Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an excellent all-electric vehicle that features industry-leading range and stunning good looks. For all its pluses, the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus trims don’t come with floor mats. If you want to protect the interior of your car from wear and tear, you’ll want to pick up a set of aftermarket floor mats designed to fit the specific contours of your Tesla. We found that the best floor mats for Tesla Model 3 vehicles are the TAPTES custom-fit floor mats (>>> Find on Amazon).

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 – Top Picks:

TAPTES Custom-Fit MatsSuper LinerAuTailors MatsToughPro Floor MatsTOPlight Floor MatsYITAMOTOR Floor Mat
OEM Part Number‎TS003000245‎SL-M3‎21TESLA3BK6‎1202021001‎0000000030YTES0027
MaterialRubber, Thermoplastic ElastomerRubberCompound materialRubberSolid thick rubberThermoplastic Elastomer
SeasonalityAll-seasonAll-seasonAll-seasonAll-seasonNo dataNo data
Are the matts for frunk & trunk included?NoYesYesYesNoNo
Country of originChinaNo dataUSAUSAChinaChina
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

Floor Mat Options – Carpeted vs Rubber

Carpeted floor mats can look nice, but they tend to wear quickly and they don’t resist water, mud, or that soda you left in your cup holder last week. They also tend to shift and bunch, which is dangerous. You’ll find that all of our picks are rubber and there is a reason for that. Unlike carpeted mats, rubber mats are waterproof, resist wear, and don’t get tangled up under your pedals. Plus, the conformed rubber design makes them fit like a glove for a clean and custom look.

Best Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 Product Reviews

Top Pick: TAPTES Custom-Fit Mats

TAPTES Custom-Fit Mats

These floor mats are more than just a way to protect your carpets from damage- they also look cool and enhance the appearance of your interior. They are constructed of odorless rubber using a unique triple-layer construction that ensures a flexible rubber that is also durable.

The set of mats includes a three-piece set that covers virtually all of the carpets in your car. Each of the mats is uniquely shaped to provide proper contouring along with a raised edge that prevents liquids from spilling over the sides. This design is ideal when you have snow or mud on your shoes because it prevents your interior from accidentally being damaged.

A special material on the back makes sure that these mats sit still when you’ve got them installed. The mats are easy to remove because they don’t use any hooks or snaps and won’t leave pin-marks in your carpets like some inexpensive designs.


  • Excellent fit that doesn’t slip
  • Comfortable feel when driving
  • Excellent looking floor mats


  • Usually has creases from shipping that need to be folded out

Runner-up: Super Liner for Model 3

Super Liner

The Super Liner floor mat lives up to its name. This set includes both front mats, the rear mat, and a rubber mat for the trunk of your Tesla. All four components are made from TPE, a low-odor type of rubber that is waterproof and doesn’t easily bend or crease. They are designed to handle mud, snow, rain, and anything else you can throw at them.

The design makes these floor mats simple to clean. Since they are of solid construction and don’t have deep crevices, a quick vacuum will keep them looking good. When they get really dirty, you can simply hose them off and clean them with a rag and a little dish soap. They are even UV resistant for added durability.

A nibbed backing provides excellent non-slip grip to prevent shifting when passengers are getting in and out of the vehicle. The design of the floor mats looks remarkably good with the interior of the Tesla and gives your car a durable solution to ruined floors.


  • Easy to install set of floor mats with excellent fit
  • Bonus cargo area cover provides extra protection


  • May require a heat gun or hair dryer to unwrinkle creases
  • Nib backing leaves dimples in the carpet

Editor’s Pick: AuTailors Mats for Model 3

AuTailors Mats

When a boring blank black floor mat just won’t do, this is the way to go. The AuTailors mats have a super-cool carbon-fibre weave pattern that makes your Tesla stand out from the crowd. Not only does this design look awesome, it also provides extra heavy-duty protection for your ride.

