Fox 2.0 Shocks F150 Review

Fox 2.0 Shocks

The Ford F150 4×4 is a great truck that is equally at home on a jobsite, on a trail or roaming around the parking lot at the home improvement store. The factory shock absorbers are decent, but they are not designed for truly tough use. Drivers of the F150 often find the suspension to be rough and uncomfortable to handle on bumpy trails and job sites. Upgrading the shocks is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to improve both on and off-road driving characteristics. Today, we’ll look at the Fox 2.0 shocks F150 review and give you the details you need to determine whether this is the best shock for your truck. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Fox 2.0 Shocks F150 Review of Main Specs:

Fox 2.0 Shocks
Manufacturer Part Number‎SIA19033198
Model Years2014-2016
Item Weight (pounds)65
Latest PriceFind on Amazon

If you’ve spent any time looking under the wheel wells of lifted, performance off-road trucks, you’ve undoubtedly seen Fox shocks. The aluminum bodies and distinctive logo speak volumes about the capabilities of this highly-regarded product. Fox 2.0 shocks are the latest development that offers tunability for on-road driving and the ability to easily adjust the travel for lifted trucks.

What’s Included?

This kit includes shocks for the front and rear of the 2014-2016 Ford F150 4×4. The front shocks include adjustable coil-over construction that enhances the dampening effect and allows for adjustment to compensate for variations in the geometry, for example, when a lift kit is installed. Rear shocks are also included. These are a gas-charged strut design that reduces the vibration and lurching motion typical of stock shocks.

You’ll find shocks for both front and rear along with all the necessary hardware to install the kit on your truck. The kit is intended for DIY installation and can be done in just a few hours using basic tools and a good-quality instruction manual. Many buyers referred to online installation videos to learn the right way to install these shocks.


  • An incredible upgrade for stock trucks that see time off-road and drivers who want better performance
  • Excellent-looking product that is as high-quality as it gets
  • Installation doesn’t require modifications to the trucks suspension


  • Lower A-Arm bolt must be removed and typically requires an impact gun
  • Hardware is adequate for the kit, but not the highest quality

How Do They Work?

The front shocks are constructed of extruded aluminum that is both durable and corrosion resistant. The design ensures that you’ll get years of use out of these shocks without failure. Uniquely-designed upper mounts use an advanced composite bushing to isolate the shock and prevent unwanted vibration and significantly less noise than stock.

Ride height is adjustable using a locking ring that has built-in preload to prevent sudden changes when used in harsh environments. The ride height must be set on the shock prior to installation, so be sure to measure accurately before installing. If the shock has too much travel, the results won’t be what you are looking to get. F150 trucks that have more than two-inches of lift in the front should contact Fox prior to ordering to ensure proper fitment.

Ride Angle

The Fox 2.0 shock kit is intended to provide a level stance when parked on a flat surface. The shocks eliminate the awkward factory look and help to provide better clearance for larger-than-stock tires and wheels. Adjustable ride height allows you to tailor the look and dampening ability to your particular driving style. If you own the 2WD F-150, read this buyers guide: Best Shocks for Ford F150 2WD

Overall Impressions

Fox 2.0 Shocks

If you’ve never experienced a truck that uses Fox shocks, you are in for a treat. Fox builds excellent quality parts that are easy to install and work amazingly well. You’ll experience smoother around-town driving in your truck with more predictable steering motion when you hit pot holes and a significant jump in handling ability off-road.

Not only will this shock kit enhance the driveability of your truck, it also provides an unmistakable performance look with the bright polished aluminum shocks visible in your wheel well.


Upgrading the shocks in your F150 will transform the ride quality, give you better handling and control, and improve the appearance of your truck. This Fox 2.0 coil-over kit is one of the best products on the market because it gives dependable results and offers high-quality components that are designed to take a beating. (>>> Check the current on Amazon)