VIOFO A129 Pro Review

VIOFO A129 Pro

A dash camera is one of the smartest pieces of equipment you can add to your daily driver. The reason is simple- it’s the best way to protect yourself from getting stuck with a huge legal and medical bill after an automobile accident. Personal injury attorneys will tell you that without a camera, the facts of your case are determined by which person tells the most believable story. In many states, that could mean that you lose all or part of a settlement you need to get your life back on track. This VIOFO A129 Pro review will show you why this is an excellent choice when you want to protect yourself. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

VIOFO A129 Pro Review of Main Specs:

VIOFO A129 Pro
Resolution (front)3840x2160 @30fps
View angle130 degree
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity256 GB
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What Makes The VIOFO A129 a Good Dash Camera?

Any dash cam is better than nothing, and you’d be amazed at the number of insurance claims that are settled simply because the adjuster can’t argue with video. Sadly, low-quality video shooting at 720p or 1080p often lacks the detail needed to prevent attorney’s from arguing that the image isn’t good enough to be used.

The A129 Pro shoots video in native 4k for outstanding clarity and detail. The detail becomes really important when you need to enlarge an image like when presenting your case in court. Low image resolution leads to grainy images that are not helpful. With this camera, you’ll have stunning, high-quality images that can easily be enlarged to show critical details like what the other driver was doing just before an accident.

Is the VIOFO A129 Easy to Use?

Lots of dash cams out there are great but they can be a real pain to set up. This dash cam is as close to plug-and-play as you’ll find. Simply connect the power cables to your 12v accessory socket or hard wire to your fuse panel. Turn the unit on, load a formatted SD card (not included) and you are ready to roll.

You can access videos from the SD card using a micro USB cord connected to a laptop. Unlike some units, you won’t be able to use Bluetooth or WiFi to remotely access files, but you can get them through the VIOFO app where they are stored in the cloud.


  • Clean, crisp video with an incredible level of detail
  • Easy to set up and install in any type of vehicle
  • Perfect solution to preventing negligent drivers from lying to get out of paying medical bills or fixing your car


  • Doesn’t include a rear camera -30% of all accidents involve rear end impacts
  • Doesn’t handle high-heat well
  • Some complaints about customer service particularly when dealing with third-party sellers

What Sets VIOFO A129 Apart From Other Cameras?

The video resolution quality is the result of the use of an advanced Sony STARVIS sensor that captures images at 8 megapixels. Where most cameras on the market in this price range use smaller sensors, you won’t find very many competitively priced dash cams with this good of a sensor.

A high-resolution sensor is particularly important when capturing video in low-light conditions. The large sensor is able to record fine details of moving vehicles, even at night. Many dash cams out there are okay during the day, but don’t have the ability to capture fine details at night.

What Else Does the VIOFO A129 Do?

Built-in GPS means that you can access files through the VIOFO app to show you the exact route your car has been driven. GPS logging means that captured videos will include date and location stamps with accurate time of day information. This is critical when handling a personal injury case that arises from a negligent driver causing a car accident. With date, time, and location stamps, there will be no question about where or when an accident happened.

Advanced Parking Mode

VIOFO A129 Pro connections

When you hard-wire this unit into your vehicle’s wiring system, it works as a parking monitor. The camera automatically turns on when it detects motion and begins recording when the built-in shock sensor registers an impact. Parking mode videos are 15 seconds long and show the action before, during, and after an incident. This is a fantastic feature for people who regularly park in busy lots or who want to know which one of the neighbor’s cats keeps getting on your car at night.

Final Thoughts: VIOFO 129 Pro Review

If you are in the market for a reliable, high-quality dash cam to protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits, this is an ideal buy. It has a compact, sleek look that doesn’t stick out from the other details of your interior. Setting the camera up is easy, videos are simple to retrieve, and the video quality is excellent.

We would recommend this camera to anyone who spends lots of time commuting or who lives in a country where laws are lax. Many people report this camera has been effective at preventing police from falsely claiming that the driver did something illegal, so it can easily save you lots of money. We think this is a great buy for most drivers. (>>> Check on Amazon)