Uniden R3 DSP Review

Uniden R3

Uniden’s R1 did an amazing job of setting the foundations for one of the best DSP series in the industry. It helped thousands of people avoid police radars and red-light cameras, and it would be fair to say that everyone who used it thought ‘it couldn’t get much better than this’. That’s where Uniden R3 DSP review comes into play.

The R3 basically ‘borrowed’ the design from R1 and took it onto the next level. It came with a superior GPS chip that added a plethora of very helpful settings, such as GPS lockout, low-speed muting, and enhanced speed cam alerts. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from R3 DSP. >>>Check on Uniden.com

Uniden R3 DSP Review – Features

Uniden R3 DSP
RangeExtreme Long Range
Built-in GPSYES
DisplayMulti-color OLED
False FilterAdvanced K /KA Band Filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYES
Speed-based Auto MuteYES
Updateable FirmwareYES
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The R3 is one of the most versatile contraptions in the radar detection industry. It’s capable of picking up LIDAR laser systems, police radars, and red light cameras. Furthermore, it packs a huge array of other features, such as GPS technology, blind-spot monitoring, signal lockout, the Quiet Ride tech, and plenty others. Find it’s comparison vs Radenso XP.

Unequaled sensitivity and range

The performance of a radar detector is measured through its sensitivity, which is the field where Uniden’s R3 DSP excels like no other. This little DSP can pick up any sort of trailing device from a safe range, alerting you that there’s trouble headed your way (or vice versa) in time for you to react.


  • Exceptional value for the money
  • Superb accuracy, sensitivity & radar range
  • Can pick up on most police lasers and radars
  • Great quality of alert audio
  • Very easy to use and set up


  • Smallish OLED display
  • The alerts last for too long

Simple to use

Uniden’s R3 requires setup prior to use, but even so, its method of operation is remarkably plain and straightforward.

Getting familiar with its features is recommended prior to its setup. The Mute/Dim feature cycles through various sub-menus; ‘Mark’ locks out your GPS within False-Alert zones whenever you are in near vicinity; Volume -/+ toggles the audibility of the alerts; and ‘City’ switches through City, Highway, or Advanced modes.

You’ll have a clear overview of all R3’s features on its OLED display, which means that every button and setting gives feedback. Even though the display is quite petite in size, it’s just big enough for you to get a grasp on active features and alerts.

Tiny footprint

The dimensions of Uniden’s R3 DSP are 9 by 4 by 7 inches and it weighs barely 1.65 pounds. On top of that, you have a couple of mounting options at your disposal. This DSP is meant to fit any vehicle’s windshield, regardless of size.

Built-in GPS

Apart from being a top-quality radar tracker, the R3 DSP also sports easy-navigation GPS system integration. What’s more, you’ll be able to see red-light cameras in every area you pass through. It’s a very convenient feature, although we should remind you that the display is quite small, so its usability is somewhat limited.

Highly audible notifications and alerts

One of the best things about Uniden’s R3 is that it sports ultra loud notifications. Not only that, but they also last for quite a while (approximately 11 seconds or until shut down). This feature ensures that you don’t need to be on your toes the whole time fearing that you might not hear the alert or respond in time. You can always configure the volume of alerts if you think they’re too loud. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Final Words

Uniden’s R3 is, in a nutshell, one of the best radar scouters available for the buck. This model excels in numerous fields of performance, including versatility, sensitivity, and reliability, so you can rest assured that your trips will be far safer once you start using it.