BlackVue DR750X Review

The most important reason to own a dash camera is protection. Scam artists abound and they have absolutely no qualms at falsely accusing you of some wrong doing involving your driving in an attempt to get money from you and your insurance company. Or maybe you have left your car parked somewhere and when you return to it, your car has been damaged by a hit and run driver, leaving you to pay for the damage. Owning the BlackVue DR750X-2CH dash cam can prevent incidents like these from costing you time defending yourself in court or losing a big chunk of your hard-earned money. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Review of Main Specs:

BlackVue DR750X-2CH
Resolution (front)1920×1080 @60FPS
View angle139 °
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking modeYes
Maximum capacity256 GB
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The Essential Features of High-quality Dash Cameras

Auto Start and Loop Recording – Every dash cam should have loop recording. This means that once your storage is full, the camera will begin overwriting the oldest files so that you never have to manually delete the older files to keep the camera recording. Auto start means that the camera will start as soon as you turn on your car’s ignition. The last thing you need is to miss recording an important event because you forgot to turn the camera on.

GPS Technology – The camera needs to be able to display the exact location in which the recording took place. Having GPS technology also means that your vehicle speed will also be embedded in the video file, adding additional proof of what took place.

Impact Detection/Event Tagging – A good dash cam should have a G-sensor. A G-sensor picks up on bumps, impacts, or sudden increases or decreases in your vehicle’s speed, and starts a video recording, usually a few seconds before and after any event that takes place.

Buffered Parking Mode – Another must have feature of a quality dash cam is a good parking mode of operation. And it should be a buffered parking mode. Being buffered means that the camera keeps a video record in its memory from a few seconds just before and after an event takes place. The record of the event will be held in the camera’s memory even if it is not stored to a microSD card.

BlackVue DR750X Review

All you need to do is unpack the DR750X and plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and you are ready to go. It will power itself on as soon as you start to drive and stop recording when you turn off the ignition. It’s that easy.

The DR750X’s front camera records full HD video at 60fps, which will produce video footage that is smooth and sharp, with less blurring. This allows you to play back video, even in slow motion, without any loss of detail. The rear camera records full HD video at 30fps only. Both cameras have a 139° wide-angle field of view and use the 2.1 megapixels SONY STARVIS sensor.


  • Dual channel coverage of front and rear
  • Full HD
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Impact notifications


  • Doesn’t record in 4K
  • No display screen

If you worry about theft, vandalism, or hit-and-run, BlackVue’s Intelligent Parking Mode has got your vehicle covered. The buffered parking feature has motion and impact G-sensors that will cause either camera to start a recording if they detect a bump or any movement around your car when you are absent. The system will enter into parking mode as soon as the ignition is turned off. They will record at only 1fps to save storage space until an event occurs. The DR750X has a built-in voltage monitoring so that it doesn’t drain your battery when in its parking mode. (To use parking mode, the cameras need to be hard-wired into your vehicle’s electrical system.)

BlackVue DR750X-2CH in the box

With Cloud connectivity, the DR750X allows you to remotely access live-view, review previously recorded clips, and backup your video recordings. It will also push notifications of incidents to your smartphone and works with either iOS or Android operating systems. The BlackVue app is free to download.

The DR750X uses loop recording, overwriting older files when the memory becomes full. However, you can prevent up to 50 event recordings from being overwritten, so that you never lose important files.


Sometimes bad things happen that you cannot see coming and that you cannot control. If you are the owner of a quality dash camera and your car is involved in an accident or if someone is attempting to put forward a false claim against you,  you will have the evidence to keep them from getting away with it, or taking advantage of you. With a dash cam like the BlackVue DR750X, you can capture on video the evidence you need to prove your case. (>>> Check on Amazon)


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