Kingslim D4 4k Review

Kingslim D4 4k

A dash cam is only as good as it’s resolution. Low-res video often distorts images, making it impossible to see small details that can have a huge impact on the outcome of personal injury lawsuits resulting from car crashes. High-resolution dash cameras are often very expensive, putting them out of reach of many of the people who can benefit most from excellent quality footage. This Kingslim D4 4k review will give you the details you need to determine whether this low-cost option is the right choice for you. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

Kingslim D4 4k Review of Main Specs:

Kingslim D4 4k
Resolution4k front camera (3840x2160), 2.5k rear camera (1920x1080)
View angle170 degree front angle, 150 degree rear angle
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity256 GB
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The camera starts out with an excellent front-facing camera that captures images at an astounding 4k resolution. The videos are smooth and clear, giving you the best defense against other drivers and police officers who aren’t honest. The front camera captures wide-angle images of 170 degrees to ensure you get maximum coverage.

Touchscreen Control

Many budget cameras are a struggle to use because you can’t easily access videos without removing the Micro SD card. The D4 gives you the ability to view images on a three-inch diagonal touch screen that is built into the front camera. You can play videos, access GPS information, and download videos from the touch screen.

High-End Lens Technology

Unlike other budget cameras, the D4 uses a six-layer lens to ensure that images are always in focus. The complex lens arrangement provides crystal clear videos in all types of weather and helps the camera record clear images in less-than-ideal situations.

Sony STARVIS Sensor with HiSilicone Processor

In order to get the most out of a camera, the device needs a high-quality processor. Kingslim opted to use the Sony STARVIS set that is industry-recognized as one of the most optimal processors around. The chipset allows for clear images in all light conditions and gives you smooth, stutter-free videos.


  • High-quality video resolution makes this an ideal choice
  • Easy-to-use app makes viewing files simple
  • Built-in GPS logger makes the camera an excellent security system


  • Low bitrate makes 4k videos fuzzy
  • No way to stop recording or stop GPS logging

Rear Camera Capabilities

The rear-facing camera connects to the front camera using a wire that is routed through the interior trim. The camera shoots in 1080p and can alternatively be set to shoot in QHD mode by reducing the front camera frame rate. The combination of resolutions gives this camera set an impressive ability to capture fine details from both front and rear.

GPS Logger

Many cameras require that you purchase a separate module for including GPS data. The Kingslim D4 has GPS logging capabilities built in with nothing to connect or purchase separately. The GPS data is embedded into each video file so you’ll know exactly where you were when a video is captured. Time, speed, and other data are also included on the recording giving you the most important information for proving the events of an incident.

Night Vision

The camera takes advantage of light emitting diodes in an infrared wavelength to enhance low-light video taking capabilities. Only the front camera uses the IR diodes. The rear camera relies on the aperture and chipset to generate night images as is standard in the industry.

Storing and Accessing Videos

Kingslim D4 4k in the box

The camera uses a Micro SD card up to 256GB to store video files. You’ll need a special type of card for this camera that is called a Class 10, U3 card. The manufacturer recommends a card from Samsung. No card is included with the camera. The camera will loop-record on the disc, so that you won’t lose data when the card is full.

Built-in WiFi allows you to access videos wirelessly when in range of the camera. The camera uses a brand-new app that is a significant improvement over the previous design. The new app is called the KINGSLIM app and replaces the ROADCAM app.


The Kingslim D4 is an all-around good option for a mid-priced camera. The unit is easy to install with cables that are long enough for most vehicles including SUVs. The screen can be somewhat distracting when driving, but is also the easiest way to watch video clips. The camera is a good combination of accuracy and functionality and will make an excellent security option for most drivers. (>>> Check on Amazon)