The Best Cold Air Intake for 2014 Mustang V6

You got a Mustang because you wanted a serious muscle car, a beast of the road. The look, sound, and performance of your Mustang need to turn every head on the street and make every other driver stare with envy. Installing the best cold air Intake for 2014 Mustang V6 will help get you fast on your way to road dominance.

Mustang V6 cold intakeIn this article, we will outline six of the best cold air intakes and help that skeptical side of you understand why you should install a cold air intake. With the seemingly endless customization options, we will help you know that a cold air intake will be one of the best, easiest, and most effective upgrades to your ride.

Best Cold Air Intake Options for 2014 Mustang V6

K&N 69-3529TPAiraid 450-265Airaid 453-265SPE-9929AF DynamicAuto Dynasty Black
OEM Part Number69-3529TP450-265453-265992963-2591AD-AIP-2-HS-FM11V6-BKBK
MPG increase1-2 MPGNo dataNo data1-2 MPGNo dataNo data
Horsepower increaseNo dataup to 13 HPup to 13 HP10 HP5 -10 HP5-10 HP
Airflow increase50%No dataNo data50%up to 95%up to 95%
Filter TypeOversized WashableDry, WashableDry, WashableOiled, SyntheticDry, WashableDry, Washable
PriceFind on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon Find on AmazonFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

The Benefits of a Cold Air Intake

Before we launch into the best intakes out there, let’s take a minute and go over what a cold air intake does and how it benefits your Mustang.  At the most basic level a cold air intake brings colder air into your engine and combustion chamber, but what does that really mean?

A.      Oxygen

Your car gets its fuel and power from the combustion of fuel in the engine. Combustion can be thought of as a controlled explosion from the ignition of gas and oxygen in the cylinders. A richer oxygen mixture allows the fuel to combust with more force, thereby giving you more power.

Cold air is richer than oxygen, so when the intake brings in colder air you get more power.

B.      Tubing

How your intake gets air into the combustion chamber is almost as important as the air itself. A quality cold air intake’s tubing will benefit your Mustang in two ways.

  • Materials

The stock air intake is made from plastics that absorb heat quickly and transfer that heat into the air. Cold air intakes are made with metal tubing that allows the air to stay cooler from the time it enters the intake to the time it reaches the combustion chamber.

  • Air Flow

This means the path the air takes to get into the engine. Cold air intakes are made with a more direct and straighter route from intake to the engine. This allows the air to enter faster and increases the overall airflow. More air, more oxygen, better combustion.

C.      Air Filter

The air filter on a cold air intake is different from the stock filter that comes with your video. To allow the intake to work and provide the power, the air filter is higher quality and more efficient than even the best stock filters. This makes the air cleaner and creates more efficient combustion. Some air filters will last as much as 100,000 miles before needing service.

D.     Oh, the Sweet Sound

When it comes to customizing your 2014 Mustang, the sound is only 2nd to looks when it comes to what is important. A cold air intake will help add that beastly growl that people will hear before they even catch a glimpse of your glimmering paint job. The more direct airflow and increased combustion power combine to make other drivers heads spin in awe.

E.      Return on Investment

It is no secret that you will be spending a little bit of dough on this engine upgrade, but let us assure you it is worth it. Having a properly installed cold air intake will not only increase power but will also create better gas mileage and decrease how often you have service parts of your engine. Many filters are washable so you just have to clean them instead of buying a whole new unit. Learn how to do it. Getting a cold air intake is more investment than a purchase.

The Best Cold Air Intake for 2014 Mustang V6

K&N 69-3529TP

When choosing customization, a lot of options will tout that you will see 5, 10, or 15% increases in performance. The K&N Cold Air Intake has the ability to increase airflow to your engine by up to a whopping 50%. K&N guarantees the massive increase in airflow will mean more torque and more horsepower. Translation, your Mustang is going to get off the line faster, reach 60 quicker, and have a higher top speed.

If you are a mountain driver, the increased torque and horsepower will allow you to tackle those windy mountain roads and steep uphill climbs with ease and exhilaration.

The K&N Cold Air filter uses the highest quality materials that filter out more contaminants to protect your engine. This increases your engine life and reduces the chances of premature engine failure. The design of the filter system gives you up to 100,000 miles before you need to clean and service.


