Escort MAX 360 MKII vs MAX 360c MKII: An In-depth Comparison

The Escort MAX 360 MKII and the Escort MAX 360c MKII both boast of elite performance, enhanced features, and an unwavering commitment to keeping drivers one step ahead on the road. But between the two, which emerges as the ultimate choice? Based on our extensive hands-on testing and in-depth analysis, the Escort MAX 360c MKII clinches our recommendation. In this detailed Escort MAX 360 MKII vs MAX 360c comparison, we’re set to dissect both models, laying out their strengths and nuances. Whether you’re a veteran driver seeking cutting-edge radar detection technology or a newcomer eager to make a wise first investment, this comprehensive guide will steer you right. Let’s dive in and uncover the attributes of these stellar radar detectors.

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Escort MAX 360 MKII vs. MAX 360c: Specs

Feature/SpecEscort MAX 360 MKIIEscort MAX 360c MKII
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Operating Bands - X10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
Operating Bands - K24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
Operating Bands - Ka34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
Laser Detection904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth
Display TypeGraphic Multi-Color OLEDGraphic Multi-Color OLED, Bar Graph, ExpertMeter, SpecDisplay
Power Requirements12VDC, Escort SmartCord USB12VDC, Negative Ground
Size (H x W x L) 1.38” x 3.25” x 5.15”1.38” x 3.25” x 5.15”
Additional FeaturesTrue 360° AwarenessAutoLearn
AutoLearn IntelligencePilot: Scanning Bar / Full Word
Shared Network Alerts


Escort MAX 360 MKII

Escort MAX 360 MKII Side
Escort MAX 360 MKII

The Escort MAX 360 MKII stands as a testament to Escort’s commitment to innovation and protection on the road. Featuring dual antennas, it boasts an impressive 50% increase in detection range, ensuring drivers remain vigilant of potential threats from all directions. The device’s cutting-edge Blackfin DSP chip, combined with advanced false alert filtering, promises a quieter ride by reducing unnecessary alerts from CAS (Collision Avoidance System) and BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring). Additionally, the AutoLearn Intelligence uses GPS to memorize frequently traveled routes, allowing for more personalized and precise threat detection. Read our full Escort MAX 360 MKII review.


  • Advanced Blackfin DSP chip for faster performance.
  • Reduces CAS and BSM false alerts.
  • AutoLearn Intelligence for route memorization.
  • Provides true 360° threat awareness.


  • Lacks built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Price might be steep for some.

Escort MAX 360c MKII

Escort MAX 360c MKII Side
Escort MAX 360c MKII

Redefining connectivity in radar detection, the Escort MAX 360c MKII seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi networks, facilitating automatic updates without the need for a computer. This model not only retains the exceptional detection range of its sibling but elevates the user experience with its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Its display and controls are intuitive, catering to both novice and seasoned users. The device’s advanced false alert filtering remains, ensuring drivers can focus on the road ahead without being interrupted by erroneous alerts. This model is a testament to the blend of advanced technology and user-centric design that Escort is renowned for. Check our more in-depth review of the MAX 360c MKII.


  • Seamless integration with Wi-Fi networks.
  • Exceptional detection range retained.
  • User-friendly controls and display.
  • Advanced false alert filtering system.
  • Automatically updates without a computer.


  • Slightly pricier than its counterpart.
  • Over-reliance on Wi-Fi for updates.


Escort MAX 360 MKII Top
Escort MAX 360 MKII

Upon first glance, both the Escort MAX 360 MKII and the Escort MAX 360c MKII boast a sleek and modern design that easily complements any car’s dashboard. Their aesthetic is a harmonious blend of function and form, ensuring the devices not only perform well but also look the part.

Escort MAX 360c MKII side
Escort MAX 360c MKII

The measurements of both models are identical at 1.38” H x 3.25” W x 5.15” L. This compact form factor makes it effortless to position either device in a variety of spots within a vehicle, whether you prefer it nestled snugly next to your rearview mirror or closer to your line of sight on the dashboard. A point to note is that, despite their matching dimensions, their weight can vary slightly. Though specific weights weren’t provided, in our hands-on testing, both felt lightweight, easy to handle, and mount.

