Radenso Pro M Review

Radenso Pro M

Due to the increased sophistication of law enforcement’s equipment to detect and identify drivers that exceed the speed limits, drivers who often times do so without really meaning to, radar detectors like the Radenso Pro M are becoming a necessary piece of equipment for your daily drive.

Along with standard radar guns, police now use lasers, aerial detection, and photo speed cameras that don’t even require a police officer to be present. You receive your ticket, along with a photo of you in your car, in the mail. What makes the Pro M a great choice of radar detectors to own? Let us review why. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Radenso Pro M Review of Main Specs:

Radenso Pro M
RangeExtreme Radar Detection Range
Built-in GPSYes
DisplayAmber OLED
False FilterFalse Filter For Traffic Sensors
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityNo
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Detection Capabilities

This Radenso radar detector has a top-of-the-line detection range, almost 2 miles on a straight road and over 1 mile when directed uphill. That is a far better range than many of its competitors. It can detect all radar bands, including MultaRadar CT/CD and Gatso RT3 red light and speed cameras that are becoming more widely used in cities and towns across the US. There is an AUTO CITY mode that allows you to manually adjust sensitivity settings to help prevent false alerting to storefront door opening and other stationary radars.

GPS Technology

GPS, along with its lockout features, has become a must-have feature in today’s better radar detectors. The ability to lockout stationary radars enables a much quieter ride, helping to eliminate false alerts along normally driven routes. It also enables the unit to ignore alerting to radars around town when you are driving below a specific speed that is user selectable. The Pro M also comes with over 6,000 pre-loaded red light and speed camera locations and its database can be updated so that the detector never becomes obsolete.

Visual and Voice Alerting

There are audio tones and 260 varied voice alert messages, as well as visual displays of the types of alerts being detected. This voice alerting capability is important because you will never have to take your eyes off the road to determine why the detector is sending an alert.


  • Long-range detection
  • GPS with free database updates
  • MultaRadar detection ability
  • 1-Year ticket-free promise


  • Expensive
  • GPS will not alert when certain speeds are exceeded
  • GPS lockouts are not automatic
  • Secondary function buttons not clearly defined

OLED Display

Display modes are important to the ease of use of any radar detector. The Pro M uses an amber colored display with 3 different brightness settings, BRIGHT, DIM, and SMART, allowing you to adjust the display as lighting conditions change.

False Alert Filtering

The different modes of operation, along with strong newer vehicle BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) and CAS (Collision Avoidance Systems) filtering, keeps the unit from alerting unnecessarily.

VG-2 Technology

Radenso Pro M in the box

Radar detector detectors (RDD) are used in certain states and towns where the use of a radar detector is illegal. The Pro M can detect the presence of a VG-2 RDD unit. When the unit senses a VG-2 radar, it will automatically dial down its oscillator to “hide” from the threat.

Ticket-Free Guarantee

The Pro M detector comes with a 1-year ticket-free guarantee from Radenso. That means that if you receive a speeding ticket while using your Radenso radar detector, Radenso will reimburse you the cost associated with the speeding ticket.


The Radenso Pro M is designed so that you can plug it in, turn it on, and forget it. However, for enthusiasts, the detector’s sensitivity has the ability to be fine-tuned to better fit any driving style. It has a better display (the OLED display won’t “burn in”), great sensitivity adjustments, and comes in at a lower price than its closest competitors. Its design is small and sleek and it will not interfere with your view out the windshield, while at the same time the display is larger and easy to read, even in the dark. In terms of range of detection, very few radar detectors can out perform it. With its 1-year ticket-free guarantee, you can’t go wrong in choosing to own this radar detector. >>> Check current price on Amazon