Escort Max 360C Review

Escort Max 360C

Whether you are constantly running behind schedule and always seem to be in a rush, or you are one of those drivers who love to drive fast, or you normally just mosey along with seemingly all the time in the world, you can benefit from owning a top-performing radar detector like the Escort Max 360C. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Escort Max 360C Review of Main Specs:

Escort Max360c
RangeExtreme Long Range
Built-in GPSYes
False FilterIVT filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes

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Quality Construction

When you invest this kind of money in a radar detector you expect quality construction and that’s what you get with the Escort Max 360C. Its black case is sleek and modern looking and the function buttons are silver. It comes with an EZ Mag Mount, providing easy dismounting when needed and with a travel case for when you want to safely store it away out of sight.

Built-In Wi-Fi

The Max 360C is designed with today’s newer “connected” vehicles in mind. The 360C will automatically connect to your car’s Wi-Fi and the Escort Live app. This way it will constantly update its software and firmware (the 360C doesn’t need to be removed from the vehicle to be hooked up to a computer to receive updates), and in real time, alert you to changing driving conditions on your route, such as speed traps, red light camera locations, and traffic hazards.

OLED Display

The display is bright and easy to read unless it is exposed to bright sunlight. This is the one area that Escort needs to address, as LED displays do not suffer from brighter light. The display has directional arrows to indicate where the threat is in relation to your vehicle.


  • Outstanding detection range
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS with AutoLearn
  • Front and rear antennas for 360° protection
  • Over-speed alerting
  • OLED display with directional arrows


  • More difficult for beginners to master all of the functions
  • Bright sunlight can affect display visibility
  • Pricy

GPS Technology

The Max 360C has built-in GPS technology, which you would expect at this price point. What makes this GPS different is the detector’s ability to “auto learn’” common false alert locations that you regularly pass. It will learn to ignore these false radar signals, providing a quieter ride. The GPS technology will also enable the detector to warn you as you approach the locations of red light and speed cameras. An additional feature that GPS allows is over-speed warnings. You can select a speed that you don’t want to exceed, and the detector will monitor your speed and issue a warning if you exceed that speed.

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Extreme Range

Escort Max360c Top

Let’s face it, the reason you buy a radar detector is to avoid receiving a costly speeding ticket. It is critical that the detector has the ability to “see” a radar signal far enough away from you that you have time to react and slow down if necessary. This detector not only has the ability to warn you of active police radar, its response is lightning-fast due to advanced digital signal processing (DPS) technology. Because the detector has front and rear antennas, it provides 360° of protection.


The Max 360C will sound an alert with a short, one-second beep, followed by a voice alert that tells you which band of radar has been detected. The display will indicate the strength of the signal on a bar graph and the direction of the signal with the directional arrows.


Without a doubt, the Escort Max 360C is a great laser radar detector. Yes, it is pricy, but what you pay for, you get with this detector. It has great range, will alert you both visually and with voice, and it does a great job of eliminating common false alerts that cheaper detectors will drive you crazy with. Owning the Escort Max 360C is definitely worth the cost. (>>> Buy Directly from EscortRadar)