Escort Redline 360C vs Uniden R7

Radar detectors can help you identify speed traps and give you a heads up when police are actively searching for speeders. A budget radar detector isn’t going to offer you the performance you are looking for. You’ll want to step up to a flagship model when you are serious about avoiding speeding tickets and you don’t want to have to slow down. We bring you the Escort Redline 360C vs Uniden R7 so you can pick the best option for your driving style. Both options offer superior range, a full suite of detection modes, and 360-degree alerts. We think the Uniden R7 is probably the better choice for most people(>>> Find on Amazon).

Escort Redline 360C vs Uniden R7 Side by Side:

Escort Redline 360CUniden R7
RangeExtremely long rangeInsane Long Range
Built-in GPSYesYes
DisplayOLEDMulti-color OLED
False FilterAI Assisted, updateable IVT FilterAdvanced K /KA Band Filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesNo
Speed-based Auto MuteYesYes
Bluetooth connectivityYesNo
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As the flagship designs for each of these respectable companies, these two devices offer the most extensive list of features. We are going to discuss the similarities between these two radar detectors and show you why we think the R7 from Uniden is simply a better value for the money.


Both devices offer a full-color OLED display that indicates the type of band detected, signal strength, your current speed, and the direction from which the radar or laser signal is detected. Both displays are clean and simple to understand. We prefer the display of the Uniden R7 due to slightly more readability due to larger numerals.

Arrow indicators on the Uniden R7 are big, bold, and easy to notice at a glance. The indicators for the Escort are smaller and located at the edges of the screen. While they are easy to notice due to the location, we found that the Uniden was just faster to recognize while driving.

The Escort Redline 360C has a wonderful speed warning system that shows you the speed you are driving and the posted speed limit. That makes it fast and simple to understand exactly what is going on when you are driving. The Uniden shows you your speed but uses an audible warning to indicate when you are going too fast. It isn’t quite as good as the Escort design but works just fine. It’s a small difference that only takes a minute to get used to, but the difference could be a feature you really want.


Escort Redline 360C

Escort places all of the buttons on the top of the unit. You’ll find sensitivity (SEN), brightness (BRT), Mute, Mark, and volume up and down. The configuration is okay, but the cluster of buttons on top of the device isn’t always easy to use. Entering the menu mode -for example- requires that you push two buttons simultaneously which is something you shouldn’t be doing while driving.

The Uniden R7 keeps things simple. On top of the unit you’ll find volume up and down, Mute, and On/Off. Brightness and user Mark buttons are located on the drivers side of the unit, making it easy to quickly press the needed buttons while driving without taking your eyes off the road. This makes for a faster, more user-friendly experience that we prefer in testing.

Escort Redline 360C


  • Accurate and fast radar detection particularly from front-aimed signals
  • Excellent app and community of users


  • Lots of reliability issues right out of the box
  • Buttons are clustered on top of the unit making it difficult to use while driving

Mounting Bracket

Uniden R7

While this may seem like one of the least important features of a radar detector, you’d be surprised by how frustrating it can be to use a device with a garbage mount. Escort uses their single-suction EZ MAG mount. It secures the detector using magnetic force, making it fast and simple to remove and install. For our more in-depth review of Redline 360c click here.

Uniden uses a simple snap-fit single suction cup mount. A release latch on the top of the unit lets you remove it easily while installation is just a snap. We like this mount design and when used in a rough-riding truck, it proves to hold the detector more stable. Both designs seem to work well and hold up over time, so this one is kind of a preference thing. We’d say that the difference isn’t enough to justify purchasing one over the other.

Uniden R7


  • Highly accurate, reliable, and dependable
  • Simple to use while driving
  • Quick and easy updates


  • Expensive price to pay for a unit that doesn’t offer a ton of features over lower-priced units


Now it’s time to get into what really makes these devices worth spending big bucks on. There are literally hundreds of detectors out there for better prices, so you’ll want to know that you are getting the best technology when spending this amount of money.

Detection Range and Speed

Uniden and Escort advertise these units as having longer-than-average range for detecting threats. In testing, both units perform exceptionally well. Both designs use dual antennas to provide 360-degree alerts. In testing under ideal conditions (flat, clear, and dry) the units both picked up signals from at least one mile away. Under normal driving conditions, you’ll find that these two are very similar in detection range and speed.

Built-in digital signal processors means that you’ll get an alert about the status of a threat faster than with less-expensive designs. We couldn’t find any difference in the speed of detection from one unit to the next, making this kind of a draw between the two, a not-so-surprising conclusion considering the extremely high prices. Related comparison: Uniden R8 vs Escort Redline 360C

GPS and WiFI

BUilt-in GPS is an essential feature for a great radar detector. GPS allows the unit to remember locations where false alarms happen and also allows for the unit to intelligently predict and alert you to fixed threats like speed cameras, red light cameras, and speed monitoring devices. Both devices use an app and user input to record and document known threats. GPS will also log regular alarms on the route you most regularly drive.

WiFi serves an excellent purpose. A WiFi connection lets you keep your device up to date to identify new threats and update the alert logs. This is important for false alarm filtering that must take into account the constantly changing codes used by auto manufacturers for driver assist features.


Here is where the Uniden R7 really beats out the Escort 360C. Click here for our more in-depth Uniden R7 review. Tons and tons of buyers have reported that the Escort simply locks up, leaving you unaware of your vulnerability. It doesn’t make sense to spend this kind of money on a device that may or may not work without warning. Uniden built a reputation for reliability when they made the R3, and the R7 is just as good if not better. Escort, on the other hand, had lots of reliability problems with the previous model that seem to have been carried over into this design.


If you are looking to add a radar detector to your arsenal and you want the very best product on the market, go with Uniden R7. It provides the features you want in an attractive design that is easy to use. We found very few issues with the R7 and it handled most situations we tested it in with five-stars. (>>>Check its pricing on Uniden)