Thinkware F200 PRO Review

Thinkware F200 PRO

The Thinkware F200 is a super-compact and affordable dash cam option that includes a rear camera. The system is easy to install and provides several features to make it simple to use. The low price point means some advanced features aren’t included.

Optional extra equipment can be bought to add some features that are handy to have. This Thinkware F200 Pro review will examine what this dash cam has to offer and why we think it is an excellent, affordable camera for the average commuter. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

Thinkware F200 PRO Review of Main Specs:

Thinkware F200 PRO
Resolution (front)1080p Full HD @30fps
View angle140° FRONT & 160° REAR
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleNo
Maximum capacity128 GB
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This is one of the smaller dash cams on the market. It measures about 4-inches long and 1 ⅓-inches tall. At less than an inch thick, it is an excellent option when you want an unobtrusive camera that can hide behind your mirror. There is no touchscreen to be distracting so the unit largely vanishes once it’s installed.

Camera Video Quality

Overall, the video this camera shoots is very good. It offers a maximum resolution of 1080p and takes advantage of a 140-degree viewing angle that is ideal for capturing the highest quality of detail at this resolution. Front video shoots at 30 frames per second.

The rear camera also shoots in 1080p at 30 FPS, a rare combination in dash cams at this price point. The viewing angle is a wider 160-degrees for the rear camera, ensuring that the camera captures action happening from the very edges of the vehicle.

The cameras use Wide Dynamic Range technology to improve contrast when glare and shadows might make details difficult to see. Thinkware’s Advanced Video Clear Technology further reduces static and distortion.

Retrieving, Saving, and Recording Videos

The camera will automatically record and overwrite onto a micro SD card. The camera includes an appropriate Class 10 32gb card that will offer about five hours of recording. The camera can use up to a 128gb SD card, but must have a high-speed card intended for security camera use.

An app is included with the Thinkware camera that is the easiest way to access videos. Built-in WiFi enables the camera to download saved videos to a compatible device for easy review. The card can also be removed and viewed using a reader on a laptop or computer.

The F200 Pro has a convenient button on the back that lets you quickly turn on automatic recording when you see something that you want to record, but it isn’t necessarily affecting your car.


  • Good quality video from both cameras
  • Discrete option that doesn’t clutter the windshield


  • The app can be frustrating
  • Optional extras can increase the price beyond competitors

Parking Mode

The F200 provides parking mode recording using an impact sensor. When an impact is detected, the camera automatically begins recording. There is also an option for a 2 FPS recording time lapse that allows the camera to record lots of data without taxing energy reserves and filling up the SD card.

Parking mode requires the use of a remote battery pack or a hardwire to the vehicle. The camera has a special circuit to prevent discharging the car battery.

What’s in the Box?

You’ll get both the front and rear cameras along with the appropriate mounts. This set includes a 3M sticky mount. Other designs are available on the aftermarket and through the manufacturer. A 12v power cable is included so you can power the camera from the cigarette lighter, but Thinkware also gives you a hardwire kit that allows the camera to use parking mode. A 32gb micro SD card gets you up and running and the wiring clips ensure you can place everything where you need it safely and securely.

Optional Accessories

Thinkware F200 PRO

Thinkware offers an optional GPS antennae that enables access to several features. The camera is capable of advanced driver assist technology using GPS. It will give you alerts about lane departures, collision warnings, and can also give you a heads up about red-light cameras and speed traps. Adding the GPS to the camera will also geo-locate videos so you can accurately record where the video was shot along with other vehicle data.


This is a great front and rear camera system for the average driver. The video quality isn’t show-stopping, but it is good enough. One of the best features of this camera is how discrete it is.

The biggest disappointment is the lack of an included GPS antenna that prevents the camera from accessing some of the best features. Still, we think this camera system makes an excellent choice for commuters and rideshare drivers alike. (>>> Check on Amazon)