The mats are constructed in layers with the carbon-fiber on top followed by a layer of flame-resistant and waterproof TPR material. The final layer of the body is made from nylon fibers to provide a soft and cushioned feel. A layer of anti-skid hook-and-loop material gives these mats velcro-like stickiness without velcro.

This is a six-piece set that will cover every surface of your Tesla in an armor-like coating of weather-resistant and highly durable materials you’ll get years of enjoyment from. They install easily and can be cleaned with soap and water.


  • Looks fantastic when installed
  • One of the only flame-resistant options you’ll find
  • Excellent customer service


  • More pricey than some options
  • Some buyers report fitment issues on driver’s side that requires a replacement

Runner-up: ToughPro Floor Mats

ToughPro Floor Mats

Your Tesla Model 3 is a precision piece of computer-integrated technology. Why not choose floor mats that are just as smart? These floor mats from ToughPro are computer-crafted from start to finish for a precision fit the likes of which are unrivaled by any other company. These are some of the most unique, good looking, and best fitting mats around.

Unlike typical floor mats that are made from some combination of rubber or layers of rubber, the ToughPro mats feature a “soccer ball” style of construction that joins hundreds of individual cells together to form a flexible, durable floor mat that traps and retains water, slush, and debris.

The mats feature nib on the back to prevent sliding and are laser-cut for a precise fit. The unique cellular structure gives these mats an interesting, futuristic look that is right at home in the Tesla Model 3. This set includes mats for the front and rear passenger areas, the trunk, and the frunk.


  • Interesting design and good fitment for most owners
  • Unique appearance gives the Tesla a futuristic look


  • Lack of raised edge or border won’t work well with snow or mud
  • One-piece trunk mat can be difficult to deal with when accessing the lower compartment
  • Some fitment issues reported due to minor changes from year to year

Budget Pick: TOPlight Floor Mats

TOPlight Floor Mats

This set of floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 proves that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a high-quality set of mats. They are simply designed, effective, and inexpensive so you can spend more time enjoying the drive.

These mats feature a deep surface with bold raised edges to ensure that liquids, snow, and mud don’t slosh off onto your carpets and ruin your interior. The basic, simple design is easy to care for since there are not lots of nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to get caught in. This makes cleanup easy and fast using nothing more than a little soapy water.

The surface of these mats features a chain-like pattern that does a superior job of capturing dirt and debris while offering excellent traction for a non-slip fit and finish. For the money, you won’t find a better fitting or looking mat for your Tesla.


  • Low cost alternative to high-priced mats
  • Good fitting mat that doesn’t look bad


  • Can be difficult to get creases from shipping removed
  • Doesn’t fit all years of the Model 3 well

Runner-up: YITAMOTOR Floor Mat


You need to protect the floors of your car, but spending a bunch of money on floor mats isn’t an option. Choose these floor mats for your budget upgrade and get the coverage and protection you need. They don’t have a bunch of unique and interesting features, but they cover your floors well.

These mats have a raised and rigged design that traps dirt and dust to keep your car clean. They are made from a durable TPE material that is soft to the touch. They are 3D designed to ensure a quality fit that goes with your Tesla interior.

A raised nib backing provides good grip to the floor of your car so you don’t have to worry about the mat shifting while you drive or causing a passenger to fall when getting out of the vehicle. They also include peel-and-stick velcro tabs to help the mats lay flat and stay put.


  • Affordable option for getting decent quality floor mats
  • Easy to clean and care for


  • Doesn’t fit precisely in all Model 3 variants
  • May be more difficult to remove creases than other brands


The Model 3 Tesla is an excellent vehicle for driving enthusiasts, commuters, and rideshare drivers, but the lack of decent floor mats means the original carpet can easily get damaged. The simple solution is to purchase a set of the best floor mats you can find. Our top pick is the ultimate in durability, fit, and finish. All of the products we included on our list today have numerous benefits and are among the very best around. You won’t be disappointed by adding a set of all-weather floor mats to your car.