Escort Maxcam 360C vs Redline 360C

Escort Maxcam 360C vs Redline 360C

There are a number of devices on the market these days that can offer a safer driving experience. Two of the most popular devices are dash cams and radar detectors. A dash cam can capture the action when something goes awry, while a radar detector can alert you to speed traps, red light cameras, and Johnny Law. The Redline 360C is one of the better radar detectors on the market, but you’ll also need to add a dash cam for the ultimate in security. That’s where the Escort Maxcam 360C comes in. It combines all of the best features of the Redline 360C along with a front-facing dash cam. We recommend picking up the Maxcam 360C for the ultimate in driver safety (>>>Check its pricing on Escortradar).

Escort Maxcam 360C vs Redline 360C Side by Side:

Escort Maxcam 360CESCORT Redline 360C
Resolution2560 x 1440p @ 30 FPSN/A
RangeExtreme RangeExtremely long range
Built-in GPSYesYes
DisplayMulti-Color OLEDOLED
False Alert FilteringYesYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYesYes
Bluetooth connectivityNoYes
Price Find on EscortRadar Find on Amazon

Find on EscortRadar

Similar Features: Escort Maxcam 360C vs Redline 360C

These two products share many features. The Redline 360C is the flagship radar detector from Escort and incorporates the latest in technology to provide drivers with a 360-degree bubble of detection capabilities. It also features the longest range detection in the industry, often alerting drivers about radar signals several miles before encountering the source.

Escort provides drivers with the fastest processing speeds possible, up to 25 times faster than previous designs, ensuring you have plenty of time to slow down, or make the determination that the radar signal isn’t something you need to be concerned about, such as driver assistance systems, automatic doors, or other non-threats.

Escort also provides a user-updatable database system that allows Escort users to input known threats like red light cameras, speed traps, and other information that drivers will find useful. The community also helps to reduce false alerts by inputting sources of radar that are not a threat.

Both devices are also compatible with the advanced Laser Shifter Detector devices that can alert you to the presence of the latest speed detection technology in use by cops.

Key Differences

There are two differences between the Maxcam 360C and the Redline 360C. The Redline 360C offers drivers stealth mode that prevents law enforcement from using technology to detect the radar detector and use that as probable cause to initiate a traffic stop. The Maxcam 360C does not offer this technology.

Instead, the Maxcam 360C offers a high-quality front-facing dash camera that is seamlessly incorporated into the overall design. This provides extensive protection and allows drivers to capture the images of an accident for insurance purposes.

While it is certainly possible to add a separate dash cam to your radar detector, before long, your windshield will start to look like an FBI agent’s car. Plus, you’ll have wires running all over the vehicle, presenting hazards and draining the car’s battery. If you are wanting to have both a high-quality and accurate radar detector and a dash cam, the Escort Maxcam 360C is the perfect choice.

Escort Redline 360C

ESCORT Redline 360C

The Escort Redline 360C is one of the most popular radar detectors on the market. It is popular with drivers ranging from commercial truckers to road warriors because of its long range, accuracy, and ability to limit false alerts you don’t need to hear about.

Extreme Long Range

Lots of manufacturers like to boast about the long range detection abilities of their radar detectors. Escort isn’t joking around with theirs. This detector will capture signals from two to three miles away under ideal conditions and usually works great even when conditions are not ideal.

Advanced False Alert Filtering

There is nothing worse than a radar detector that constantly beeps. Its like having a car alarm that goes off all the time. Sooner or later, you’ll stop paying attention and that’s when you get in trouble. The Escort Redline 360C learns as it works, constantly reducing false alerts and limiting the times it alarms for no reason. Click here for our more in-depth Escort Redline 360C review.


  • Excellent range and false alert filtering
  • Provides 360-degree radar detection protection
  • Stealth mode


  • Can be difficult to set up properly

Escort Maxcam 360C

Escort Maxcam 360C

The Maxcam 360C incorporates almost all of the features of the Redline 360C with the exception of stealth mode. Otherwise it is the same detector technology with extreme range, lightning fast response time, and user updatable databases.

The feature you really want when buying this system is the front-facing camera. The camera uses an advanced Sony STARVIS sensor and an Ambarella SoC chip that combine to offer crisp video even in low light conditions. This ensures that you don’t miss the details you need like license plates or whether a driver was using a cell phone when the crash happened.

The camera has built-in Wi-Fi that makes accessing the videos a piece of cake while ensuring that you don’t have to mess with the MicroSD card. The camera even has parking mode functionality that detects impacts and begins recording even when the car is parked. For our more in-depth Maxcam 360C review, click here.


  • Combines the best features of the Redline 360C with a dash cam
  • Easy to use, mount, and device is discreet


  • No rear facing camera
  • No stealth mode


The obvious choice for most people is going to be the Escort Maxcam 360C (>>> Find on Escortradar). It combines almost all of the great features of the Redline 360C with a high-quality dash camera. While the overall image quality isn’t as high as some of the better dash cams on the market, this is the only one we’ve seen that also offers a radar detector. We think it’s a great buy.

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