Escort Max 3 Review

Escort Max 3

Installing and using the Escort Max 3 radar detector in your vehicle should not be done just so you can drive at ridiculous speeds and get away with it.

When used properly, the Max 3 can enhance your driving safety by reminding you of speed considerations while your mind is on a dozen other things, like that ringing cell phone, or that hot cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich you picked up at the drive-thru on your way in to work.  >>> Check current price on

Escort Max 3 Review of Main Specs:

Escort Max 3
RangeExtreme long range
Built-in GPSYes
DisplayMulti-color OLED
False FilterIn-Vehicle Filtering Technology
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
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Escort Max 3 Features

This new Escort detector includes features that allow you to be a “connected” driver, one who is aware of the not only police activity, but accidents, speed and red light cameras, and all kinds of other road hazards.

Long Range Detection and Fantastic Accuracy – the Max 3 has Digital Signal Processing (DPS) technology that makes it capable of detecting radar signals at greater distances than ever before and it has improved IVT filtering to block out the false alerts caused by new car collision avoidance systems. The Max 3 is also exceptional at detecting police instant-on radar units.

GPS Lockouts – today, a radar detector without GPS technology is just a beeping distraction fastened to your windshield, constantly false alerting for automatic door opening systems, garage door openers, and security lights with motion sensors. Having this GPS capability allows the Escort Max 3 to “Auto Learn” the locations of those areas and then lock out the annoying stationary false alerts that those radar systems cause. After several times passing these locations, the Max 3 will “learn” them and simply display a “Stored” message on the display when those types of stationary radars are encountered.

Sensitivity Settings – adjustable sensitivities make it easy to program this detector to better fit your normal driving style and conditions. There are four settings to choose from:

  • Auto: reduces low speed sensitivity of X and K bands for in town driving then automatically increases sensitivity at faster highway speeds
  • AutoNoX: disables X-band completely
  • AutoLoK: reduces K-band sensitivity regardless of your driving speed
  • Highway: provides maximum sensitivity at all times

Escort Live App – with the Max 3’s built-in Bluetooth technology, you can use this app with your Android or iOS smart phone to connect you to the Escort community of drivers and share live update information concerning the changing locations of speed traps, red light cameras, and other types of road hazards. The app also allows you to fine tune the Max 3’s various settings, like display brightness and color, the types of alert tones the unit makes, over speed alerts, and many more customizable features.

Magnetic Mounting – attach the suction-cup mount to your windshield and the Max 3 magnetically attaches to the mount. This makes it easier than ever to detach the detector and store it away when it is not being used or you exit your vehicle. Just tilt the detector and slide it into the suction-cup mount and the magnet will hold it firmly in place. To remove it, just lift the display and the magnet will release.


  • Extreme long range
  • Accurate detection
  • GPS technology that auto-learns stationary radar locations
  • EZ Mag mount
  • Decreased false alerting for CAS in newer vehicles
  • Over speed alerting


  • Somewhat on the expensive side
  • Updating cable not included
  • Reports of excessive vibration in the suction-cup mount
  • No directional arrows to indicate threat location

Escort Max 3 Set


The Escort Max 3 is easy to set-up and has extremely long range detection capability. Priced around $400, it is more expensive than some of the other detectors out there, but it is worth every penny. >>> Buy Directly from EscortRadar It works exceptionally well at detecting speed-traps and speed cameras, and its GPS function will automatically “learn” and lock out the stationary radar systems that you commonly pass on your day to day driving, eliminating many commonly occurring false alerts. The included Escort Live app with Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to stay up-to-date on current road conditions with the rest of the Escort driving community. Overall, the Max 3 is an excellent radar detector and is worthy of your consideration when choosing a radar detector.