Thinkware X1000 Review

A high-quality dash camera can be an amazing asset to your personal safety. Today, a dash camera can do a lot more than just capture images at the scene of a crash, they can even help you avoid being involved in an accident in the first place. That’s where products like this camera from Thinkware come into play. This Thinkware X1000 review will look at the key features available that make this anything but just another dash camera and one of the best buys you can make. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

Thinkware X1000 Review of Main Specs:

Thinkware X1000
Resolution (front)2560 x 1440
View angle156°
Built-in Wi-FiNo
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity128GB
Price Find on Amazon

The design of this dash camera indicates that it is a superior product. The front-facing camera is packaged in an elegant yet discrete design that includes a touchscreen you can use for viewing video files and accessing the numerous settings to customize this camera system to your needs. The package includes a rear-facing camera that will give you the ideal coverage to make sure that if you should be in an accident, you can prove what happened.

Front Camera Specs

The front camera captures images at a 2kQHD resolution equivalent to 1440p. This is an excellent resolution for most instances and will provide clear daytime images and will let you zoom in on still frames to be able to easily identify fine details. The 30 FPS capture rate provides smooth video files with limited stutter so that you aren’t missing any key things that happen.

Sensor and Night Vision Tech

The front camera uses an advanced Sony STARVIS 5.14mp sensor that captures fine details even in low light situations. Thinkware couples this tech with Super Night Vision technology that uses proprietary lens technology to reduce glare and overexposure at night to allow for high-quality night capture, even when there is very little light available.

Touchscreen and Mount

The 3.5-inch touchscreen is a very convenient way to access settings and video files. While many cameras these days use unreliable Wi-Fi to access camera settings through an app, this design makes it simple to quickly make changes and view video files without the hassle of Wi-Fi connections.

The included mount uses 3M tape to securely attach to the windshield. The front and rear cameras also have special technology that enhances the view when capturing images through tinted windows or when dealing with cars that have extensive slope to the windshield.


  • The design and finish of the camera are top-notch, it looks and feels like a high-end product
  • Excellent image capture with a noticeable difference over other cameras when shooting video through tint


  • GPS add-on is irritating and adds one more cable to route in an already tight location

Rear Camera Specs

The rear camera uses a high-resolution 2k, 1440p resolution that matches the front camera resolution perfectly. This camera gives you smooth and easy-to-view images and reasonably sized files so that you aren’t clogging up your MicroSD card storage too quickly.

Optional Tech Meant to Impress

Thinkware X1000

The Thinkware X1000 has the ability to do some truly unique things that you won’t find with most other cameras. It has a full suite of driver safety features like front-end collision warning, lane departure warning, and front vehicle departure warnings. These technologies can help you avoid being in an accident and can make you a safer driver.

The key thing, though, is that you’ll need to purchase a separate GPS antenna to use these features, along with some of the other features that are available with this camera system. Additionally, the Thinkware X1000 offers the ability to set up a radar module so that you can enhance the ability of parking mode to function, also sold separately.

Parking Mode

One of the great features included in this camera package is the parking mode. This allows the camera to either record in time-lapse or to use a battery-saving mode to capture images even when the car is not turned on. It uses a g-sensor and motion detection technology to record incidents when parked. The Super Night Vision tech goes a long way to helping this camera provide reliable video even at night.


There are a few things that we really like about this camera. The mounting system makes it super easy and convenient to remove the camera when you want, and it keeps it sturdy and secure when driving, even on hot days. Images are clear and easy to view without distortion and other image artifacts that can ruin a good video. The night view is better than expected.

The lack of Wi-Fi seemed like it would be a problem at first, then turned out to be no big deal. While it isn’t always convenient to remove the MicroSD card to view files, it isn’t something that ends up being done very often anyway. However, the ADAS tech that doesn’t function without the add-on is a bummer, as that was one of the most enticing features of the package. (>>> Check on Amazon)


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