Vantrue M2 Review

One of the things that happen when you install a dash camera in your car is that anyone walking by will see that you have a dash camera. This can make your car a target for thieves or might even result in vandalism if someone thinks they are being recorded. This is one of the reasons we like discrete solutions to car electronics like this dual dash cam package. This Vantrue M2 review will show you how this rearview mirror and dash cam package can work well for your low-profile car (>>> Find the current price on Vantrue).

Vantrue M2 Review of Main Specs:

Vantrue M2
Resolution (front)2560x1440@30fps
View angle148°
Built-in Wi-FiNo data
Built-in GPSYes
Parking mode24 Hours
Maximum capacity512 GB
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The key to this design is how it mounts. Typical dash cams mount to the windshield where they are hanging around for anyone and everyone to see. This design lays over the existing vehicle’s rearview mirror to place a 2k dash cam completely out of sight on the back of the mirror.

When off, the dash camera functions like a typical mirror, but can also add valuable information including GPS and speed data where it is easy to see. When on, the entire mirror surface becomes a touchscreen that you can use for adjusting settings and viewing files.

The rear-facing camera functions as a backup camera, an interesting option few packages include. With the mirror-mount location, you can use adjustable direction lines to ensure your car fits perfectly into the spot. It is designed for either rear window or license plate mounting locations.

Advanced Features

A separate GPS antenna allows the camera to record location data while you drive. A split screen function lets you see the front camera and rear camera simultaneously while driving to give you a better view of your surroundings. This can be particularly handy when parallel parking.

You can use an optional hardwire kit or an external battery kit to power the camera and it will record images even when the car isn’t on. It has both motion detection capabilities and impact detection that will ensure if something happens to your car, you’ll catch it on camera.

The touchscreen allows for side-to-side adjustment of the image. Using a 180-degree rear angle, the mirror will capture everything that happens behind your vehicle. An IP67 rating means that you can safely mount the rear camera on the outside of the vehicle without concern it will get damaged by rain or washing.


  • Ultimate in discrete installations prevents people from easily seeing that you have a camera in your car
  • Good image capture quality from both front and rear cameras
  • The option to use split screen images and backup camera function exceeds most other product’s capabilities


  • It may not be suitable for vehicles with loose mirrors
  • May induce excessive vibration viewable in videos that degrades the quality

What’s In the Box

You’ll get the oversize front mirror with the integrated camera that includes a selection of straps to attach the device to your rearview mirror. There is no need to remove the original equipment since this fits over the top. You’ll also get the rear camera and the cable to connect the rear camera to the mirror camera. The kit includes a 12v power cable designed to plug into a cigarette lighter port. A hardwire kit is optional. The GPS antenna is also included in the package.


The front camera captures video at a resolution of 2.5k and a rear quality of 1080p. This is perfectly adequate for capturing most images under a variety of difficult conditions. To aid in low-light video capture, both cameras use an advanced Sony STARVIS sensor that works to enhance image clarity in poorly lighted conditions. Relevant article:

File Play Back and Storage

Vantrue M2 in the box

Video playback is done either on the touchscreen or by connecting a device and downloading the files. The camera doe not include a memory card, but will accept up to a 512 Gb card. Make sure you buy the proper type of MicroSD card for use with security cameras. Some cards on the market aren’t compatible.


If you are hunting for an excellent option for a dash camera but don’t want a bulky device hanging from your windshield, this is a great option. It has the ability to capture high-quality images that are enhanced in low-light conditions by the use of an advanced sensor. The rear camera can be mounted inside or outside and can be used as a backup camera, a feature that few packages offer.

We think that this is an excellent option and it has a solid build quality backed up by a history of quality products. It’s the ultimate in stealth camera technology (>>> Check on Amazon).