Nextbase 522GW vs 322GW

Nextbase 522GW vs Nextbase 322GW

Law enforcement and commercial trucking companies have been using dash cameras for a lengthy period of time. Now, passenger vehicle owners are embracing dash cams as well. A dashcam will help preserve that stunning scenery from your road trip as well as provide evidence of who was at fault in the event of an accident. Several insurance companies now offer a policy discount to drivers that have a dash cam in their vehicle.

In this review we will compare two popular cameras from Nextbase, the 522 GW and the 322GW. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Nextbase 522GW vs Nextbase 322GW side by side:

Nextbase 522GWNextbase 322GW
Resolution (front)1440p 60FPS1080p 60fps
View angle140 degree140 degree
Built-in Wi-FiYesYes
Built-in GPSYesYes
LTE ModuleYesNo
Maximum capacity128 GB128 GB
Price Find on Amazon Find on Amazon

Video Quality

You may not be producing a feature film but you want to be able to easily see recorded details that are clear and sharply defined. The camera needs to record at a minimum resolution of 1080p and be able to record in low light to dark conditions.

Better Camera for Video Quality: Nextbase 522GW

Storage Capacity

A video file is a large file. You need a camera that can handle a larger capacity microSD card so that there is adequate storage available. Most cameras offer loop recording, automatically overwriting older files. You don’t want yesterday’s recordings overwritten today, before you have a chance to view or share them.

Better Camera for Storage Capacity: Nextbase 522GW & Nextbase 322GW

Parking Mode

Let’s face it, you are usually away from your vehicle much longer than you are in it. A dash cam needs to have a parking mode, preferably a “buffered” mode, to keep watch over your vehicle while it is unattended.

Better Camera for Parking Mode: Nextbase 522GW

Built-in GPS Technology

Having GPS allows your camera to record where  and when an event took place. It also enables the camera to identify direction and speed of travel, which can be important if you need to defend yourself in a court of law.

Better Camera for GPS Technology: Nextbase 522GW & Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 522GW

Nextbase 522GW

The 522GW will record video in either 1440p at 30 frames per second (fps) or at 1080p at 60fps. Both settings deliver crisp, very detailed images. It will also record audio, but this can be switched off if you choose. While all dash cams struggle with low light recording or recording under poor weather conditions, the 522GW handles these situations better than most of their competition. We suggest setting the resolution at the lower 1080p setting when recording under these conditions.

The camera comes with two mounting options, a suction cup base or a sticky adhesive base. The camera attaches magnetically to either of these bases, which makes removing the camera easy to do when you need to store it out of sight or carry it into the house for downloading to your computer. Another great feature is that the power cord attaches to the mount rather than the camera. The mounting arm has a ball-and-socket joint so that you can easily adjust the recording angle of the camera. The camera’s field of view is a wide 140°.

The 522GW comes with Amazon Alexa voice control. You will be able to control certain camera functions like starting or stopping a recording, request directions, play music (through your car’s speakers), or make a phone call.

A new safety feature is has been added, Emergency SOS. When an accident is detected the dash cam will attempt to contact the driver first, and if it fails to connect with the driver, the camera will automatically contact emergency services and provide the vehicles current location. Emergency SOS can be pre-loaded with medical history, blood type, and next of kin information if you so desire.

Other features include Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi, and GPS technology. There is a 3-inch touch screen on the back of the camera making it easy to access the various camera functions. The 522GW will accept up to a 128GB microSD card.

There is the all-important parking mode that will activate once the ignition has been turned off. If the G-sensor detects a bump, the camera will record and save 3 minutes of video for each incident that is detected.

One downside that must be mentioned is that there is no loop recording. Once the microSD card is full the camera will not overwrite older files. The card will require reformatting before it will record again. Also, no microSD card is included with the system.


  • Outstanding image quality
  • Resolution can be either 1440 @ 30fps or 1080p @ 60fps
  • Built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, and WiFi
  • Emergency SOS (subscription required after 1st year)
  • Amazon Alexa voice connectivity
  • 3-inch LCD touch screen on the back


  • Voice control only works when connected with a smartphone
  • Menu graphics not the best
  • No microSD card included
  • Not true 4K recording
  • No loop recording

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

With the 322GW you can choose between recording video at 720p or1080p at 60fps. The field of view is 140° so that you won’t miss important details across up to 6 lanes of traffic. Video quality is good, but some details will be hard to make out at a distance, like street signs or license plates. There is some glare in low light situations, but Nextbase’s polarizing lens (must be added separately as an option) does a fair job of reducing it.

The 2.5-inch touch screen makes accessing camera functions a breeze. The Bluetooth function allows the camera to connect with your smartphone as soon as you enter the vehicle. You will be able to view video footage using the MyNextbase Connect app or the MyNextbase Player PC/Mac Suite. The camera records in both low and high res, so it is easier and quicker to view or transfer files.

The 322GW has an intelligent parking mode. If a disturbance is detected the camera will power itself up, record, and save 30 seconds of video. The 322GW an record audio as well, but the driver has the option off turning this feature off to help reduce file sizes.


  • Records at 1080p/60fps with a 140° view angle
  • SOS Emergency response feature (free for the 1st year)
  • GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, and WiFi equipped
  • Clip and go magnetic mounting


  • Frame rate reduced to 30fps when rear camera is attached
  • No microSD card included
  • Touch screen is smaller than the competitions


Both of these camera system perform at a high level, better than many of their competitors. The 322GW is considered a middle of the road system whereas the 522GW is a premium system. Both have built-in GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth technologies. The 522GW offers Alexa voice activation, has a larger touch screen,  and has the polarizing lens included. If you want 2K resolution, you have to go with the 522GW. (>>> Find on Amazon)