Best 3-Channel Dash Cam 2022

Best 3-Channel Dash Cam

Let’s be honest; one of the most entertaining things to do online is watch crazy dash cam videos. Some are funny, others are sickening, but they all happened only because someone had a dash cam. Beyond being a great source of wasting an afternoon at the office, dash cam footage can also be vital when you are involved in an accident. In order to get the best possible video, you’ll want the best 3-channel dash cam around. Our favorite pick is the Vantrue N4 that offers exceptional image quality and accessibility features (>>> Find on Amazon). We’ll also give you some of our other favorite options so you’ll have options to choose from.

Best 3-Channel Dash Cam 2022 – Top Picks:

Vantrue N4VIOFO A139AZDOME M550REXING S1 ProIIWEY T2Zenfoxt3
Resolution (Front+Interior+Rear)1440P+1080P+1080P1440P+1080P+1080P1440P+1080P+1080P1080P+1080p+1080p1080P+720P+720P1440P+1080P+1080P
View angle155° front angle, 165° interior, 160° rear140° front angle, 170° interior and rear angle150°170°170° front and rear angle, 140° interior160° front angle, 140° rear and interior angle
Built-in Wi-FiNoYesYesYesNoYes
Built-in GPSNo (optional)YesYesYesNoYes
Maximum capacity256 GB256 GB256 GB256 GB256 GB256 GB
Price Find on

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Find on Amazon Find on Amazon Find on Amazon Find on Amazon

A three-channel dash cam captures video from a front-facing camera, a rear-facing camera, and a camera capturing video inside the vehicle. This combination of camera angles provides the ultimate in protection and has the benefit of offering you the opportunity to post some crazy dash cam videos of your own.

Vantrue N4

Vantrue N4

Our overall favorite pick is the Vantrue N4 three-channel dash cam kit. This is one powerful camera system that offers up to 4k resolution on the front cam and can simultaneously record front and back or front and interior. You can also set this camera to record all three angles at 1080p to have the ultimate in security.

The cameras store video to an SD card that is not included. Due to the fact that all three cameras save to one card, you’ll want the biggest card this system will handle, which is 256GB. Vantrue recommends buying a Class-1 micro SD card from almost any manufacturer other than SanDisk or Transend.

The camera is intended to be hard wired into your car and uses a super capacitor rather than batteries which can’t take extreme weather. The design also allows you to set this camera up for monitoring when your car is parked, giving you extreme protection around the clock.


  • Provides excellent high-resolution images
  • Perfect solution for rideshare drivers
  • Low-profile design isn’t obtrusive


  • No WiFi/ Bluetooth complicates downloading files
  • Requires a large, fast SD card due to massive files

Runner-up: VIOFO A139


This three-channel dash cam kit from VIOFO is one of our favorites. It provides an excellent wide-angle view in the front, rear, and interior of the vehicle. It records simultaneously at 1440p on the front cam and 1080p rear and interior. This camera does an excellent job of providing you the best coverage possible.

The camera kit is designed to be hard-wired to your vehicle to enable a dedicated parking mode that will even protect you while you sleep. The camera uses a G-sensor to detect impacts and begins recording to capture the action.

Unlike our top pick, this camera kit has built-in WiFi/ Bluetooth to enable downloading of videos, however the process does require that you press a button on the camera. You’ll want to use the largest SD card you can for this system, which is a Class 1 256GB micro SD.


  • Excellent video quality particularly from the front cam
  • Wide-angle interior cam can catch side-view images
  • Good choice for use in cold weather


  • Can quickly discharge your car battery when using parking mode
  • Can’t access videos remotely

Budget Pick: AZDOME M550


So, you need a dash cam that covers your back without breaking your wallet. We have found that the AZDOME M550 is a great camera at a reasonable price. It doesn’t look as nice as some cameras, but it offers reliable performance and better video quality than you would expect.

The front camera captures images at 1440p resolution, while both rear and interior cameras are capable of 1080p simultaneous images. Videos are stored on an SD card, and unlike most cameras, this one even gives you a 64GB card that will get you started.

The camera has built-in WiFi and GPS so it will track your drive, giving you excellent coverage of exactly where you went. Videos are time, date, and location stamped, so you can preserve them easily. You can hardwire the installation to use parking mode for around the clock coverage.


