Nextbase 622GW Review

Possibly the best way to protect for your car or truck these days, other than an insurance policy, may just be a high quality dash camera system like the Nextbase 622GW front and rear cameras. Our world today is full of con artists whose primary goal is to swindle unsuspecting people, or their insurance companies, out of money through fraudulent accident claims. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

Nextbase 622GW Review of Main Specs:

Nextbase 622GW
Resolution (front)1440p HD @60FPS
View angle140°
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking modeYes
Maximum capacity128 GB
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Owning a Dash Camera Can Provide:

  1. As stated above, the video recordings can provide critical evidence when you are involved in a traffic accident or if your vehicle is vandalized or broken into while you are not present.
  2. Fraud prevention – a real concern in this day and age. Even if you have a great insurance policy, if your provider has to pay a large claim, you may see increased insurance premiums as a result of the fraudulent claim payouts.
  3. If you are a worried parent and you have children who are old enough to drive, you will be able to monitor their driving habits, where they travel to and from, and whom they may have with them in the car.
  4. You are able to document a scenic road trip or any incredible event that unexpectedly occurs during a routine daily drive around town.

Nextbase 622GW Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam

For starters, the 622GW has a new chipset that allows the front camera to record ultra-sharp 4K video at 30fps. The rear camera records in 1080p at 30fps. This means that capturing details like license plate numbers and being able to play back video images in slow motion (as slow as 120fps) are incredibly sharp and the details are easy to distinguish.

Both cameras have 140°, wide-angle lenses. Image stabilization is built into the 622GW to improve video clarity and the camera also has enhanced night vision and a bad weather mode of operation (foggy and rainy conditions will not cause a loss of sharply defined details). Even in low-light situations the cameras capture an impressive amount of detail. The polarizing filter allows the driver to adjust the camera lens to account for things like sun-glare.


  • Great 4K quality images
  • Unaffected by bad weather or low light conditions
  • Built-in polarizing filter and image stabilization
  • Alexa voice control
  • Automatic emergency SOS alerting (free for 1st year)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS technology built-in


  • Large size
  • No buffered parking mode – 6 second wakeup time
  • Color accuracy is questionable
  • Requires a large MicroSD card (not included)
  • iOS and Android apps can be frustrating to learn and use

There is an option to connect the camera system to Amazon Alexa voice control by using the Nextbase Connect app for both iOS and Android. Once linked you can simply say, “Alexa, ask my dash cam to record a video” and the camera will do so. Also, this Nextbase dash cam has an EmergencySOS feature that uses what3words geocoding to pinpoint your exact location within 3 meters if you ever need emergency assistance. This feature is free for the first year of ownership, after that a subscription s required. The app can be frustrating to use and there is a rather steep learning curve, but the camera can always be connected to a laptop or PC to ease playing back stored videos.

Nextbase 622GW in the box

Review Verdict

The Nextbase 622GW lives up to all of its hype. It records images with astounding quality and sharpness, both day and night. The included features EmergencySOS and what3words adds an additional level of safety and security if a problem ever arises or you and your vehicle are involved in a serious accident. It is definitely not the cheapest dash cam on the market but it is worth every penny you invest. (>>> Check on Amazon)