BlackVue DR590X Review

By installing a Blackvue DR590X dashcam (>>> Check on Amazon) in their vehicle, drivers can take additional precautions to protect themselves from false liability claims if they are involved in an accident or in case of a vehicle break-in. In addition, this dash cam will provide you protection for your vehicle when you are not present and the vehicle is parked.

Important DR590X Dash Cam Features:

BlackVue DR590X-2CH
Resolution1920×1080 30FPS
View angle139 degree
Built-in Wi-FiNo
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity256 GB
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When choosing a dashcam to install in your vehicle there are several features that your choice should include:

Image Quality

The dashcam should record video that is of a clear and sharp quality under different lighting and weather conditions. The DR590X-2CH front and rear cameras both record in full HD 1080p. The front camera also has a Sony STARVIS image sensor that produces higher quality video under low light conditions. Both cameras also record at a rate of 30 frames per second (30fps).

Viewing Angle

Naturally, the wider the angle of view the camera is capable of, the more detail can be captured in the video clip. For the DR590X-2CH, both cameras have a wide viewing angle of 139°. This wide viewing angle will cover more area and provide better details to either side of an event without causing any video distortion.


BlackVue DR590X-2CH connections

The DR950X has built-in WiFi that will connect you to the BlackVue App. With the simple touch of a button you can turn the WiFi on or off or set it to auto turn on or auto turn off. It also has a USB port that enables you to connect to an external GPS receiver or a LTE-M and GPS receiver. This will add speed and location information to the recorded files. The BlackVue App, which is free to download, supports both iOS and Android and will allow you remotely view camera footage from anywhere. You can also use the app to adjust settings or transfer files to your mobile device or tablet.

Parking Mode

By hardwiring the cameras to your vehicle electrical system (hardwiring cable included) you can keep your vehicle safe while it is parked. The dash cam will automatically switch to the parking mode when the ignition is turned off. If impact or motion is detected, the camera will include about 10 seconds of video before and after the triggering event has occurred. When the camera exit the parking mode it will inform you of any events were recorded while you were away. There is a voltage cutoff and timer setting for the parking mode that can be adjusted through the BlackVue App.

File Storage

The DR590X comes standard with a 32GB MicroSD card that will store about 12 hours of video. Once the card is full, it will use loop recording to overwrite older files. This BlackVue dash cam will allow you to “lock” up to 50 files from being overwritten to protect and save important event clips. At your option, you can upgrade the MicroSD card to the 256GB size.

Impact and Motion Detection

While driving, if your DR590X detects an impact or a sudden change in speed, it will automatically tag those files for easy identification. When in parking mode the camera will start recording if it detects motion either in front or rear of the vehicle.


The BlackVue DR590X-2CH is easy to install in your vehicle. The front unit attaches to the windshield just behind the rear view mirror. The unit’s flat black case makes it virtually invisible to anyone passing by your vehicle. Simply plug it into an accessory power outlet and it will automatically start recording when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on. Consumers also rave that BlackVue’s customer service is second to none, which is important if you need help with any aspect of the system’s operation. (>>> Check current price on Amazon)