Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3

Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3

If you enjoy being pulled over for speeding or paying higher insurance premiums because of being ticketed for speeding, read no further, a radar detector is not for you. However, if that is not you, consider the following comparison between two of the best radar detectors on the market, the Radenso Pro M vs the Uniden R3.

Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3 side by side:

Radenso Pro MUniden R3
RangeExtreme Radar Detection RangeExtreme Long Range
Built-in GPSYesNo
DisplayAmber OLEDMulti-color OLED
False FilterFalse Filter For Traffic SensorsAdvanced K /KA Band Filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesNo
Speed-based Auto MuteYesYes
Bluetooth connectivityNoNo
Price Find on AmazonFind on Uniden.com

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Critical Features for Radar Detectors

Radar detectors have become a useful tool that drivers should own. Unless you are a billionaire and don’t mind giving the traffic court some of your money, a radar detector can keep you safe as it pays for itself by avoiding your receiving of speeding citations. These are some of the features that your next radar detector should have.

Extreme Range of Detection – it does you no good if your radar detector goes off as you cruise past the patrol car at a speed faster than the legal limit. You need that advance alert warning in time to slow down as necessary. A good quality radar detector should alert to a radar signal that is more than one mile away. A long range of detection is crucial.
Better At Long Range Detection: Uniden R3

GPS Capability – having GPS capability allows drivers to tag and lockout false alerts from stationary radars, like automatic grocery store and drug store door opening systems. These systems are automatic because they employ radar emissions to determine when to open their doors. The newer GPS technology allows the detector to plot the location of almost any radar threat.
Better GPS Capability: Radenso Pro M

MultaRadar Detection – MultaRadar is a new technology being employed more and more in North America. This technology is used in newer speed and red light cameras. MultaRadar cameras use more than one radar frequency and that makes it difficult for older radar detectors to pick up on them.
Better MultaRadar Detection: Radenso Pro M

False Alert Filtering – you want your detector to be quiet and broadcast an alert only when a real threat is present. If your radar detector is constantly sounding off for no reason, it’s like someone constantly screaming that the sky is falling. After a while you begin to ignore the warnings and that’s when you receive your next speeding ticket.
Better False Alert Filtering: Radenso Pro M

Radenso Pro M

Radenso Pro M


  • More than 2-mile range of detection
  • 1-9 threat strength meter
  • User adjustable sensitivity settings
  • MRCD detection
  • 1 Year Ticket-Free Promise
  • Visual and voice alerting


  • More expensive to own
  • Does not auto-learn GPS lockout locations

The Pro M is slightly larger in size than other detectors, but this allows more room for important information to be shown on its display panel. The OLED display is amber only and can be adjusted to different lighting conditions, with BRIGHT, DIM, and SMART mode settings. When alerts are sounded, the Pro M has directional arrows to indicate where the threat is coming from.

For detection range, the Pro M can reach out slightly over 2 miles when driving on straighter highway roads. One of this detector’s best features is its ability to detect MultaRadar (a newer technology used in red light and speed cameras) and POP, the police instant-on radar. When the Pro M detects an active radar, it will alert the driver with both a visual and a voice alert.

GPS technology allows the Radenso to “learn” false alert locations and store that location in its memory, making for a quieter ride on your usual travel routes. Simply hold down a single button to add the lockout location. The GPS allows muting when driving under certain speeds, then automatically increases its sensitivity as your speed increases. When approaching speed and red light cameras, the Pro M displays and updates your distance from the threat. Once you pass the camera, the detector sends you a single beep so that you know the threat has been passed.

If you drive through areas where operating a radar detector is illegal, the Pro M has the ability to hide from most RDD detectors, like VG-2. When radar detector detectors are sensed, it will automatically go into its “hide” mode. The Radenso Pro M is a set-it-and-forget-it detector, but if so desired, the driver can “fine tune” the unit’s sensitivity settings. Find comparison vs. Radenso DS1.

Uniden R3

Uniden R3


  • Extreme range of detection – up to 5 miles
  • OLED variable color display with brightness settings
  • GPS helps avoid stationary false alerting
  • Almost totally invisible to RDD
  • Alerts to red light and speed cameras
  • Visual and voice alerting


  • Trouble with false alerting, may be too sensitive
  • No directional arrows to indicate threat direction
  • Small display screen

The R 7 starts with a sleek black case that won’t dominate your view out the windshield. It has a OLED display offering several color options that you can choose between. Besides having two different mounting options, the R3 has an extra USB port so that you can also plug in another device, like your cell phone.

For detecting radars at extreme range, few radar detectors on the market can match the Uniden R3’s detection capabilities. It will pick up radar emissions from miles away, and it does so with a high level of consistency. If this detector alerts, you can be assured that there is an operating radar somewhere around you. It even does a good job when police are using instant-on (POP) radar.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) can cause havoc to many radar detectors, not so the R3. With the latest firmware updating, it does a great job of eliminating the false alerts cause by these new car systems.

The R3 has a GPS chip that allows the device to tag and remember where false alerts are located and automatically lock them out. This feature also has low-speed muting. When driving under an optional speed, the detector won’t go off. There are three sensitivity settings to choose from: CITY, CITY 2, and HIGHWAY, with HIGHWAY being the most sensitive. Our full review of Uniden R3

Our Verdict

Both of these radar detectors do a fabulous job of keeping you safe as you drive down the road. The Uniden R3 will reach out farther to find a radar, but it is a little too sensitive in some cases. The Radenso Pro M has a slightly lesser range of detection, but due to its sensitivity settings it provides a quieter ride.

If price and detection range are the most important features to you, the Uniden may be the better choice. It is well built and has a easy to understand menu program. (>>> Check current price on Amazon)

The Pro M is a turn-it-on-and-forget-it radar detector that comes a at higher price than the R3. It does a great job of informing you of radar in your path of travel and indicating where that radar is coming from. And it is better at detecting newer technology MultaRadar (MRCD) speed and red light cameras.