REXING V1P Pro Review

The REXING V1P Pro Dual is a competitively priced dash camera system that provides front and rear viewing. This REXING V1P review is intended for the buyer who wants to know whether this is a good product for their driving style. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

REXING V1P Pro Review of Main Specs:

Resolution (front)1080p Full HD @30fps1080p @30fps
View angle170 degree170 degree
Built-in Wi-FiYesYes
Built-in GPSYesNo
LTE ModuleNoNo
Maximum capacity256 GB256 GB
Price Find on Amazon Find on Amazon

Sensor and Lens

The REXING V1P Pro Dual captures video from both front and rear simultaneously at 1080p and 30 frames per second. The front camera can also be selected to shoot individually at up to 2160p. This isn’t a high-resolution system, and as such, you should anticipate that some images are going to be grainy. The camera uses a wide-angle lens and a processor to provide better focus and color saturation.


You’ll need to supply your own SD card for this camera system to work. The camera will support up to a 256 gb card, but it must be the correct type and formatted in the camera. You will need to buy a Class-10 card.

Video files will automatically loop-record so you never have to worry about running out of storage. You can lock videos to prevent them from being overwritten until you are ready to download them. Any time an impact is recorded by the camera, the ensuing video will automatically lock so that you don’t have to think about losing the files, no matter what happens.

Connectivity Options

The V1P Pro has built-in WiFi capabilities to make connecting your smartphone to the camera simple and easy. The app allows you the ability to download videos directly without having to remove the camera from the car. A built-in GPS receiver lets the camera automatically imbed videos with the precise date, time, and location information that can be vital when dealing with insurance companies.

Mounting and Wiring


The front camera mounts with a secure suction mount. It provides a good amount of stability to the camera and prevents unnecessary vibration. The rear camera is intended to suction in place on the rear window. The mount works well and seems to be secure with few issues reported, even by drivers in hot climates.

Temperature Resistance

Many dash cams use a built-in battery to provide power. The biggest drawback is the lack of thermal protection. Batteries don’t tolerate high temperatures well, and you’ll see reports of people who have failed cameras from high heat. REXING uses a supercapacitor to eliminate this problem. The camera will function flawlessly up to 176-degrees, so no need to worry about it melting in hot weather.

Practical Experience Using the V1P Pro Dual

In comparison with other dash cams from REXING, the V1P offers good features and a good value. The resolution is far from industry-leading but will provide a solid enough video to prove your point in court.

Installation is simple for a basic install. Simply stick the mount to the windshield, slide the camera into place, then stick the rear camera to the back glass. Run the cable from the back to the front camera, then run the power cable to the 12v accessory plug or USB plug.

The built-in G-sensor ensures that in the event of an accident, you’ll automatically capture the video and it’ll be locked and saved to prevent overwriting. This is an essential feature of any decent dash cam.

Things We Don’t Like

One of the most exciting features of this camera is the ability to use WiFi to easily access and share videos. Unfortunately, the app is simply terrible. It’s rare that you find any app on the Google Play Store with a 1.3 star rating, but that’s what you get here. The terrible rating is due to a lack of functionality within the app. Most of the features don’t work and the few that do are ridiculously complicated. This is a deal breaker for many people.

The video resolution and frame rate is sub-par, and it becomes particularly problematic when capturing video at night. Without decent ambient light, this camera is simply unable to record viewable images in dark or low-light conditions due to the limitations of the sensor. There is some glare and reflection evident on daytime video footage as well, which is an indication of poor processing.

Final Verdict

This is one of those products that seems to be a good deal on paper, but the more you dig into it, the less of a good deal it seems to be. In this case, the biggest deal breaker is the shoddy work on the app which is one of the main reasons anyone would buy this camera over a competitor product. For the money, you can find a dual dash camera that outperforms this one from REXING day and night while having an app that is actually functional. We would pass this camera up. (>>> Check on Amazon)

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