Best Exhaust for 370Z

One of the first upgrades many people make to their Nissan 370Z sports cars is an aftermarket exhaust. An exhaust kit can improve horsepower and fuel mileage while giving your car a pronounced performance sound. Our favorite system is the Borla catback exhaust (>>> Find on Amazon). We found some examples of other designs that offer benefits at a lower price.

Best Exhaust for 370Z round-up review

Best Exhaust for 370Z – Top Picks:

Borla 140313DNA CBE-370Z-D-T3DNA CBE370ZDT2Rev9 CB-305Auto Dynasty MufflerNPBoosted Dual Catback Exhaust Kit
OEM Part Number140313CBE-370Z-D-T3CBE-370Z-D-T2‎CB-305‎AD-CBE-370Z-D-T2‎NP-370CB
Model Years2009-20182009-20162009-20192009-20142009-20192009-2019
Engine Type3.7L V63.7L V63.7L V63.7L V63.7L V63.7L V6
Item Weight (pounds)4060673867No data
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Borla 14031

Borla 140313

This is our favorite exhaust system for the ‘09 and up Nissan 370Z. The kit includes piping from the catalytic converters to the exhaust tips. Borla produces a top-notch product. You’ll find precision welds, perfect fitment, and proven performance gains without the annoying buzzy exhaust tone that many aftermarket systems cause.

The major pipes measure 2.5-inch diameter and are made of T-304 austenitic stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than lower grades of steel. The piping is mandrel bent and provides a seamless, smooth path to increase exhaust velocity. This translates into increases in fuel economy and power.

The exhaust tips are attractive and feature a single reverse angle bend and an outside diameter measures 4.5-inches. The tips fill the factory recess perfectly to give you the high-performance look you want. The entire system is built using precision CNC machinery to ensure a perfect fit.


  • Fast and easy installation that completely replaces the factory equipment.
  • Provides proven fuel mileage and power gains without annoying noise
  • Angle cut tips are attractive


  • Cost is higher than other products
  • Not a good choice for drivers who want a loud, aggressive exhaust

DNA Motoring CBE-370Z-D-T3

DNA Motoring CBE-370Z-D-T3

This is one of the most popular budget options on the market these days. DNA Motoring is a California-based design studio with manufacturing in China. They produce several cat-back exhaust systems for the Nissan 370Z.

This kit is a popular design that provides dual 2.25-inch stainless steel pipes. The dual pipes incorporate a total of four resonators to reduce unwanted exhaust tones and produce a performance sound. Exhaust tips are 4.5” round with an angle cut and single roll finish.

The manufacturer claims a massive power gain of up to 25 hp, but this number should be questioned since it isn’t backed up by testing. Numerous installers say this kit requires some modifications to account for brackets that don’t properly line up. Several buyers report that the tips must be cut and rewelded to make them equal.


  • Cheap exhaust system
  • Produces a louder than stock exhaust note


  • Some brackets may not line up
  • Tips may not sit equally without adjustment
  • Numb, buzzing note at off-idle speeds

DNA Motoring CBE370ZDT2

DNA Motoring CBE370ZDT2

This is another kit from DNA Motoring for the 09-20 Nissan 370Z. This design is identical to the model above, but is made from T-304 stainless steel rather than inferior T-409. The stainless steel used in this kit makes it about 10 pounds heavier than the T-409 system featured above.

The exhaust kit includes dual 2.25-inch pipes and 4.5-inch tips. It uses the identical tips as the above kit and the same mandrel bent piping. The major advantage is that this kit will handle salty roads longer than the T-409 kit at the cost of more weight.

The same issues with the above system plague this kit as well. Installers note that brackets may not be accurate and tips may need to be removed and rewelded to properly align. The kit produces a louder sound but has not been demonstrated to provide performance or fuel economy benefits.


  • Cheap exhaust system
  • Produces a louder than stock sound
  • Gives the vehicle a performance appearance


  • Not performance tested
  • Some fitment issues

Rev9 Single-Exit Exhaust

Rev9 CB-305

This system takes a different approach to provide power and fuel economy. This is a single exit exhaust system that is directed to the drivers side. The system fits on Z34 models built between 2009 and 2017. This is a great way to get noticeable power gains from your 370Z.

The kit replaces the exhaust from the catalytic converter back with an oversized pipe. The major pipe is a full 3-inches in diameter. The heart of this kit is the performance muffler that improves exhaust velocity and provides a deep, race car sound.

Like many aftermarket kits, you’ll want to spend time ensuring that this kit fits properly. Some installers encountered rubbing of the pipe or tip on various parts of the car. It is recommended that you remove the silencer prior to installing this exhaust kit.


