BlackVue DR900X Plus Review

BlackVue DR900X Plus

The Blackvue DR900X Plus is the latest 4k Ultra-High Definition dash camera from this highly respected company. It incorporates tons of interesting and useful features without diluting the one thing that has made Blackvue such a respected company: high-quality dash camera images. This BlackVue DR900X Plus review will examine the features of this camera package and show you why it is worth it to pick up one of the industry leading cameras for your car, truck, or SUV (>>> Find the current price on Amazon).

BlackVue DR900X Plus Review of Main Specs:

BlackVue DR900X Plus
Resolution (front)3840x2160
View angle162°
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleYes
Maximum capacity256GB
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The design of the DR900X Plus is among our favorites on the market right now. The cylindrical front-facing camera is discreet, but also looks great. It is finished in a matte black plastic with golden metal trim that gives it a high-end look, but also lets it blend into the interior of your car so that you’ll forget that it is even there.

The package also includes a rear facing camera that is of a similar cylindrical design. It, too, is discreet, allowing you to have a nearly stealth camera package that ensures you can capture the images you need.

Front and Rear Resolution

The front camera captures one-minute video segments at an astounding 4k resolution. The 30 frames per second results in a reasonably smooth image that is also easy to pull stills from so that you can enlarge the image without losing quality. This is an essential feature when you are trying to prove the events of an accident or when you are trying to see important things up close.

A 5.14mp CMOS sensor on the front camera ensures that the images you capture are in the correct exposure and color, no matter what light you are in.

The rear camera captures video at 1080p and is a good quality camera. It uses a 2mp sensor and has the perfect wide angle view for almost any vehicle.


  • Looks great and has a discreet profile when installed
  • Simple to access video files without having to remove the camera


  • Parking mode files in time-lapse are very large
  • Limited night vision capabilities

Special Features

This camera is designed to ensure that you capture everything that is important in an image. This means it will automatically capture video footage when an event is detected and it will begin rolling the recording before, during, and after. A built-in lithium battery provides power to complete a video even if the electrical system in the car is completely destroyed in an accident.

Parking Mode

Using the included hardwire kit, you can set this camera up to record even when you aren’t driving. There are two settings, one that operates on a time lapse that is best used with a rechargeable battery pack and an event recording that works well when using the vehicles power. This feature ensures that if a car backs into you in a parking lot or some miscreant tries to break in in the middle of the night, you’ll have it recorded.

Cloud Connectivity and Wi-Fi

The DR900X has built-in Wi-Fi to enable you to download videos to your compatible smartphone so that you can view them remotely. You’ll still need to be fairly close to the camera when using this feature, but it makes accessing files very convenient.

BlackVue also offers a limited free Cloud subscription that lets you remotely access files. You can purchase a membership to the Cloud service and unlock lots of other features.

GPS Built-in

BlackVue DR900X Plus

With the GPS always on, your video files are time, date, and location stamped to ensure that you can prove exactly what happened in the moments leading up to an accident. GPS also allows you to see the route you drove and offers other interesting features through the BlackVue app.

What’s in the Box?

BlackVue includes everything you need to get started. You’ll receive both front and rear cameras, power cables for both including a hardwire kit and an optional 12v power cable, along with tools for removing vehicle trim, cable guides that hold the wires in place, and a MicroSD card that is good enough to get you started.


This has been one of our favorite cameras and has been in our long-term test vehicle for several months now with very few problems. It captures stunning high-def videos in day time and does a remarkably good job of adjusting for low light and adverse weather conditions, even rain and fog.

We highly recommend this product to our friends and family because it looks great, works even better, and won’t leave you out if an accident happens (>>> Check on Amazon).