Uniden DFR1 Review

Uniden DFR1 radar

There are times when you need to drive quickly to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Just keep in mind that police cars are now equipped with radar guns and laser guns to detect cars that move beyond the speed limit. Having a radar/laser detector in your car is one good way to maintain a balance between driving fast and driving responsibly.

Radar detectors are small, compact devices that are able to detect the radar waves generated by a police car’s radar gun. >>> Check it’s pricing on Amazon The Uniden DFR1 is a long-range radar/laser detector that is very reliable companion to bring along when you hit the road if you want to avoid getting that speeding ticket. This device utilizes long range laser/radar detection, false alert filtering, and a combination of voice and visual alerts to help drivers monitor their driving speed in urban and rural environments.

Uniden DFR1 Review – Main Specs

RangeLong Range
Built-in GPSN/A
DisplayICON Color
False FilterN/A
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsN/A
Speed-based Auto MuteN/A
Updateable FirmwareN/A
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Unpacking and Installation

The product is very easy to install. Once you open the box, first you have to insert the device into the mounting bracket. Then you attach the mount to the windshield, where it will stay in place because of the suction cups. The device is small enough that it does not block your view when you mount it on the windshield. The device fits the mounting bracket just fine, but some users reported that the suction cup does not attach properly to their windshield. Check Uniden DRF1 vs DRF3 comparison

Visual Display and Voice Alerts

This product uses a simple but clear LED screen where you can easily see visual text alerts through your peripheral vision. The screen displays the four frequency bands that are monitored by the device: X, K, Ka, and Laser. You can also see color-coded signal strength bars for each frequency band. Voice alerts are activated whenever radar waves are detected, so you can adjust your driving speed without taking your eyes off the road.

Radar/Laser Detection

The Uniden DFR1 has a maximum effective detection range of 2 miles. You can select the highway mode when you are driving on straight and even roads to maximize the range so you can have more time to adjust your speed whenever a police radar gun is detected. In urban areas, the device is at risk of detecting false alerts from radar-operated systems like automatic doors and collision-avoidance systems in newer vehicles. This is why the device has two city modes that you can select to increase the acquisition of specific frequency bands that are commonly used by police radar guns. All modes use visual and voice alerts.

Several product users reported that their device needed some fine-tuning when they used it for the first time because the sensitivity settings are not adjusted properly. This is why some users reported that the device failed to acquire police radar signals even when it is turned on.


  • Does not take up a lot of space on the windshield
  • Can detect laser and radar for up to 2 miles
  • Multi-color LED display provides easy-to-read visual alerts
  • Switching between city and highway modes to reduce false alerts
  • Voice alerts keep drivers from being distracted while driving


  • Sensitivity issues may result in failure to provide alerts
  • The mounting bracket may not attach properly to the windshield

Legal Use of Radar/Laser Detectors

Unless you live in Virginia or Washington DC, radar/laser detectors can be legally installed and used in private vehicles. However, these devices are never allowed on commercial vehicles and government property such as military bases.


The Uniden DFR1 is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a long range radar/laser detector that is easy to set up and adjust on the road. The false alert filter system is mostly reliable especially in the city, and as long as you select the proper mode you will have no issues whether you drive in straight or curvy roads. Although this product has the shortest detection range among the Uniden radar detector family, the 2-mile range is already sufficient enough to suit your needs. The most important thing is that you use this product to minimize the risk of being pulled over and given a speeding ticket. The real value of this product is shown when it helps you become a more responsible driver. >>> Check current price on Amazon