ESCORT MAXcam 360c Review

Two pieces of equipment that are essential for protecting yourself while you drive are radar detectors and dash cameras. In the past, you’d have to purchase separate components to provide the level of coverage you need. Escort has now introduced a revolutionary radar detector and camera package that is all-in-one. This Escort MAXcam 360C review will show you the unique combination of features that make this one of the most interesting additions to the radar detector and dash cam markets. (>>> Check on Escortradar)

ESCORT MAXcam 360c Review of Main Specs:

ESCORT MAXcam 360c
Resolution2560 x 1440p @ 30 FPS
RangeExtreme Range
Built-in GPSYes
DisplayMulti-Color OLED
False Alert FilteringYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityNo
Price Find on EscortRadar

Combining technologies has lots of risk. Most of the time, combined tech results in two systems that don’t work very well. We will take a look at the features of the MAXcam 360C and determine whether it can meet your needs.

Escort Radar Detector Technology

There are lots of brands out there that claim to have excellent radar technology, but few of those companies can back it up with real-world examples of success. If you’ve ever used an ESCORT detector in the past, you know that the detectors they make are top-notch.

The MAXcam 360C uses the top tech from the company’s flagship radar detector to ensure that you have 360-degree protection from incoming threats including X, K, KA band, as well as advanced technologies like laser and TSR. That means that no matter what type of radar law enforcement in your area is using, you’ll know about it long before the cops have an opportunity to get you.

Machine Learning

ESCORT MAXcam 360C allows some of the best learning tech around. ESCORT uses patented auto-learning technology that constantly adjusts the alerts of threats to identify signals you don’t need to know about, while enhancing the ability of the detector to quickly let you know when a real threat exists.


  • Seamless integration of dash cam and radar detector
  • Advanced learning tech prevents unnecessary alerts


  • Not as effective as the Redline 360C detector
  • Some limited functionality due to dual apps

ESCORT Community

On top of the auto learning features, ESCORT offers an advanced community of users that lets the devices share alerts and threats among other users to provide a network of security to protect you from radar threats. The community of users greatly enhances the functionality of the detector and makes it easier for you to quickly identify threats.

IVT Filter

Every year, new cars have more access to technology to enhance driver safety. Many of these features use radar signals to alert drivers who aren’t paying attention, drift out of their lane, or don’t see stopped traffic ahead. Unfortunately, many detectors have a hard time differentiating from these signals, which can get very annoying for drivers. ESCORT uses advanced IVT filtering to eliminate nearly all false signals from driver alert systems, giving you a quieter ride and more confidence that a signal is in fact a threat.

Dash Cam Tech

The thing that really makes this radar detector stand out from the crowd is the fact that a dash cam has been integrated into the unit. The camera shoots impressive QHD-quality video from a compact, front-facing camera. This means you’ll capture all sorts of possible dangers and the video can be essential when you are involved in an accident.

The dash cam features loop recording and captures 1-minute video files that overwrite older files. Files are stored on an included MicroSD card.


ESCORT MAXcam 360c in the box

Currently, the MAXcam 360C has limited functionality for use with the Escort Live app, giving you access to some settings and controls. All other functionality will be incorporated into the new Drive Smarter app that is currently under development.


If you are looking for the ultimate in protection, the MAXcam 360C is an excellent way to incorporate advanced dash camera technology and advanced radar detection in one easy-to-use device. The ESCORT MAXcam 360C is an excellent option for drivers that need the best of both worlds and aren’t willing to compromise. We think this is a great new design that will spawn numerous other options on the market in the near future. (>>> Check the current price on Escortradar)


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