Vantrue E2 Review

Vantrue was established in 2015, and have quickly become a popular brand around the world. The Vantrue E2 is one of multiple dash cams offered by the company. Let’s go over the features of the E2 (>>> Check on Amazon).

Vantrue E2 Review of Main Specs:

Vantrue E2
Resolution (front)2.5K(2592*1944P)+2.5K@24FPS
View angle160°
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking mode24 Hours
Maximum capacity512 GB
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The dash cam has two views: A front facing and rear facing camera. They use 160-degree lenses for a wide viewing angle, ensuring you capture all aspects of your drive. The footage is recorded at 30 frames per second, at a maximum resolution of 2592x1944p. Users can set the resolution lower if they do not need such high-quality video.

In addition to being able to record high-quality video, the dash cam also has what are called Sony Starvis sensors, allowing even small details to be seen, such as the writing on signage along the roads. It also features technology onboard to capture usable footage even in nighttime conditions.

The Vantrue E2, like other models from the company, has a parking mode, so you are able to record even when your car is parked. It is able to detect motion near your vehicle, so you are not constantly recording and wasting energy.


  • High-quality video
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Can run when car is parked to detect motion near vehicle
  • App connectivity for smartphone pairing
  • G-sensor onboard to detect collisions and store footage surrounding said collision
  • GPS and WIFI included


  • MicroSD card not included and must be purchased separately
  • Can overheat at times with the supercapacitor

On-board GPS and Wifi are provided as well. The Wifi can be used to pair a smartphone to the dash cam through the Vantrue app for easy offloading of video. However, a wired connection is also available to accomplish this task for those who would rather not deal with the Wifi/app connection. Related review: Vantrue S2

The dash cam uses a microSD card (not included with purchase), that can hold up to 512gb of storage. Once it reaches full capacity, it will engage looping mode, meaning it will begin overwriting the earliest footage. However, there is one exception to this.

Vantrue E2

A G-sensor is present on the dash cam, which is able to detect when the vehicle has been in a collision. If the sensor detects such an incident, it will not overwrite the footage captured during said incident. Instead, it locks that footage so you are able to extract it later.


The Vantrue E2 dash cam is a great option for many drivers. It has both front and rear cameras, the ability to save footage from a collision automatically, a parking mode with motion detection, high storage capacity (although you do have to buy said storage separately), and excellent quality video (>>> Find the current price on Vantrue).  

While the use of a supercapacitor has led to some reports of the dash cam overheating, this does not appear to be a major problem. Moreover, the supercapacitor allows for longer use as opposed to a traditional battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vantrue E2 have an app?

Yes. As previously mentioned, the dash cam has an app that can be paired with a smartphone for ease of offloading videos, as well as using several features. For example, the app offers a photo mode so you can take pictures, as well as the ability to use voice control.

Does Vantrue E2 drain battery?

No. The E2 runs on a supercapacitor rather than a traditional battery. Therefore, it is unable to drain your vehicle’s battery during operation.

What memory cards does the Vantrue E2 use?

The Vantrue E2 uses microSD cards, and as mentioned above, a microSD card has to be purchased separately from the dash cam. It can use up to a 512gb microSD card.