UNIDEN R8 Review

The Uniden R8 is a flagship radar detector with industry-leading features that make this radar detector one of the most popular on the market among drivers who need serious threat detection abilities. We’ll use this Uniden R8 review to detail how this device works and let you know what it can do for you (>>> Check on Uniden.com).

UNIDEN R8 Review of Main Specs:

RangeExtreme Long
Built-in GPSYes
DisplayFull-color OLED
False Alert FilteringYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
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The R8 has a familiar design if you are used to using other Uniden radar detectors. The black plastic body has an angular shape with a full-color OLED display and physical buttons on top and on the front to give you access to the most useful features.

The display provides arrows that indicate the direction of threats that are detected along with information such as the particular band of radar and the strength of the signal. The detector mounts to a suction cup bracket that holds it to the windshield when in use.

How it Works

The R8 has dual antennas to capture radar threats from any direction. The detector uses either voce or beep alerts to let you know the direction the threat is coming from. Uniden advertises that the R8 has ‘Extreme Long Range,’ an advertising point that indicates this detector works from long distances.

Vortex Radar did a test on the actual range of this detector and determined that the detector had a range between 2,500 feet and 3,000 feet in real world situations. The test was done with a pre production model, so modern retail versions will likely have an even better range.


  • Excellent range for detecting threats to give you time to react
  • Unique combination of advanced features and proven technology


  • Auto lockouts don’t work well

Threat Database

The R8 comes equipped with a database of potential threats including red light cameras and speed trap cameras. This helps to protect you by alerting you to the presence of the threat before you get to it. Check comparison vs. Valentine One Gen 2 

The database is updatable using the free Uniden app which also offers access to settings and other information about the radar detector.

Built-in Features

The R8 has a built-in GPS antenna that the device uses to provide location-based threat alerts and to track and record false alerts.

It has Bluetooth built-in that enables the detector to communicate with the app so you can access settings and check data points.

The radar detector has special shielding technology included that provides a totally stealth environment so you won’t be detected while using the detector.

Available Options

UNIDEN R8 in the box

Uniden offers several additional options for the R8 that makes it an even more versatile tool. It has the ability to connect with Uniden’s laser jamming system to block police efforts to capture speed data using LIDAR. The R8 can connect with up to six devices to block signals from every direction. Find our full laser/radars buyer’s guide here.

Also available as an option, Uniden produces a keypad that you can use to change settings and activate features without having to reach for the unit.


The newest radar detector from Uniden, the R8 has a ton of features that make it one of the most dependable and reliable radar detectors on the market (>>> Check the current price on Amazon). It does a superior job of detecting radar threats and offers better range than any other device. Directional arrows and a full-color OLED display make it easy to understand the type of radar signal that is in use. The detector does a great job of ramping up alerts to let you know easily how far away the signal is so that you can adjust your speed in time.