Vantrue S2 Review

Vantrue is a relatively new company, having been established in 2015. They have become fairly popular with many products sold worldwide. The Vantrue S2 is one such product. It is a dash camera loaded with features; it even has 3 cameras! Let’s go over the dash cam in depth (>>> Find the current price on Amazon).

Vantrue S2 Review of Main Specs:

Vantrue S2
Resolution (front)2.5K 1440P+1080P
View angle160° front and 165° inside cabin-facing
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking mode24 Hours
Maximum capacity512 GB
PriceFind on Amazon

This dash cam has an internal, front-facing, and rear-facing camera. There are 3 modes as well: Simultaneous recording of all 3 views, front and internal views, or a front only view. The recordings themselves are high quality, up to 1440p at a frame rate of 30.

The Vantrue S2 also features a parking mode, so customers can use the dash cam even when the car is off. It works by detecting motion; if something or someone comes near your car, the camera will start recording. However, the dash cam is not sold with its own battery, so this is something you will need to purchase separately to run.

On-board GPS is offered, and it captures both the speed and direction of travel. The speed metric can be customized to display as MPH or KMH as well.

Wifi is also on board; users can pair their phones with the dash cam through an app for easy review and offloading of footage. However, this can be done via a cable for those who prefer not to deal with the Wifi connection. Check a related review of the Vantrue E2.

Speaking of footage, the Vantrue S2 can hold a decent amount. It supports microSD cards up to 512gb. Unfortunately, the dash cam is not sold with a card, so you do have to purchase one separately.

Once storage on the microSD card is full, the dash cam will begin to overwrite the earliest footage as it continues recording. An exception to this, however, is if a collision has occurred. The dash cam has a G-sensor, which functions to detect collisions. If such an event happens, the dash cam will safely retain that footage for future use.

Vantrue S2


  • High-quality video from 3 directions with multiple modes to cycle through
  • Ability to take photos
  • Can run when car is parked to detect motion near vehicle
  • App connectively for ease of use
  • G-sensor can detect collision and store footage
  • GPS and WIFI onboard


  • No microSD card included; must be purchased separately
  • No internal battery included; must be purchased separately for using the parking sensor
  • Has a lot of wiring; can be more difficult to install cleanly on a right hand drive vehicle
  • Relatively expensive base price of $300


Albeit somewhat expensive, especially when considering the storage card and internal battery are not included in the package, the Vantrue S2 is loaded with premium features. With 3 cameras and modes that record at a high quality, along with WIFI and GPS, this is a dash cam that can meets the needs of most drivers (>>> Check on Amazon).

The ability to detect a collision, then save footage of said collision, is invaluable. Additionally, getting this footage is made easy with either a wired or wireless connection to your cellphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vantrue S2 track your speed?

Yes. As noted above, the dash cam is able to track your speed and can even be customized as MPH or KMH, depending on your preferences.

Does Vantrue S2 have to be hardwired?

No. The dash cam can be used without hardwiring it. However, to use additional features like the parking mode, you have to hardwire it (as well as purchase a hardwiring kit separately).

What type of memory cards can be used with Vantrue S2?

As mentioned above, the Vantrue S2 uses microSD cards, and it can use a 512gb card at maximum. Remember that these cards have to be purchased separate from the dash cam itself.