Valentine One Gen 2 vs Uniden R8

A radar detector is an accessory many driving enthusiasts deem necessary. However, with so many radar detectors on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the best one for you. We will compare two of the most feature-packed, high-quality radar detectors out there today: The Valentine One Gen 2 vs Uniden R8 (>>> Check on Amazon).

Both Valentine and Uniden are well known and respected brands, having been around for several decades.

Valentine One Gen 2 vs Uniden R8 Side by Side:

Valentine One Gen 2Uniden R8
RangeLong Range, 360° ProtectionExtreme Long
Built-in GPSNoYes
DisplayMulti-color OLEDFull-color OLED
False FilterK-Verifier technologyK/KA Band Filter
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesYes
Speed-based Auto MuteYesYes
Bluetooth connectivityYesYes
PriceFind on AmazonFind on

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Radar Range

Without good range, a radar detector is practically useless. Drivers need to be alerted to possible radar well before they come into contact with it. Both the Valentine One Gen 2 and Uniden R8 come equipped with a 360-degree detection system, allowing drivers to be alerted to radar in all four directions.

Each detector showed excellent results in range testing, with the Valentine One Gen 2 having a higher average range than the Uniden R8 overall. For example, when the Valentine One Gen 2’s average range was around 2,600 feet, the Uniden R8 trailed behind at around 2,400 feet.

Best Range: Valentine One Gen 2


There is more to a good radar detector than just having the ability to detect radar. This is because there are many, many false alerts out there. For instance, a lot of modern safety technology on vehicles use radar, such as collision warning systems. It is easy to imagine how chaotic it would be to have a radar detector that goes off every single time it comes into contact with such systems on the road.

This is where filtering comes into play. Valentine employs a K-verifier BSM filter, which helps to reduce false alerts from many systems, like the collision alert system mentioned above, as well as things like automatic door openers at stores.

The Uniden R8 also has a great filtering system in place, but goes beyond that of the Valentine detector with a snappier and overall better response. For example, while the Valentine detector might struggle with rapid bursts in either the K or Ka bands, the Uniden excels, detecting them quickly and with ease.

While either radar detector serves a driver well in filtering out false alerts, the Uniden R8 goes further than the Valentine One Gen 2. It is able to respond faster to many signals than the Valentine can, or even picking up on signals the Valentine might miss entirely.

Best Filtering: Uniden R8

Smartphone Compatibility

Radar detector manufacturers sometimes create apps to go along with their products. These apps are used to supplement and/or enhance a radar detector. Valentine has multiple smartphone apps for their detectors. However, many users have stated that the Android app is the one that provides the most features and greatest experience. There is also an IOS app for iPhone users, but it will not have as many features as the Android version.

Uniden does not have any apps for its radar detectors. The R8 does come with Bluetooth though, meaning it has the capacity to be paired with apps. Without an app though, the winner clearly goes to Valentine.

Best app experience: Valentine One Gen 2

Valentine One Gen 2

Valentine One Gen 2

The Valentine One Gen 2 is a small and lightweight radar detector that works out of the box, but is best when paired with the Android app so all functions can be accessed and even customized by the user.

This detector has several buttons that are easily accessed and a display to indicate the direction an alert is comes from, so you always know the general location of a radar. For our more in-depth review of the Valentine One Gen 2, click here.


  • Undetectable by radar detector detectors
  • Wide range
  • Easy to read display
  • Cheaper than Uniden R8


  • No GPS onboard; have to connect through phone
  • Requires Android app pairing to use all features

Uniden R8

Uniden R8

The Uniden R8 is a radar detector you can buy and start using without having to set it up through an app. It has an easy to read display and wide range, along with excellent filter capabilities.

It is a bit larger and heavier than the Valentine One Gen 2, but this is not necessarily a drawback as its still a sleek package that can be mounted to your windshield. For our full review, follow the link:


  • Photo radar that the Valentine does not offer
  • Faster response than Valentine detector on rapid burst radar
  • Onboard GPS
  • Wide range
  • Easy to read display


  • More expensive than Valentine One Gen 2
  • No dedicated smartphone app
  • No Wi-Fi


Either radar detector would be a great choice for most drivers. The Valentine One Gen 2 does have greater range than the Uniden R8, but lacks onboard GPS, requiring an app to be installed and paired from a smartphone in order to unlock the detector’s full capabilities. The Valentine, however, is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the Uniden.

The Uniden model outperforms the Valentine in terms of overall filtering ability, response time, and the number of radar bands it can detect. Whether or not this is worth the price bump is up to the driver and their needs.

For the best out of the box experience, go with the Uniden R8. If setting up and customizing a radar detector is something for you, and you don’t mind having to always use your phone while using the radar detector, go with the Valentine One Gen 2 (>>> Find on Amazon).