Radenso DS1 Review

Radenso DS1

The Radenso DS1 is a brand-new design that incorporates some of the latest technology into a mid-price option. The DS1 features what the company describes a ‘extreme range’ that allows this detector to identify potential threats from miles away, even in the most demanding circumstances. This Radenso DS1 review will introduce you to the features and functions of this radar detector and explains why we like this product for our cars. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Radenso DS1 Review of Main Specs:

Radenso DS1
RangeExtreme Range
Built-in GPSYes
DisplayColor OLED
False Alert FilteringYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
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The Radenso DS1 uses a familiar design for the body but has the largest OLED screen on the market today. Measuring just under two-inches, the display features highly visible colors and has settings to allow you to customize each detectable band with one of eight colors. Not only does this feature give the DS1 a serious plus for the cool factor, by setting colors for specific bands, it can improve your recognition of the threat so that you can make an informed decision about your driving behavior.

Detectable Bands

Every radar detector on the market can capture K, KA, and X bands, but this detector goes a few steps farther. It is also capable of identifying new technology like MRCD and MRCT bands as well as laser that some departments are now using. This gives you unparalleled protection from all sorts of threats. The DS1 is engineered to contain electronic scatter, so you don’t have to worry about law enforcement agencies using radar detector detectors.

Advanced Auto Lockout Features

One of the most annoying things about a lot of the radar detector designs on the market is that they are, well, annoying. They tend to go off for no reason at all, or give you tons of alerts for things you don’t care about, like the Mercedes in front of you who can’t stay in the lane.

The DS1 will automatically lock out false alerts that it encounters three times. So when you drive past the pharmacy, your radar detector will actually learn to not annoy you. We think that this is one of the coolest features of any detector out there. The detector can automatically lock out up to 16,500 signals and will also store 5,000 manual entries. You can even set up to 500 user points to prevent alerts for things you know are not concerned about.


  • Bright, colorful, and easy to read display is a significant factor in favor of this device
  • Automatic lockout feature is smart technology you didn’t know you needed
  • Detection range independently tested


  • Bluetooth connection isn’t yet functional for iPhone users
  • While it does detect radar from multiple directions, it doesn’t indicate which direction the signal is coming from

GPS Features

The DS1 has a built-in GPS antenna that allows it to remember locations you drive to and gives the radar detector the smarts to handle anything coming or going. The GPS function allows the radar detector to automatically lock out a broad range of location-based sources of radar. GPS will give you a warning about red light cameras and speed traps before you get there.

Connection Ports and Mount

Radenso DS1

Radenso did everyone a solid and got rid of the old-style connectors and the complicated wiring that lots of radar detectors use. Instead, you’ve got a single USB-C input for both power and data. The DS1 uses a cigarette lighter/ ACC port for power and the included cable also allows for you to plug your smartphone in to charge while you drive.

One of the most aggravating things about many radar detectors is terrible mounts that are wobbly, difficult to use, and don’t hold up over time. The mount with the Radenso DS1 is fantastic. It uses a suction cup mount with a slick magnetic connection that holds the detector securely and also makes it even easier than a snap to remove the detector for storage. This is important because you shouldn’t leave the detector in place when you aren’t driving.


If you are in the market for a radar detector, you won’t find many better products than this one, and most of them are not nearly this good. This is a no-nonsense detector that does a great job of letting you know about threats without badgering you over sources of radar that are not important. In fact, you’ll drive around for days at times without it making any noise at all. When radar or laser is in use, it’ll give you all the warning you need without fail. (>>> Check the current price on Amazon)