THINKWARE U1000 Review

You need the best dash cam bundle to ensure your vehicle is safe, even when you aren’t driving. The Thinkware U1000 is a great product that brings you native 4K fronk and 2K rear camera angles and numerous valuable features you won’t find in other devices. This Thinkware U1000 review will explain why this is a great security system for when you are driving, when a friend is driving, or when you are parked. (>>> Find the current price on Amazon)

THINKWARE U1000 Review of Main Specs:

Resolution (front)3840x2160 UHD 30FPS
View angle150 degree
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
Parking modeYes
Maximum capacity128 GB
PriceFind on Amazon

Image Quality

The main reason you want a dash cam is to capture high-quality videos in real time as you drive. This bundle from Thinkware includes a 4K front-facing camera with a 150 degree wide view and a rear-facing camera that captures 156 degrees of 2k video. Files are stored on an included 32GB micro SD card.

Users can downscale the front camera to 2k resolution and increase the frame rate of the video from 30Hz to 60Hz. This allows you to get much cleaner images and makes zooming on license plates easier. After all, what good is a security camera if you can’t see what is going on in the images?

Recording Technology

Both cameras are configurable to provide the user with video recordings 10 seconds before and after an incident. The Thinkware U1000 uses a variety of tech, including an optional radar module, that enables the camera to sense when it needs to record, capturing the images you need without a bunch of files you’ll never look at.

The optional parking mode can detect impacts and will even record motion prior to impact when using the radar module. This is invaluable technology for finding out what happened when your car is damaged in a parking lot. Motion detection will not trigger for pedestrians or motorcycles, but works great for capturing images of vehicles larger than an average sedan.

Drivers can even set the camera to take a 2FPS recording time-lapse effect to monitor activity around a parked car in near real-time. This is a great option when you park your car in risky places, like parking structures, airports, and in unsavory neighborhoods.


  • Excellent front and rear video quality
  • Very good impact detection in parking mode
  • Availability of radar module allows expansion to provide a total car security monitoring solution


  • File sizes are very large
  • You must purchase optional accessories to take full advantage of the capabilities

Cloud Technology

One of the best additions to technology in recent years has been the widespread acceptance of cloud-based file storage and data transfers. Thinkware uses proprietary tech to provide users with unparalleled access to their data through the cloud. It is important to note that all cloud-based features require a hotspot, so check your data plan before signing up.

Using the Thinkware app, users have instant access to stored files they can access on Android or iPhone devices. You’ll also have the ability to adjust any settings through the app and you can keep the firmware up to date with free downloads.

Night Vision

Lots of cameras out there are good at capturing video during the day, but they become useless at night. Thinkware uses the newest 8.24 megapixel Sony STARVIS sensor to ensure great quality video files in less than ideal lighting conditions. You can count on this camera to capture usable files in the dark.

Built-in GPS

THINKWARE U1000 connections

This camera bundle includes built-in GPS that provides drivers with several important features. It will alert you to the presence of red light and speed cameras so you will have a heads-up and can avoid silly tickets.

Adding the optional radar module gains you advanced driver assistance systems. This set of features provides lane departure warning, front collision notification, and other hazards you might not notice. This is a way to add some of the most sought-after, modern technology to any car.

Cloud-based Monitoring

One really neat feature of this camera is the ability to use a hotspot and cloud technology to track the vehicle’s location, even when you are not the driver. If you are wondering where your teen driver is going, you can easily monitor the camera through the cloud. You can even set geofence locations that automatically send alerts when your vehicle leaves a preset range.

What’s in the Box?

The U1000 bundle from Thinkware includes both front and rear cameras, a hardwire kit, front and rear power cables, a 32 GB SD card and reader, a windshield mount, and all of the associated clips and cable ties you will need to install. Installation will require removal of interior trim panels, so you may need to purchase a trim removal tool and a workshop manual for your car to identify the correct way to remove certain components.

Hardwire is preferred for parking mode, though a portable battery can also function well enough. Thinkware recommends a professional installation for hardwire applications to ensure no damage is done to the vehicle electrical system. Incorrect installation can cause battery drain and a no-start condition.


What makes this a great choice is the numerous included features and the superior cameras. Users rate the video quality very high. Images are clear and easy to use, however files are very large. Upgrading to the largest possible SD card (128GB) is recommended when using parking mode.

Thinkware has a winner on their hands with this dash cam bundle. It looks nice, functions better, and is reasonably affordable considering the broad range of accessible features. Optional equipment, like the radar module, give this camera bundle the ability to function well beyond just another in-car camera. (>>> Check on Amazon)