061999-20062007-20132007-20132007-20132014-20182014-20182014-2018
Item Weight (pounds)40‎19.216.2‎5865‎56No data57‎63.8
ExteriorSmoothPaintedPaintedNo dataBlackBlackPaintedBlackNo data
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Second Generation: 1999-2006

Best: Bilstein Shock Absorbers 24-186643 & 24-186742

‎Bilstein 24-186643_186742

Bilstein produces excellent shocks for the GMC Sierra. This set equips the front and rear of your truck with brand-new shocks that will greatly improve handling. This set of shocks is ideal for lifted trucks. They use a high-pressure gas charge to eliminate rough roads and provide a comfortable ride.


  • Greatly improves ride quality for lifted, street-driven trucks
  • Easy to install using basic tools


  • Not ideal for trucks that are used off road a lot

Good: Bilstein 4600 Series

Bilstein 4600 Series

The 4600 is a classic shock for improving traction and ride quality. The distinctive yellow and blue shocks can be found under work trucks and off road machines alike. The monotube gas-charged shock will give your truck an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. Designed for stock-height trucks.


  • One of the best options for providing a comfortable ride and improving handling
  • Simple to install using basic hand tools


  • Colors might not be for everyone

Budget: 1A Auto Stock Replacement Shocks

1A Auto MNSSP00773

When you simply need to replace a worn out shock, this is a great option. These shocks are for the front and rear and are intended to function just like stock shocks. There isn’t anything fancy about them- they just work well to return your stock truck to stock performance.


  • Simple installation and perfect factory fitment
  • Moderate ride quality improvement over stock shocks


  • Won’t make your truck ride much better than it did when it was brand new

Third Generation: 2007-2013

Best: Detroit Axle Strut and Shock kit

Detroit Axle ‎139105 579105 4345074

This set from Detroit Axle will restore your truck’s original ride quality. They are complete and assembled so you won’t have to worry about using a spring compressor to remove and replace the struts. Rear shocks are stock-type. This kit is for stock height trucks.


  • Assembled design makes installation simple and safe
  • Better resistance to rust and salt than stock designs


  • Not intended for off-road use

Good: Auto Shack Store Shocks

AutoShack KS1011535CST100138

These are intended as a factory replacement part. The front strut comes assembled with the coil over in place and the shock installed. This kit provides both front and rear shock replacement. These are designed for stock height trucks and don’t work well with lifted trucks.


  • Easily and affordably replaces worn out factory parts
  • Improves ride quality over worn out shocks


  • Some buyers received parts that had damage

Budget: Complete Struts

Complete Struts

This is a budget-friendly option that replaces the front and rear factory shocks and struts with new parts. These shocks and struts work best for stock vehicles that are used normally. If you use your truck for lots of off road driving or hauling heavy loads, you might need to purchase heavier-duty shocks. This buyer guide: Best exhaust system for GMC Siera might be relevant to you. 


  • Inexpensive option to replace worn out factory parts
  • Simple installation that doesn’t require a strut tool


  • Nothing fancy and won’t make a big difference over stock ride quality

Fourth Generation: 2014-2018

Best: Bilstein B8 6112 Adjustable Struts and Shocks

Bilstein B8 6112

Bilstein engineers the front struts to use a locking system that allows you to adjust the height of the front of the truck. The shocks can add almost two-inches simply by rotating the strut in a locking cam. You’ll need a strut compressor to assemble these and you’ll reuse the original strut tower. Add matching rear shocks to the front end package to provide a huge improvement in ride quality at all four corners.


  • Provides a big upgrade to the stock suspension that improves off-road comfort and on-road performance
  • Adjustable front strut allows you to increase the height of the truck to provide a level aspect without buying a leveling kit


  • Requires the use of a heavy-duty strut compressing tool to remove and replace
  • Front struts and rear shocks aren’t sold together

Good: Detroit Axle Strut and Shock kit

Detroit Axle 4AQ2500814-DA

This kit gives you an easy way to restore original ride quality and even improve handling. The front strut is assembled with the coil spring so you won’t have to use a compressor to install. The rear shocks provide better ride quality than the stock shocks. This kit is intended for stock height trucks.


  • Affordable option that makes it simple to replace worn out components
  • Installs using only basic hand tools


  • Will not work with lifted trucks

Editor’s Pick: Sensen Speedy Strut Kit

SENSEN 108310-SH

The Speedy Strut is a great way to improve the comfort of your ride. The kit includes front struts that have cold-rolled, OEM-style coil-overs mounted to the strut. The front struts are shipped assembled so you will be able to easily install these without having to use special tools. The rear gas shocks replace the factory shocks and provide better traction.


  • Significantly improves the general ride quality, handling, and braking over factory parts
  • Excellent combination of high-quality components and workmanship
  • US-based company


  • Like many non-adjustable systems, this isn’t a good choice for trucks with lift kits installed


The shock and strut kits that we identified above are examples of the best parts you’ll find to replace factory parts. Replacing worn struts and shocks can eliminate suspension groans, clunking noises, and a rough, bumpy ride. Kits that come assembled are simple to install, but offer the least amount of difference from stock.