BlackVue DR590 vs DR590W

Dash Cam technology has come a long way. Today’s dashcams provide clear video and offer numerous features to make it easy to access files. BlackVue is a leader in dash cams and builds some of the most discreet and user-friendly cameras you can rely on. Recently, BlackVue added a new model to it’s award-winning lineup based on an existing and proven dash camera. We will break down the differences between the BlackVue DR590 and DR590W and let you know why the new DR590W is clearly the best choice. (>>> Find on Amazon)

 BlackVue DR590-2ch vs DR590W-2ch side by side:

Resolution (front)1920×1080 30FPS1920×1080 60FPS
View angle139 degree139 degree
Built-in Wi-FiNoYes
Built-in GPSYesYes
LTE ModuleNoNo
Maximum capacity256 GB256 GB
Price Find on Amazon Find on Amazon

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

A dash cam is a useful tool to have in your car or truck. The camera records while you are driving so that if an accident happens, you will have a video of the incident. This is incredibly helpful when dealing with insurance companies after an accident and can save you tremendous amounts of money should you ever need to prove the facts of an incident.

Important Terms and Features

There are many terms manufacturers use to compare their products to others on the market, and these terms can be confusing if you don’t understand how they apply to the product. We are going to explain a few of the common terms and describe them for you.

  • Resolution: Resolution is the quality of the video. Larger numbers indicate better quality, but result in larger files.
  • Frame Rate: Frame rate refers to the number of frames per second (FPS) the camera catches. Higher frame rates produce smoother video.
  • Memory: Memory is the amount of data that can be stored on the camera. Most cameras use removable on-board SD card memory storage.
  • Recording Modes: This is the type of videos the camera will shoot. Some will shoot continuously, others only record when sensors detect an impact. Some cameras also offer parking mode that records when your car is off.
  • Viewing Angle: Viewing angle is the width of the mage you can record measured in degrees. Larger viewing angles will give you more of an image, but sacrifice quality and clarity due to the “fisheye” effect.
  • Channels: Some cameras only shoot video out the front and are a one-channel or single lens camera. Cameras that have front-facing and rear-facing cameras are dual lens or two-channel cameras. A three-channel camera records front, rear, and interior views.
  • WiFi: WiFi is a feature available on select dash cams. WiFi allows the user to access recordings and live views remotely, but you must be within range of the device.
  • Cloud Storage: Cameras that offer cloud storage record and store digital data to the cloud so users may access recordings anywhere they have an internet connection. There is usually an additional charge for using cloud storage.

DR590-2CH Features

BlackVue DR590-2ch

The Blackvue DR590-2CH is a great mid-range camera set with some great features. It shoots video in high-resolution up to 1080p at a framerate of 60 FPS. The front camera takes advantage of a Sony STARVIS chipset for smooth and clear image quality recorded at 2.1 MB. The separate rear camera is a CMOS chipset that also records at 2.1 megapixels. The camera set is also equipped to handle parking mode video. It uses a built in impact sensor for both driving and parking recording and loop-records video to an SD card for storage. Viewing angle for the front is 139 degrees, while the rear is 140 degrees. >>> Check on Amazon

The DR590 does not have built-in WiFi so you’ll need to remove the SD card to inspect videos.

DR590W-2CH Features

BlackVue DR590W-2ch

The DR590W is the same camera set as the DR590. It has the same lenses, chipsets, resolution, and viewing angles. The only difference is the inclusion of built-in WiFi. This lets you access files remotely, so long as you are within range of the device. Despite built-in WiFi, the DR590W is not cloud compatible, so you won’t be able to access files remotely.  >>> Check on Amazon

Installation, Set-up, and Access

Physically, the two models are identical. The only difference is the model number, so installation and set-up are identical regardless of which model you choose.

Installation couldn’t be more simple. The front camera includes a sticky pad that mounts to your windshield right behind the rearview mirror. This makes it virtually invisible from either front or rear. Degree notches on the camera housing let you set the angle easily.

The camera gets power from a 12v accessory plug, or the unit can be hard-wired into your vehicle’s electrical system. Hard-wiring or the use of a remote battery is necessary to record parking events when the car is turned off. A microSD card slot is on one end along with control buttons.

The rear camera is similarly simple to set up. It sticks to the rear window and connects to the front camera with a 3.5mm accessory cable. Installers can tuck the wiring into the vehicle interior trim to hide the cables easily. You can set the rear camera up to look out the rear of the car or flip it around and have an inside view.

Set-up is also very straight-forward. Once the cameras are plugged in and the SD card is installed, powering up the vehicle will begin recording. LED lights on the camera will indicate the status, letting you know the unit is working. When you want to view videos, simply eject the SD card and access it on your computer (Windows and Mac compatible).

On start-up, the camera will automatically begin recording in normal mode. It switches to event mode in the case of an impact and switches to parking mode when the car is off.

BlackVue DR590 vs Dr590W- So What’s the Difference?

The DR590W includes built-in WiFi so you can access video recordings without removing the SD card. This is a nice feature that doesn’t seem like a big deal until you actually start using the camera. The ability to quickly and easily download footage to your phone rather than having to disable the camera is totally worth it. It’s just so much more convenient than removing the card every time you want to look at a video. Click here for our more detailed BlackVue DR590W review


  • Both cameras offer excellent video quality
  • Event capture recording is extremely good
  • Slim profile makes the unit virtually invisible when installed


  • Both cameras have a significant amount of wiring to run which can make installation take a long time
  • Video file compression is not great
  • Similar features and appearance make it hard to differentiate between the DR590 and 590W


Dash cams are wonderful things to have. Not only does a dash cam give you proof of how an accident happened, it also lets you share those bizarre moments when random things happen. The price-point of the DR590-series means it’s going to be a popular option, and BlackVue smartly packs these cameras with the essential features you need. The cameras themselves are attractive and well-built. Most users are going to want to spend the extra few dollars to get


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