Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter Review

These days, many police departments are moving away from stationary radar detectors and are beginning to adopt laser devices that can be used while the police car is in motion. This new technology makes many types of radar detectors useless because by the time the detector detects the laser, the cop already knows you are speeding. The solution is to use a device called a laser shifter.

This Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter review will discuss how this new device works and whether it is the right solution for your driving habits. (>>> Check on Escortradar)

Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter Review of Main Specs:

Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter
What's insideIncludes 2 sensors, controller, bridge, and interface
Updateable to meet future threatsYes
Price Find on EscortRadar

The Escort ZR5 laser shifter is different from a typical radar detector. Detectors simply let you know that a radar signal has been recognized. This system captures incoming laser signals and sends back a false response, so the cop trying to get your speed gets nothing instead. The trick is to locate the laser receiver so that it has the best chance of capturing the incoming signal. Laser is a pinpoint system, so if the incoming beam misses the sensor, the cops will still get your speed.

What’s in the Box

You’ll get two sensors/ receivers that detect the incoming laser signal, a ShifterMax bridge, a controller, and an interface with a speaker that lets you know when a laser is shifted. The sensors are intended to be mounted in locations likely to be targeted, such as taillights, third-brake lights, and license plates. These reflective surfaces are the most likely to return a good signal, so they are the most likely to be targeted.

The bridge piece allows for the connection of two additional sensors to total four. This gives you 360-degree protection from law enforcement threats using laser speed detection. Installation is simple and straight-forward with the sensors being low profile and easy to hide on the vehicle.


  • Excellent way to add a level of protection for your car
  • Legal in most states


  • Not fool-proof and won’t always stop signals
  • Can be detected by police and may lead to being pulled over

Combine With a Radar Detector

One of the best things you can do with the ZR5 Laser Shifter is to combine it with a radar detector. Even though many departments are using lasers these days, you’ll find lots of places where a radar detector will benefit you. Combining the two technologies will give you the ultimate in protection from threats. Some of our favorite radar detectors are from Escort, and combining the newest technology to detect and scramble laser signals with a detector that can capture radar signals from a long distance will help prevent you from getting tickets.

Using the App with a Detector and Laser Shifter

Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter in the box

For the ultimate combination of tools to protect yourself from possible threats, you can combine an Escort radar detector and the Laser Shifter with the Escort app. The app gives you advanced notification of user-input threats like red light cameras, speed cameras, and other things you’ll want to know about. The app connects you to the Escort community of sers and greatly enhances what you can get from your radar detector and laser shifter.

Difference Between Laser Jammers and Shifters

In theory, a laser shifter simply confuses a laser signal while a jammer will block the signal. In practicality, the two types of tech are synonymous. Modern laser shifters are not necessarily covered under laws that ban laser blockers, giving you a (probably) legal alternative if you live in one of the several states that have banned laser blockers.


Cops are always trying to find the next new way to catch you speeding, so you need to stay on top of the newest technology to give you a fighting chance at avoiding the long arm of the law. We like the idea of the Escort ZR5 laser shifter and think it is a great way to get a slight advantage over police. When combined with other tech, like one of the best Escort radar detectors, the ZR5 provides a great way to prevent cops from catching you. (>>> Check the current price on Escortradar)


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