Uniden DFR7 Review

Uniden DFR7

The Uniden DFR7 super long-range laser/radar detector is definitely a friend to the motorist that wants to avoid costly speeding tickets. Just because someone owns a radar detector doesn’t mean that they are out to set a land speed record getting from point A to point B.

Intentionally driving at speeds above the posted limit is irresponsible and dangerous to the vehicle’s operator and any other drivers they encounter along the way. Case in point, there are several surveys that have shown that drivers that own and operate a radar detector have fewer accidents than non-owners. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Uniden DFR7 Review of Main Specs:

Uniden DFR7
RangeExtended Long Range
Built-in GPSYes
False FilterAdvanced K /KA Band Filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Updateable FirmwareYes
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Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Laser/Radar Detector

The DRF7 boasts an extremely long radar detection range, much longer than other detectors in this price range. In fact, the DFR7 can actually outperform some of the more expensive detectors like the Valentine One and the Escort Redline when it comes to distance of detection. It can detect X, K, and Ka bands and has improved filtering on the K/Ka bands to reduce false alerts caused by today’s newer cars with Blind Spot Monitoring and Collision Avoidance Systems. It is actually one of the best detectors on the market for filtering out these types of systems. As for speed cameras and police radar guns, the DFR7 can easily detect them from up to a mile or two away, giving you plenty of time to adjust your speed if necessary. And it will also detect police lasers, both older versions as well as the newer ones.

GPS technology, usually not found in detectors at this price point, is a great feature of the DFR7. Using GPS, you have the ability of locking out stationary radar signals that cause false alerts along routes that you normally drive, providing a quieter ride. All that you have to do in these situations is to hit the mute button twice. This tells the detector to ignore these signals in the future. It is a shame that the lockout doesn’t happen automatically, but at least you can manually lockout those particular radar signals. With the pre-loaded database of red light and speed cameras, the DFR7’s GPS function will alert you as you approach one of these. The GPS will also allow for low-speed muting as well as over-speed warnings for you heavy-footed drivers, whether you are driving around town or out on the open road. The GPS will allow the detector to also display the maximum speed allowed for the area you are driving through.

Uniden DFR7


  • Bright easy-to –read OLED display
  • Built-in GPS with low-speed muting and over-speed alerts
  • Signal strength meter
  • Red light and speed camera detection
  • Voice alerting
  • Advanced filtering helps eliminate false alerts due to BSM and CAS systems
  • Free updates to the Red Light Camera database and the unit’s firmware


  • Alerts and voice notifications can be a bit too loud
  • GPS doesn’t have an auto-learn function
  • Limited memory to store false alert locations
  • No direction of threat arrows
  • No MultaRadar detection

This detector does have voice alerting capability, so that you never have to take your eyes off the road when an alert is sounded. The voice alerts are clear and easy to understand, if a little too loud, and they are programmable to better fit your driving style. The sensitivity cannot be user adjusted other than you can switch the detector to either CITY or HIGHWAY modes of operation.

The detector itself is a pearlescent black color with an easy-to-read OLED display. The function buttons are all easy to reach and there is a signal strength meter to help you determine how close the detected threat is to you.

Uniden DFR7 Review Conclusion

The DFR7 offers great laser and radar protection with added features that are not usually found on the competition at this price point. Having GPS technology, voice alerts, red light and speed camera warnings, and better than average false alert filtering, the Uniden DFR7 is a highly recommended option for anyone not wanting to spend upward of $700 for a detector with comparable features. (>>> Check the current on Amazon)