  • Excellent power upgrade for certain models
  • Sounds great and looks high-performance
  • Easy to install


  • Requires adjustment to prevent rubbing
  • Many installers struggled with silencer removal

Auto Dynasty Exhaust Kit

Auto Dynasty Exhaust Kit

Here is an example of rebranding at work. This exhaust features many of the same features as the kits from DNA Motoring and uses the same images to promote this slightly more expensive option. The major pipes measure in at 2.25-inches and use 4.5-inch double wall rolled tips.

The manufacturer claims this kit is made from T-304 stainless steel. The manufacturer claims up to 25 horsepower but this should be investigated for accuracy.

Like the DNA Motoring kits, this kit will likely require some modification to fit properly. Some of the brackets may not properly line up. Other problems may include tips that are uneven or contact parts of the car until adjustments are made.


  • Good looking product
  • Good upgrade for cars that see time in the snow or at the beach


  • Performance gains are not proven and likely misleading
  • More expensive than otherwise identical products

NPBoosted Track Exhaust

NPBoosted Track Exhaust

This exhaust piping kit lets you easily delete the factory mufflers for track day, making it a simple swap from street-legal to competition level. This kit is only appropriate for off-road use, so it won’t permanently replace factory parts.

This kit begins with an oversized 2.4-inch exhaust pipe that provides better exhaust flow when complemented by other modifications to the intake and fuel delivery system. The exhaust is too big for a stock engine and will hurt performance without modifications to the car.

You’ll notice the biggest gains from this performance kit at full-throttle. When you add this kit to an engine with upgrades to the CPU, intake, and removal of restrictive equipment, you may see increases of 20 horsepower.


  • Makes swapping factory to performance exhaust quick and easy
  • Provides an excellent race car sound at full throttle
  • Affordable track car upgrade ideal for dedicated autocross racers


  • Not appropriate for street use
  • Very loud- ear protection should be worn

Best Exhaust for 370Z Buyers Guide

Purchasing an upgraded exhaust for your Nissan 370Z is often one of the first decisions you’ll make. Providing a better flowing exhaust improves factory performance and can improve fuel economy. Many people make mistakes when purchasing an aftermarket exhaust that causes decreases in performance and fuel economy and can lead to long-term engine damage.

Why Bigger Isn’t Better

This is the “biggest” mistake people make- pun intended. It may seem like increasing the size of the factory exhaust will improve airflow but that only holds true up to a point. When you run too large of an exhaust pipe, the airflow is actually restricted by a process called backflow.

The result of this condition is a progressive drop in performance that becomes more noticeable at higher speeds, bogging acceleration, and declining fuel economy. Your vehicle may have check engine lights come on due to emissions problems.

What is the Right Size

The Nissan 370Z will benefit from an exhaust pipe measuring 2.25-inches more than a 3-inch pipe. Once you add higher flow intake systems, large volume fuel injectors, and a custom modded CPU, you may be able to benefit from up to a 2.5-inch pipe.


More important than the size of the exhaust pipe is the construction and design of the muffler or mufflers. These devices reduce overall exhaust volume and can tune the exhaust by baffling out unwanted sounds. Inexpensive mufflers provide little benefit in either performance or sound. A properly engineered muffler will feature baffles and a high-flow design with proven performance gains.

Why Manufacturers Make Outrageous Claims

You’ll see all sorts of performance parts saying you’ll gain 10, 20, or 30 horsepower just by bolting their parts on your car. Unfortunately, there are no restrictions that require companies to back this information up with testing, and the results are not typical. An average upgrade with a high performance muffler and appropriate pipe will gain around seven horsepower and you may see up to three miles per gallon increase.

What Features Should You Look For

A high-quality stainless steel exhaust made from tough T-304 is certainly a cool upgrade to your vehicle, but is it necessary?

These days, inexpensive parts made in China have made T-304 stainless affordable to the everyman, provided you are willing to do some modifications to make it work.

There is not a requirement that products claiming to be of T-304 or T-409 SS provide any proof. There is always a possibility that the T-304 product you buy may be of an inferior material.


In our experience, you’ll have better success on any project by choosing reputable, established companies. Our selection of the Borla exhaust kit reflects that approach. The Borla kit allows instant power gains and the ability to handle almost any upgrade you make in the future (>>> Check on Amazon). Sure, it’s expensive, but sometimes the best products are.

You should keep in mind that the benefits of upgrading your exhaust should be performance and fuel economy gains, not producing a bunch of noise. If making noise is the only goal, buying an exhaust kit isn’t appropriate. Simply have a muffler shop weld out your mufflers, but keep in mind this is illegal almost everywhere.

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