Escort Max 360c MKII vs Uniden R8

Escort and Uniden are two of the best brands putting out premium quality radar detectors. We are going to compare the Escort Max 360c MKII vs Uniden R8 to help you determine which is best for you.

Escort Max 360c MKII vs Uniden R8 Side by Side:

Escort MAX 360c MKIIUniden R8
Range50% improved rangeExtreme Long range
Built-in GPSYesYes
DisplayOLEDFull-color OLED
False Alert FilteringYesYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesYes
Bluetooth connectivityYesYes
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Range Detection

It is a no-brainer that a good radar detector is one with a wide range. Luckily both the Max 360c MKII from Escort and Uniden’s R8 are up to the challenge.

Each radar detector boasts long range with 360-degree detection so drivers are alerted to where the signal is coming from. So which one wins out?

While Uniden’s R8 no doubt has comparable capabilities to the Escort model, the Max 360c MKII edges it out with even greater range. It is important to note, however, that each radar detector has a long range in excess of 2,000 feet so both are top performers.

Best range: Escort Max 360c MKII


Radar detectors must be able to filter out the signal from the noise, otherwise they are practically useless. This has become an even harder task as times goes on, with more and more cars on the roads sending out false signals. For instance, many safety systems like lane keep assist can cause a radar detector to go off.

Even something as seemingly harmless as an automatic door opener at the store can be a problem for radar detectors. Luckily both Escort and Uniden excel at filtering. Each product has the ability to filter out true signals from false alerts effectively, remaining quiet when it needs to be.

The Escort model also offers auto-muting, in which it will eventually silence false alerts from known locations via onboard GPS. The Uniden model is a very quick responder, outperforming the Escort’s predecessor (Redline 360c), especially on the K and Ka bands.

Additionally, the R8 adjusts its behavior based on vehicle speed, with all bands being at maximum  sensitivity at higher speeds with reduced sensitivities at lower speeds.

Once again, both detectors perform well, but we give the advantage to the Uniden here.

Best filtering: Uniden R8

Smartphone Compatibility

It is common to buy a radar detector from a company that also offers an app to enhance or add-on to your experience. In fact, with the ubiquity of smartphones, it is almost expected. So it comes as no surprise that Escort offers two apps for their products.

Unfortunately, the Max 360c MKII is only compatible with the newest app from Escort, which has many reports of bugs. Of course, it is expected that with time, Escort will remedy these problems and the app will be as good as or better than their older, more stable app.

The Escort app is meant to provide additional information and connect drivers to others for alerts and heads ups. Find related comparison vs. Valentine One Gen2

On the other hand, the Uniden R8 does not come with an app experience. Somewhat unusual in today’s market, especially for such a premium product. However, the R8 does have Bluetooth so it can be connected to the Internet.

Without an app, Uniden obviously loses out on this one, giving Escort the edge.

Best for smartphones: Escort Max 360c MKII

Escort Max 360c MKII

Escort Max 360c MKII


  • Integrated GPS
  • Easy to read display
  • Minimal setup needed
  • AI learning for fewer false alerts
  • Wide range


  • Only compatible with newer app which is not as stable as the older app

The Escort Max 360c MKII is a premium radar detector with the top-notch features to back it up. It has a long range, ability to learn from and silence false alerts, directional display so you know exactly where an alert is coming from, a multi-colored display for easy reading and an aesthetically pleasing design, and an app (albeit the app needs to be improved upon). Check our full review if you want to learn more about the Escort Max 360c MKII.

Uniden R8

Uniden R8


  • Wide range
  • Minimal setup needed
  • Easy to read display
  • Fast response times
  • Onboard GPS


  • No app
  • No Wifi

Like the Escort model, the Uniden R8 is a top of the line radar detector. It comes with excellent range, onboard GPS, directional alerts, an easy to read display, and very fast response times that tend to exceed that of its competitors.

Both the Uniden R8 and Escort Max 360c MKII run at the $700 mark, so they are quite literally on the same playing field in terms of cost.


As noted above, both the radar detector from Escort and that from Uniden offer high-quality performance at the same price point. So you cannot make a choice based on which one is cheaper (unless one happens to be on sale, of course). How do you choose?

If you want an out of the box experience without having to deal with apps or anything else, go with Uniden. There is no app, so everything that comes on the radar detector is the entirety of its features. For those who like the app experience and the option of having more than just what the radar detector alone provides, choose the Escort (>>> Find on However, remember that the newest app for Escort is not in the best state, but this is likely to be remedied over time.