  • Direct and easy to installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • 10-year/ 1-Million-mile warranty
  • 50% increase in airflow = more power


  • Some factory holes need to be altered for the most secure fit

Airaid 450-265 MXP

The Airaid 450 MXP features a direct install system that slides right into the space occupied by the stock filter. The filter itself sits inside an airbox that looks a lot like the bottom half of your current air intake, which increases the ease of installation.

Installing the Airaid 450 powers up your engine with an HP increase of up to 13 horsepower. You will also experience up to 11-foot pounds of torque. These numbers may not seem huge, but you will hard-pressed to find an easier and more reliable way to add this kind of HP ad torque to your V6 Mustang.

The filter is washable and long-lasting, which means you don’t have to replace the filter every year. The consistent performance and low maintenance make the Airaid an excellent choice for an engine upgrade.


  • Easy bolt-on installation takes less than an hour
  • +13 HP and +11 foot-pounds torque increases
  • Smooth purring sound added to the engine


  • Black tubing doesn’t add the performance look to the engine

Airaid 453-265

Having two Airaid intakes just shows the confidence we have that you will be happy going with an Airaid cold air intake upgrade. The 453 is an upgraded version of the 450. While you will see a similar increase in HP with the 453, you will see a greater increase, as much as 15-foot pounds, of torque. While HP is great for top speed, the torque is what will make the real difference in your acceleration. If you love the smoking tire squeal that signals serious power when ripping off the start, torque is where you want to be.

The other upgrade from the 450 to the 453 is color options. On top of the performance boost, you have 4 color options that will allow you to add a more custom look to your engine compartment. The colors are black, blue, and red. The red having two style options, dry and oiled. The oiled adds a slight increase to your engine’s shine.


  • Direct install under an hour with basic hand tools
  • Significant power and torque increases
  • Color options look sweet under the hood


  • Fitting the airflow tube to the throttle body can be tricky and requires a little patience
  • If you don’t install correctly you won’t see the performance upgrades

Spectre Performance SPE-9929

The Spectre is the bridge between power and economy. Spectre’s cold air intake is an excellent choice that allows you to experience the benefits of a cold air intake without a significant investment. We are fans of the shiny chrome look and the polished aluminum tubing between the airbox and the throttle body with the Spectre is nothing short of impressive.

Like similar intakes, you will have an easy and direct installation that slides right into the place where your stock airbox sits. You get a cleanable air filter that reduces contaminants entering the engine and is washable. The focus on protecting your engine not only helps extend engine life but will also allow you to see increases in torque and horsepower.


  • Impressive sound performance
  • Increased airflow improves torque and HP
  • After installation, you can see a slight increase in MPG


  • Some of the installation materials need some modifying

 R&L Racing AF Dynamic Black

R&L Racing’s AF Dynamic boasts at 95% increase in filtration efficiency. The increased airflow compliments the fact that your engine will run cleaner and smoother with this cold air intake. You cannot underestimate the long-term impact of improved filtration. While other HP boosting mods will add more power and torque, this air intake will help increase the chances of getting consistent 5-10 HP and 6 to 8% torque increases. The high-quality build materials mean you will see the increases year after year.


  • Powerful airflow makes your engine sound impressive
  • Increase engine life and power
  • Install is simple for experienced DIY mechanics


  • Install instructions are difficult to follow

Auto Dynasty Black Coated Aluminum

Polishing off our list is the Auto Dynasty Cold Air Intake. We included this intake on our list to give you a budget option to add customization to your 2014 Mustang v6. Without the frills of some of the other entries on this list, the Auto Dynasty is focused on increasing cooler airflow into your engine.

The Auto Dynasty intake is made from high-quality aluminum that keeps the air cooler as it enters your engine. The result is similar to the R&L intake with increases of HP in the 5-10 range and 6-8% torque increases.


  • Great performance and engine protection
  • Easy installation


  • Recommend buying higher quality hose clamps

Wrapping Up the Best Cold Air Intake for 2014 Mustang V6

After reviewing the best available options for your 2014 Mustang V6 cold air intake, we can confidently recommend this as one of the simplest, yet effective customizations. While you would do well with any of the options on our list. Our choice is the K&N system. The high performance, long-lasting materials, and low maintenance (up to 100,000 miles between filter cleanings) make this K&N the best overall choice for upgrading your road warrior. >>> Check the current price on Amazon