REXING V3 Review

Rideshare drivers need to find the best ways to protect themselves when they are working and travelling to pick up passengers. Complex insurance laws can leave rideshare drivers shouldering huge medical bills and paying for damages to other vehicles when they can’t prove what happened in a car accident. This REXING V3 review will show why this dual camera is a great option for any driver and is the ideal solution for rideshare workers. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

REXING V3 Review of Main Specs:

Resolution (front)1080p @30fps
View angle170 degree
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity256 GB
Price Find on Amazon

The REXING V3 is an excellent front- and cabin-facing camera for monitoring the action inside your car and in front of you. It has many features that are highly useful to any driver and make it perfect for rideshare drivers, taxi drivers, chauffeurs, and anyone else that needs to make sure they are protecting themselves from assaults, fraud, and illegal behavior.

Camera Resolution

When operating only the front-facing camera, the REXING V3 will capture video in one of three resolutions: 2160p@24 FPS, 1440p@30 FPS, or 1080p@60 FPS using an advanced Sony STARVIS sensor. With both cameras recording, you’ll capture video at 1080p inside and out at 30 FPS. The interior camera uses the IMX323 sensor.

This is a decent resolution for most purposes, but it isn’t going to blow your mind, either. It’ll capture video that will be useful in protecting yourself, but don’t count on having movie-theater quality. At 30 FPS, there will be some stutter and a little lag, but not so bad that you’ll miss important moments in your recording. The camera captures images using a 170-degree wide-angle lens.

Night Vision

The V3 includes infrared diodes that enable the camera to capture video even in the dark. Quality of the video files is lower than daytime capture, but is a good way to ensure that you are capturing events at night. Wide dynamic range allows the camera to automatically adjust the color balance to fine-tune images.


The REXING V3 uses a WiFi connection along with the company’s app to allow users the ability to download videos and share them easily without having to remove the SD card. Built-in GPS automatically stamps videos with geo-tracking information, date and time, and even your vehicle speed.


  • Ideal solution for rideshare drivers
  • Easy to access video files
  • Good quality video


  • Numerous bugs with firmware, SD card formatting, and GPS data logging
  • The app is barely functional and won’t work for many people

Advanced Driver Assist Systems

The V3 has the built-in ability to help you be a safer driver by alerting you when your vehicle drifts out of your lane. The camera will issue a verbal warning when it detects that you are not paying attention. It will also alert you when you are too close to the vehicle in front of you for safety.

File Storage

This camera uses a micro-SD card to store video files. You’ll need to supply a card as the camera does not include one. Look for a Class-10 or a UHS-1 card up to 256 gb. The camera automatically loop-records to prevent losing data when the card is full. Users can lock video files so they are not overwritten.



The camera features a smallish 2.7-inch display that lets you view videos directly on the camera for convenience. The display has a 16:9 aspect ratio on a liquid crystal display.

Battery Power

REXING doesn’t use batteries in their cameras, instead opting for a supercapacitor that enables the camera to function well but requires a constant power supply. The supercapacitor design makes the V3 able to withstand very high temperatures up to 176-degrees F.

Options Available

One of the most useful features of the V3 is the ability to hardwire the installation or use a portable battery pack to enable parking mode. This option will let the camera automatically begin recording when motion or impacts with the vehicle are noticed by the gravity sensor. This feature is a fantastic way to protect yourself if your vehicle is damaged by a hit-and-run driver or someone tries to break into the vehicle.

App Access

The REXING app lets users view and share videos without physically downloading them from the camera. The app is probably the biggest issue with this camera. Numerous users of Android and Apple products either can’t download the app, can’t connect to the camera through the app, or simply can’t make the app work at all. The REXING app has a 1.3-star review online.


The REXING V3 is a decent camera that is a good idea for rideshare drivers. Unfortunately, numerous reports of buggy firmware and issues with GPS and SD cards indicate that this isn’t a good product. The V3 is currently being phased out of production in favor of the brand-new V5, which costs only $20 more. The V5 is a modular design that allows you to add interior or exterior cameras. (>>> Check on Amazon)

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