  • Affordable option for getting three cameras
  • Parking mode and time-lapse mode for long drives
  • Surprisingly good front camera


  • Time lapse is choppy and low quality
  • Lots of customers had to return their first camera for exchange

Editor’s Pick: Rexing S1 Pro


If you are looking for one of the best, most-trusted cameras around, you’ll like the Rexing S1 Pro. It provides excellent front, rear, and interior views with great angles. It even has a small screen so that you can review video without having to download the files. All three cameras offer a wide-angle 170 degree view that ensures you capture the most images possible.

The S1 Pro includes built-in GPS that lets you log your trip as you drive and saves the location data to the files so that in the event of a problem, you’ll know exactly when and where the accident happened.

The camera loop records to ensure that you’ll never miss a moment, while the gravity sensor ensures that you can capture images even when the car is off. A mobile app makes it possible to view and download files remotely.


  • Excellent front and interior images
  • Excellent looking camera that is discrete when installed
  • Tons of useful features for capturing fun and important videos


  • Mobile app is sub-par
  • Night vision isn’t as good as some cameras
  • Customer service is a disappointment

Budget Runner-up: IIWEY


When it comes to budget dash cams, this is about as cheap as you’ll find and still get a usable product. The three-channel camera provides you with front, inside, and rear views using a combination front and a dedicated rear camera. Image quality is rated at 1080p for the front and 720p for both interior and rear cameras.

At this price point, you’ll need to accept that some things aren’t great, like the less than stellar image quality and the relatively low frame rate processing. The camera also isn’t as durable as other options and cannot handle higher temperatures, making this a poor choice for people who live in hot environments.

The camera has the ability to record video when parked using a motion detector on the front camera or using the built-in G-sensor that detects impacts. Most users found these options to work poorly at best and many buyers couldn’t make them work at all. Many users also found the cable for the rear camera to be excessively short.


  • One of the lowest cost options on the market
  • Simple operation with few bells and whistles


  • Many features are difficult to make work or don’t work at all
  • Rear camera cable is too short for most American cars

Editors Pick Runner-up: ZenFox 3-Channel Camera


This is one of our favorite three-channel camera designs simply because of the discrete appearance of the camera. The best part is that this camera works as good as it looks and gives you excellent front, interior, and rear views both while you drive and when you are parked.

One major limitation of many cameras is the lack of adjustability of the interior camera. Most are fixed and you can’t change the angle without affecting the front view. This system gives you adjustability of each camera lens so that you can set the device up to perfectly capture exactly what you want to see.

It shoots video in an impressive 2k on the front and 1080p on both interior and rear cameras. The viewing angles are also optimized for ideal image capture with the front coming in at 160 and both interior and rear cameras capturing at 140 degrees. These are ideal angles for clear, fish bowl-free videos.


  • Excellent looking product with a built-in screen
  • Adjustable lenses eliminate the need to compromise viewing angles
  • Excellent image quality


  • Some issues with freezing, shutdowns, and firmware update issues
  • Not ideal in hot climates as the screen and camera can be damaged


A dash cam can be one of the most useful devices you’ll add to your car. A good quality camera system will ensure that no matter what happens, you will have the proof you need to show how events happened. Whether you are looking for a camera to capture fun drives and amusing moments or you need one to make sure you are protected in an accident, a three-channel dash cam is the ideal way to go.

When choosing a camera, you’ll want to think about where the camera is going to mount so that it looks good with your car, but also so that you get the best viewing image. Most dash cams will work very well for daytime viewing, but only a few work well at night. All of the options on our best of list today are excellent for day and night capture and come highly recommended by professionals and real-world users.

The best three-channel dash cams above provide you with security and the confidence to know that if you are in an accident, you’ll be able to demonstrate what happened just before, during, and after the accident. These cameras are great for monitoring when police pull you over as well since you’ll be able to capture the video and audio of the traffic stop.

Installing a dash cam in your car is not a challenging project and you should have very little trouble doing it yourself. The camera systems we showed today are all simple to install and require few if any additional parts to make them work so you can get to capturing video quickly without frustration or the expense of paying someone to install for you.