Escort Redline EX Review

When you begin your online search for a radar detector, you will more than likely find more than one list of the best detectors on the market listing Escort as one of the top manufacturers.

The Escort Redline EX just may be one of the finest laser radar detectors they have ever created. In this review we will dig into the Redline EX’s features, pros, and cons to show why it is considered to be so good at what it does (>>> Check on Amazon).

Escort Redline EX Review of Main Specs:

Escort Redline EX
RangeExtreme Long Range
Built-in GPSYes
False FilterIVT filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
PriceFind on Amazon

Detection and Range

The Redline EX can accurately detect all bands of radar, X, K, and Ka, and lasers from ¾ of a mile away and occasionally even farther, depending on the terrain. Other radar detectors are out there that boast of longer range, but the important aspect here is “accurately”. You need to be able to trust your radar detector when it sounds an alert, and you can with the EX. About the only negative is that there are no directional arrows to show where the threat is in relation to your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Detects laser and X, K, Ka radar bands
  • 100% stealthy operation
  • GPS technology with AutoLearn function
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Advanced IVT filtering and AutoSensitivity
  • Long range detection
  • Voice Alerts
  • Quick-release magnetic mount
  • Escort Live app

Stealthy Operation

The Redline EX comes with Escort’s TotalShield technology. It is virtually invisible to police radar detector detectors, known as RDDs. This is important to drivers who commonly pass through localities and states where using a radar detector may be illegal. In fact, the EX is known as the “King of Invisibility”. The only thing that may not make this detector invisible is its physical size . It is large enough to be spotted in your windshield as you pass by a patrol car.


  • Accurate long-range detection
  • Invisible to RDDs
  • Front and rear antennas for increased sensitivity and provide 360° protection
  • Minimizes false alerts
  • Easy to read OLED display


  • No directional arrows
  • Unit’s larger size
  • No Wi-Fi

GPS with AutoLearn and IVT Filtering

There are few things in life more annoying than having your radar detector sound an alert as you pass by that same drugstore or same supermarket on your way to work every day. With the EX’s AutoLearn feature, it will “learn” to ignore these stationary types of radar signals automatically.

Escort’s improved IVT filtering now does a better job of ignoring false alerts being emitted by Blind Spot Monitoring and Collision Avoidance systems by today’s newer vehicles. The Reline EX is also equipped with AutoSensitivity, it will decrease or increase its sensitivity depending on where you are driving, through town or out on the highway, without you having to touch it.

Voice Alerts and Escort Live App

Escort Redline EX in the box

The EX has an OLED display with five levels of brightness to choose from. By including voice alerts, Escort makes sure that drivers never has to take their eyes off the road to see why the EX is sounding an alert. With built-in Bluetooth  connectivity (Wi-Fi isn’t supported) you are able to tie into the Escort Live app and receive or report live updates about speed traps, red light cameras, or other hazardous road conditions both to and from other Escort radar detector owners.

Another alert the Redline EX can provide is over-speed warnings. You can manually set the amount of mph above the speed limit that you want to be warned about, and the detector will keep you informed if you exceed that speed variance.


The Redline EX is not cheap by any standard, priced around $600, but you get what you pay for. It does a great job of blocking out those annoying false alerts and it is virtually invisible to radar detector detectors. Besides, what will be the cost of receiving a speeding ticket and then having your insurance company jack your insurance rate up. Maybe that $600 price doesn’t seem all that expensive after all (>>> Check the current on Amazon).