BlackVue DR900x Review

BlackVue DR900x

Because bad things do happen to good drivers, every driver can benefit from owning a dash camera and one of the absolute best dash cams on the market is the BlackVue DR900x. Having sharply detailed digital evidence is the best proof you can provide if you ever need to defend yourself in the case of an auto accident or an insurance claim.

Today, our cars come with things like keyless entry, remote starters, DVD players front and rear, WiFi, and power outlets. It just makes sense to enable our cars to have vision and an voice. Adding a dash camera will do both. >>> Check current price on Amazon

BlackVue DR900x Review of Main Specs:

BlackVue DR900X
Resolution3840×2160 30FPS
Megapixel Front camera8
Megapixel Rear camera2.1
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPSYes
LTE ModuleYes
Maximum capacity256 GB
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Cloud Connectivity

The DR900x is one of the first dash cams to connect to a cloud service without requiring an internet hotspot in your car. By adding an optional 4G LTE module and a phone company SIM card, you will be able to plug the module directly into the camera and then connect the camera to the internet. Once connected to BlackVue’s cloud service you will be able to use the remote live view, GPS tracking, and receive push notifications about security incidents from the dash cam on a Smartphone. You will also be able to store or view previously recorded videos. There is a free Cloud plan that is included, and optional paid plans that offer unlimited viewing are also available.

4K and 1080p Video Quality

The forward BlackVue dash cam records at 4K UHD resolution with a 162° view angle, the rear camera using a Sony STARVIS Image Sensor, records at 1080p with 139° view angle. Both angles of view are wide enough to provide complete coverage of things happening around the area of your car. Forward camera video is rated as very good during daylight hours, while the rear camera quality is rated as good. For both cameras, nighttime video quality is considered only fairly good. You have the ability to choose between four video quality rates; Extreme Highest (25 Mbps front, 10 Mbps rear), Highest (12 Mbps front, 10 Mbps rear), High (10 Mbps front, 8 Mbps rear), and Normal (8 Mbps front, 6 Mbps rear). Using the normal mode will deliver the smoothest video streaming.


  • Forward 4K UHD and rear 1080p facing cameras
  • GPS and WiFi connectivity
  • Enhanced night vision recordings
  • Impact and Motion detection
  • High temperature cutoff


  • Cost
  • Additional component purchase required to ease accessibility
  • Parking Mode can be difficult to disable

Parking Modes

There are three parking modes to choose from. The camera should be hardwired into your car’s electrical system or you can use an external power supply to access these modes. There is a “buffered parking mode” in which the cameras will activate and record video when motion or an impact is detected. In the “time-lapse parking mode” the camera records continuously at a frame rate of 1 fps (frames per second). In “simple parking mode” the camera will only start recording if an impact is detected.

GPS and WiFi

BlackVue DR900x connections

GPS is built into the camera, allowing a Google Maps location for any recordings. It will also display the speed at which the car is traveling. WiFi capability allows you use either an Android or iOS system to configure camera settings, view recorded videos, or watch a live view of what the camera is “seeing”.

Impact and Motion Detection

The DR900x not only detects impacts while driving, it will detect sudden speed changes as well. When parked it becomes motion sensitive. It will automatically tag important files as Normal, Event, or Parking Mode, making searching for a particular file much easier.

Final Thoughts

The BlackVue DR900x has been found by owners of the system to work flawlessly. Once installed and configured, it never needs to be touched or adjusted. If something bad happens to your car, whether you are present or not, you will have recorded evidence of what has occurred. If you want the best device with cloud capability and parking modes, the DR900x is the choice for you. It may even help you qualify for a safe driver discount from your insurance company. >>> Check on Amazon