Winner: Tie


The Graphic Multi-Color OLED display found on both units is vivid and easily readable under various lighting conditions. Whether driving in the bright afternoon sun or during the darker hours of the evening, we could glean all the information we needed without squinting or straining our eyes. This OLED display is also responsible for showcasing features like the Bar Graph, ExpertMeter, SpecDisplay, and the 5 levels of brightness, which includes a Full Dark Mode for those who prefer a more discrete presence of their device during nighttime drives.

Winner: Tie

Detection Range and Speed

When it comes to radar detectors, range and speed of detection are paramount. These factors determine how effectively a device can provide the driver with ample reaction time. Our team set out on a series of rigorous road tests to gauge the performance of both the Escort MAX 360 MKII and the MAX 360c MKII in diverse scenarios – from open highways to congested urban roads.

Detection Range

Right off the bat, the Escort MAX 360 MKII showcased its touted “exceptional range.” Its dual antennas provided a formidable detection range that indeed seemed to be about 50% more potent than some of the older models we’ve experienced. In vast open areas, this device consistently alerted us to radar signals way before they became a potential issue.

The MAX 360c MKII, sporting similar specs, mirrored this impressive performance. Its range, particularly on the K and Ka bands, was nothing short of exceptional. This was evident on a stretch of the highway where the device picked up on a patrol car’s radar nearly a mile before we could even spot the vehicle.

Detection Speed

With the inclusion of the Blackfin DSP chip, the Escort MAX 360 MKII offers faster performance than its predecessors. This was most noticeable in high-traffic areas, where the device quickly differentiated between various radar sources. Alerts were almost instantaneous, giving us confidence in the detector’s ability to keep pace with any sudden radar emissions.

The MAX 360c MKII, although sharing a similar chipset, seemed to have a hair’s breadth of an advantage in rapid signal processing. This could be attributed to its software optimization, but in real-world testing, the difference was negligible for the most part.

Winner: Tie

GPS and Wi-Fi Connectivity

GPS capabilities are invaluable in modern radar detectors, offering users the ability to mark and remember specific locations, identify false alerts, and more. Both the MAX 360 MKII and the MAX 360c MKII come equipped with advanced GPS features that not only help in recognizing false alerts but also aid in marking specific locations for threats like red light cameras, speed traps, and others.

GPS Functions

Escort_MAX_360_MKII Kit
Escort MAX 360 MKII

The process to mark a location or block a false alert is intuitive in both models. A simple press of the “MRK” button allows users to mark particular locations with specific labels. Similarly, for blocking false alerts, pressing the mute button three times during an alert lets the device remember the location and frequency, preventing future false alerts at the same spot.

However, the real distinguishing feature between the two models lies in their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Escort MAX 360c MKII side
Escort MAX 360c MKII side connections

As previously hinted, the MAX 360c MKII stands out with its enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity features. The inclusion of Wi-Fi in this model offers users a seamless experience in terms of updates. With Wi-Fi, the MAX 360c MKII can automatically download the latest updates, ensuring that your device is always up-to-date with the newest threat information, without the hassle of connecting it to a computer.

This Wi-Fi capability, in tandem with its GPS functions, allows the MAX 360c MKII to offer real-time alerts through its integration with the Escort Live app, making sure users are always a step ahead when it comes to potential threats on the road.

Winner: MAX 360c MKII


After rigorous testing and in-depth analysis, the choice becomes quite apparent. While both the Escort MAX 360 MKII and the MAX 360c MKII are premier radar detectors, each bringing a wealth of features to the table, it’s the MAX 360c MKII that truly shines brighter in our comparison.

One of the key distinctions is the MAX 360c MKII’s built-in Wi-Fi capability. This feature doesn’t just serve as a fancy addition; it translates to tangible benefits for the user. With the ability to connect seamlessly to Wi-Fi networks, the MAX 360c MKII ensures you’re always up to date, offering automatic software updates without the hassle of connecting to a computer. This means the device is consistently optimized to the latest radar threats, providing a critical edge in detection.

Moreover, the advanced connectivity ensures that users receive timely and updated traffic alerts, giving them the information they need to navigate roads safely and efficiently. This Wi-Fi advantage is absent in the MAX 360 MKII, which, while being advanced, doesn’t match the seamless tech integration of its counterpart.

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