Vantrue N4 Review

A dash camera is a smart investment for any driver. You can use a dash camera when you are in an accident to prove how the collision happened. A dash camera that provides video of the front, rear, and inside of your vehicle can be useful for lots of people. These systems are ideal for rideshare drivers that may need to have proof of what people were doing inside the vehicle.

Many systems even let you view and record video when the car is not driving. The Vantru N4 review will show what features are important and why this camera system might be a good choice for your lifestyle. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Vantrue N4 Review of Main Specs:

Vantrue N4
Resolution (front)1440P
View angle155°
Built-in Wi-FiNo
Built-in GPSYes (need to buy separately)
Parking mode24 Hours
Maximum capacity256 GB
Price Find on

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Vantrue provides you with a comprehensive camera system with the N4 package. It includes three cameras, one to capture video from the front, another for the rear, and a dedicated lens just for interior monitoring. Each camera has specific technical aspects that you want to know about.

Front-Facing Camera

The front camera has an impressive 4K resolution that provides smooth, easy-to-see images. It’s perfect for when you need to read a license plate or when you are showing off video to friends of a great weekend drive. The camera uses an advanced Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that works equally well in low-light conditions as it does on a bright and sunny day.

The front camera uses a six-lens camera to capture 150-degree images. This is a good image angle for reducing distortion and provides the clearest quality. An aperture of F1.4 ensures excellent image quality.

Rear-Facing Camera

The rear camera captures video in HD at 1080P resolution and 30 frames per second. This gives you crisp video without skipping or lag, making it simple to quickly see what you need. The camera uses the same Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor as the front camera and the same 6-lens camera, but increases the F-stop to 1.8. This provides better low-light image quality.

A 160-degree rear image viewing angle means you’ll capture what happens directly behind you, along with good views of the lanes to either side behind you. There is a small amount of “fish-bowl” effect due to the wide angle, but not so much that the image is difficult to see.


  • Three-channel design gives you front, rear, and interior images
  • Sony STARVIS sensors in the front and rear provide excellent quality
  • High-resolution recordings mean you won’t miss any important details


  • Wide-angle view can cause image distortion
  • Proper installation requires purchasing optional accessories, including a wiring kit

Inside Camera

The inside camera is ideal for monitoring passengers and is particularly valuable to rideshare drivers that have strangers in their vehicle regularly. The 165-degree camera ensures that you capture everything inside the vehicle. Four dedicated IR LED diodes even let you get clear image quality in fully dark spaces.

Parking Mode

Vantrue N4 in the box

You can wire this camera to operate even when you are away. G-shock sensors allow the camera to automatically start recording when the system recognizes an unexpected movement, like a car door opening, someone backing into the bumper, or even when the neighbor’s cat jumps on your roof.

Storing and Accessing Videos

The three-channel camera system can be configured to record only front, only front and rear, or all three. Videos are stored on an SD card up to 256 GB max, so you can get quite a bit of data on there. Accessing the videos is simple; either eject the SD card and view videos on your laptop or desktop or look at them through the Vantrue app. Either way, you have easy access to video footage. Time lapse recording even saves space on your card so you can record over a long weekend drive.

Optional Accessories You Want

There are a few things this system doesn’t include that you will want to add. First, you need an SD card. Get the biggest one possible, particularly if you are planning on shooting video in 4K as it eats up space quickly. Vantrue recommends avoiding SD cards from Sandisk and Transend due to incompatibility problems. Check comparison vs. Viofo T130

In order to use the parking mode feature, you will need to hard-wire the camera to your vehicle which can potentially drain battery voltage or you’ll need to add a remote battery pack. In either case, you will need to purchase additional components to get these features working correctly.


The Vantrue N4 review shows what a good system is capable of doing for you. It is a great option at a reasonable price and gives you excellent image quality through all three channels and makes it easy to show your boss or insurance company what happened in an accident or incident.

Parking mode helps give you a new level of protection if you live in an area where break-ins and car thefts are common. Installation and setup are simple, straightforward, and don’t require anything special. You will need to remove lots of interior trim to route the rear camera cable to the front camera. (>>> Find the current on Amazon)

When you start using a dash camera system like the Vantru N4, you’ll find yourself checking the images all the time, sharing them with friends, and generally enjoy knowing that you have 360-degree protection. When an incident does happen, a dashcam system like this one can save you thousands of dollars by proving what actually happened.

Vantrue N4
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vantrue-n4-reviewA dash camera is a smart investment for any driver. You can use a dash camera when you are in an accident to prove how the collision happened. A dash camera that provides video of the front, rear, and inside of your vehicle can...